Knotweed found in SW11/SW12/SW17. Dismissing nanny in difficult circumstances. Local chap on this week’s Masterchef! Where should first-time buyer buy? Nappy Valley on TV AGAIN!

Last Updated on : 11th April 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Is she OK after the lift incident?”

No-one would ever want to receive these words in a text but from a friend whose daughter was on the same school skiing trip as mine it was especially terrifying.

I tried to call my daughter but couldn’t get through, eventually I received a text back.

“All fine. Stuck for an hour. Had to be winched down which was scary and power failed and we had to use mobile to call as couldn’t hear screaming.”

At this stage I was almost hysterical compounded by a subsequent wall of silence from my little one. Her next text had read simply “tired, don’t call, going to bed.”

That night my dreams were filled with images of cable cars dangling off precipices and chairlifts falling off pylons but as the party were flying home the following day it wasn’t until Saturday evening when I managed to sit her down for a chat.

“What sort of lift was it?” I asked, “Chair? Bubble?”

She looked at me like I was mad.

“Hotel, we got stuck between floors, can you believe we missed the karaoke?”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1Knotweed is a horribly aggressive weed and if it’s spread to your garden it’s almost impossible to sell or get a mortgage. It has now been found in SW12/SW17/SW11 (click here)

JC asks for help. She needs to dismiss her nanny in difficult circumstances. What should she do? (click here)

Those Panama tax leak papers aren’t going away and the analysis has even reached NappyValleyNet. Why do people invest Panama, asks one NVN’er? (click here)

From tax leaks to bay tree-gate! BB went away and came back to find someone had stolen his brand new bushes. Have you seen the filched foliage? (click here)

Dismissing nanny in difficult circumstancesDo you have a window cleaner? How much do you pay him/her, asks C? She’s been quoted £75! (click here)

Where should a first-time buyer buy, asks Lottie? Do you know the the next up and coming housing hotspot? (click here)

JB is looking for adult day out ideas, any suggestions? We’ve already had tons from Go Ape! to wine tasting to treasure hunts to Boris Bikes. Thanks everyone! (click here)

LM is hoping to find a cricket club for her seven year old. Where might a budding-Botham-bash-balls-to-the-boundary? (click here)

The Fernwood Clinic in Balham are great friends of NappyValleyNet and they’ve posted details of their mini-therapy sessions on the 23rd of April specifically aimed at those considering therapy but a little unsure (click here).

weekly1You know Masterchef? Well one local chap is appearing in this week’s episode but just who is the mystery man? (click here) Ping, a previous winner cheffed on a recent Scott Dunn press trip so I know the bar is very very high! (click here). Although we were in the alps at the time so the bar actually was really high!

Lost a black and white cat? Bopeep has found one so shout if it’s yours. Doesn’t appear to recognise the Postman Pat theme tune or any mail delivery workers so that’s one route of enquiry out the window (click here)

Balham and Battersea are on TV again this week. A brand new drama features some very well known local landmarks (click here).

We have a pencil case full of school posts!

Next week is primary school offers week: please do post and let us know whether you received your first choice. IB asks if you have any opinions on Wix nursery? (click here). The Wenlin Chinese school has published details of their open day, thank you! (click here)SW6 mummy has posted details of a number of tutoring courses: handwriting and mock exams for 7+. 8+and 11+ (click here) Finally, Chessie is looking for a tutor for two Year 2 children to help with their homework (click here)

And your nursery posts: a new boutique nursery (!) in Fulham is getting some great reviews (click here). Secondly, BabyL asks if it is usual for a nursery to put up it’s fees after only three months? (click here).

Have you found a Cartier Ladies Tank watch? If you have please check out this post, poor Lucy has lost hers! (click here)

Some of you will know Rob, our roving foodie. He’s just been down to “The Gaylord”.Was he happy to “Tikka a Chance” on them or was he crying “Tears in his Pilau”? (click here)

Two travel posts I want to highlight: FHM is off skiing at Christmas (wow, you are organised) and would love your help choosing between travel operators (click here) and M&M mum is hoping for your Cote d’Azur villa recommendations. Rent one, that would be my recommendation! (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than Panama has cyber leaks!

We love “All About the Girl” and they are looking for a stylist for their Northcote Road salon (click here). APT are a local building/design firm and they’re searching for an accountant (click here) The Guinness World Records (really!) would love to find adistribution executive (click here)SE is based in Battersea and is hoping to hire care recruitment workers (click here)Finally, we have a stacks and stacks more vacancies right here! (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Cameron has tax headaches!

Irene is looking for someone to help oil a wood floor (click here). A number of great tile and bathroom showroom recommendations – thanks everyone! (click here). Jumping Josie asks if you’ve used Sky High builders? (click here). Lizbizz wonders if you can help her narrow down a list of loft conversion companies? (click here) TFP needs someone to fix a fence panel (click here) ST has a Neff dishwasher and it’s broken, who might fix it? (click here). MNa3 is hoping to find a decorator free in the next three months (click here). BF is searching for a damp proofing company (click here). Lastly, DK asks about sliding doors between a kitchen and a living room? (click here)

FOR SALE: a Little PlayZone playpen  (click here), a Jolly Phonics Hot Dots “Lets Learn Phonics” (click here) and a Maxicosi Carbriofix car seat (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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