“Should I leave my baby?” Monster rats found in SW London. Balham butcher to be Premier League TV star. Teenage fundraising scammers. Wildlife drowned on Common?

Last Updated on : 18th April 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Can you take these to the postbox, please?”

My son handed me a stack of thank you cards and as the Christmas missives had only just been posted I couldn’t imagine what they were for.

He must have spotted my confusion.

“Easter Eggs,” he said piously repeating what I’d told him many times, “it’s important to say thank you promptly and…”

“Yes, yes I know,” I interrupted, “but Easter was only a couple of weeks ago and your track record is not great on prompt, is it?”

“Well I’ve got a new system and it’s brilliant.”

His “system” it transpired was for his younger sister to forge his handwriting and send out all of his Easter egg thank you cards at the same time as her own, on time, notes. In exchange she would get a third of the chocolate “haul” (his words).

“I can’t believe you agreed to that,” I told my daughter when she was back from school, “I’m not sure you should be doing his hard work for a few bits of chocolate.”

“You don’t know the whole story,” she cackled, “after what I wrote in those cards his Easter Egg days are over!”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1An awful incident in Putney last Tuesday, a twenty year old was raped on the heath. Our thoughts are with her and please do take extra care when out and about (click here).

Anna asks “should I leave my baby?” She’s been struggling to find nanny work and wonders if her nine month old is the reason?  (click here).

A Balham butcher is THE face of the football Premier League in the US. Really! And we’ve got the TV advert to prove it! I guarantee you’ll know him! (click here)

weekly3Balham Blazers is an amazing local football team (I bet the butcher above would rather be their face but he’s just starting out so can’t be choosy). Some young lads are posing as their players on a fundraising drive. They’re nothing to do with the club, so please don’t handover any money, writes BB (click here)

From shooting on goal to shooting a drone. Seriously, Denwand wonder if her husband can take a potshot at a neighbours “eye in the sky”? (click here)

weekly4Rats the size of cats have been found in Tooting. Maybe. We now hear this may be a hoax but the towering Tooting rodents have been featured in national newspapers (click here).

TODAY is primary school offers day. Please do post and let us know whether you received your first choice and good luck everyone! (click here)

Exactly how do the Council respond when travellers pitch up on Clapham Common?Well this is what they did last Tuesday (click here).

Sticking with the commons: Hannichka writes that wildlife on Clapham Common are being deliberately killed. Have you seen the ducklings being drowned? (click here)

weekly5AF asks if you can recommend a child-friendly cafe? (click here)  There are heaps but the Skylark on the common is our favourite!

Up to what age can a brother and sister share a room, asks MrsT? (click here)

Katherine Hepburn is not only one of our longest-standing NVN’ers BUT she also runsfabby hypno-birthing classes. Discover more here (click here)

Mariros wants a hog roast! So does Mr NVN but only when he is awake. Mariros, however, wants it for a party and I think we may have found him a porky provider (click here)

weekly6Maddi has had a nightmare with her “reputable” builders. She’s losing confidence and wonders how she might stop the build? As there is a basement conversion involved this is no simple task (click here)

Peter asks about local parks good for kids? They’ve been to Battersea tons and would like a change. Some great advice, thanks everyone! (click here).

Remember that local chap on Masterchef? Not the judge the other one. Well he only went and got through his heat so he’s on TV again this week! Wow, well done! Have to say if Mr Torode eventually gives him the boot it could make for an awkward accidental encounter over the porcini in Waitrose (click here).

3LM is about to buy a doll and wonders if you’d recommend Baby Annabel or Baby Bjorn? Hmmm, wisdom of Solomon needed for this one! (click here)

weekly7From dolls to dentists. Petal needs one, can you help? (click here).

C. us urgently look for a piano tutor. Who may help his little one tickle the ivories? (click here)

We’ve NEVER had this question before so I really hope we can help. Do any of you haveexperience of pupils attending Italia Conti school in Clapham? Please shout if you know! (click here)

We have a classroom case full of school posts!

An extremely important post from WM2: How does one cope when one’s six year is struggling at school and hard on himself? (click here)Clapham Manor school gets some strong feedback from a current parent (click here) WTS suspects her son has ADHD, where should she start the diagnosis process? (click here)  Adam asks if anyone has paid for a dyslexic assessment? Where? Was it worthwhile? (click here) Hedger posts about the difference between Belleville and Honeywell? (click here) Finally, Chessie is looking for a tutor for two Year 2 children to help with their homework (click here)

And your nursery posts: Izmum would love day care suggestions in Tooting (click here). and BB asks the same but in Canary Wharf or Blackheath (click here)

Two travel posts I want to highlight: SB would like to take her 7 year old on an overnight stay in a hotel. Ideas? (click here) and Duck20 asks how one might relocate a dog to the US!? Wow. We’ve never been asked that before either! (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than Boris has Brexit nightmares!

Alleyns School are looking for an after school care manager (click here). Our friends atThe Skylark have a heap of spring/summer jobs, thanks for posting! (click here) Tiro Partners in Clapham are looking for a fixed contract P/T office manager (click here)JC has posted details of another summer role, this is childcare in the Algarve (click here)Finally, Bellalou are a small luxury shoe brand and they need a retail assistant (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than the Queen has birthday candles!

BS is looking for glaziers and gardeners. Sounds like a law firm! (click here). From outdoors to indoors, SG wonders if you might recommend someone to clean her sofa? (click here). Swenys really needs an Edwardian door restorer (click here). Rumourmill wants to recommend the Season Cookshop in Balham (click here) With Spring on the way, BB would love her window boxes replenished. The lovely Battersea Flower Station have volunteered for the job! (click here) Viva has a mouse epidemic, know who can irradicate the unruly rodents? (click here). EAM is on the look out for cost effective storage spaces in Balham (click here). RM asks for help “controlling the planners” (click here). Lastly, some great recommendations for knotweed removal companies, thanks everyone! (click here)

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FOR SALE: a Tots Bots nappy bucket (click here), a Lascal Maxi buggy board (click here) and a Manta would like to buy a garden playhouse (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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