“Killer Clown” chases local girl on school run. Colleague punched at work: HR won’t help. Boy wearing dress for Halloween: OK? Rejected from dream school: help!

Last Updated on : 24th October 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Where’s the bacon sandwich?”

We spent last Friday evening at the Skylark on Wandsworth Common.

If you haven’t been to their evening supper events then you’re missing out, it’s a wonderful location during the day but on an autumn evening, simply magical.

We may have had a little wine (OK, more than a little) so the next morning I sent my eldest upstairs to rouse a hungover Mr NVN.

I was a little surprised when my husband bounced Tigger-like into the kitchen and very surprised when he asked after a non-existent bacon sandwich.

“But you told me there was a sandwich ready and waiting,” he wailed, looking at my son who had followed him down, “you fibbed!”

“If you feel this bad about a bacon sandwich,” smirked my son, “imagine how I felt when I discovered the truth about Santa Claus!”

I know that babies and young children are incredibly hard work but I feel it’s a small price to pay for the lack of inter-familial psychological warfare that comes later!


Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1“Killer Clowns” have been all over the news in recent weeks and a local girl had an encounter with one on her way to school last week. Her mother has circulated the details as a warning to others, a frightening experience but I’m delighted she is OK (click here).

Changing subjects from nasty-scary to fun-scary: Harri78 wonders which days will be best for “Trick or Treating”? (click here).

Staying with a Halloween theme, SophieB’s four year old son would like to wear a dress for his “Trick or Treating” but her husband is not so keen. Does she let it go or should she insist he trots out in trousers thereby reinforcing gender stereotypes? From the mother whose son once went to nursery sporting 20 hair clips I say “yes to the dress”! (click here)

NiAGP wrote last week about discovering her husband’s affair when she was only a fortnight away from her due date. Thank you to everyone who contributed helpful advice and continues to do so (click here).

weekly1M2M witnessed a senior colleague thumping a junior colleague at a work function. She manages the junior colleague and would welcome your advice as her employers aren’t keen to progress a complaint. Please post if you can help but please be aware this is a real person with a very real problem (click here)

Every week we have a stack of buying and selling posts but this is the first time anyone has ever tried to sell a Bentley motorcar on NappyValleyNet. Wow, if it doesn’t go can I have it for Christmas? Go on pleeeease! (click here)

TE’s neighbour is a smoker and the smell from their outdoor cigarettes drift up into her bedroom. Is there anything she can do? (click here).

More and more of us are working from home (I know I try to) so we asked Georgie, our resident property writer, to round up the local hot homes for sale which are heaven for hosting your home office! (click here).

T.A.N. would like to help a friend who has recently lost her very young son. Are there any online forums or advice sites that might offer some comfort, she asks? (click here).

weekly1AM would like to buy a Cockapoo – can you suggest a reputable breeder? (click here).

Last week BK asked what was happening to The Althorp on Bellevue Road. And now we know! Thanks EPM! (click here)

MM’s little one has developed a very strong stutter and it’s upsetting both her and her son. He’s about to start speech therapy but would love to hear from anyone who has been through something similar? (click here)

CPP is organising a local shopping event and would love to hear from local toy suppliers (click here) and local food and drink providers (click here).

Ooohhh choices, choices, choices! LLD wonders if you’d suggest visiting the Wimbledon or Battersea fireworks? (click here). Sticking with fireworks, our friends at First Aid For Life have published advice on how to stay safe this bonfire night (click here) and details of their fantastic first aid courses for teenagers. Thanks FAFL and I can’t recommend these courses highly enough – they’re invaluable!

weekly1We have a very long and detailed update on the Crossrail 2 situation (thank you for posting S.O.B.): Balham, Tooting and Streatham are all slugging it out for years of building work and a shiny new station in a decade or two! (click here)

LM is looking for a broker – I think she’s after an insurance broker but I’m not sure! (click here)

Little Voices are great friends of NappyValleyNet and their new FREE Teddington Workshop is hosted by a real West End star! Good luck with the new sessions and I want an autograph!  (click here).

T&R wonders what one can do about planning permission which is about to expire? We need PERMISSION? (click here)

WMS has posted a link about online estate agents. The BBC are not convinced they’re working but in the interest of fairness others post that they have had better experiences (click here). 

weekly1We LOVE Ravenstone school and they’re hosting a Christmas shopping event on Wednesday 9th November. Tons of stalls, food and drink and a movie room for kids PLUS if you’re not a parent you can have a nose around the school! Simples! See you there! (click here)

Sticking on the subject of food, our lovely managing editor Charlotte popped in to new local creperie La Petite Bretagne. Did she like it? Suffice to say I don’t think it could be any batter! (geddit?)

Our lovely friends at Clara Bee have posted a fascinating article on designing children’s nurseries. A great read and I’d always wondered where one puts the petting zoo! Ok, Ok, I made that last bit up! (click here)


We have a lunchbox full of school posts!

PH would love to meet with other families who are starting reception in 2017 at Eaton House the Manor. They want to lift/care share (click here). SQ has just beenrejected from Broomwood Hall but has been offered the chance to join their wait list. They love the school so are keen to keep trying, good idea? (click here)Has Thomas’ Clapham changed, asks Astro? She recently looked around and it felt a lot less pushy than she’d been led to believe? You mean McKinsey don’t sponsor their story-times anymore? (click here). HMP wonders if anyone has any feedback on Clapham Manor, Macaulay C of E, Heathbrook, Wix, John Burns or Shaftesbury Park? (click here).

The Independent Schools Show is almost upon us and even though they’re incredibly busy building stands and stuffing goody bags they’ve still found time to write an article on getting your little one into the school of their dreams! (click here).


Looking for a new challenge? We have more sits vacs than Strictly has sequins

Madison Hill need casual support and operations staff (click here). AB has a company that helps start-ups subsidising their packaging to build brands and needs P/T support (click here)PP is looking for beauty therapists and hairdressers (click here)Lastly, we have a stack of nanny and au pair vacancies right here! (click here) 

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Balls has dance moves!

Last week we had a question about the possibility of turning a 3 bedroom house into a 5 bedroom one? Thank you to everyone who responded: Good London Builders, First Timer and MyLifeStory! (click here). BB needs a recommended carpenter to put down wooden floors (click here). T&R wonders what is the current cost per square metre for digging out a basement? (click here). Kate is is hoping for your feedback on underfloor heating: worth it? (click here). CathLondon is searching for someone to wire old lamps (click here).  CB needs colour and decorating help. Paints not drying the way it should! (click here). CL needs a tiler and plumber to fix a shower (click here)Lastly, JP really needs a gardener (click here)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

WANTED: a foldable wooden high chair (click here), FOR SALE a Mamami leather nappy bag (click here) and FOR SALE a Stokke baby insert for a Tripp Trapp (click here)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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