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Last Updated on : 8th July 2014

Lifestyle by ASQ

Step 1- -Why do you need the extra space?

You need to plan and think before you invest in to your property by asking yourself –  what is your  main reason for extending? Is it for your own personal comfort or to add value to your property? The good news is that having an extension does both, add comfort and value.When you require the extra space you must ensure that the extra space flows in well with the current lay out of your house. For example, if you are creating the extra bedroom upstairs, how easy is it to access the bathroom? I have seen designs where a bedroom opens in to another bedroom and than in to a bathroom which is not practical at all. The extra space downstairs on a double story extension can be a nice big longue or a large kitchen with a breakfast area.

On the other hand, if you are planning to add value, speak to your local estate agents and ask them what the value would be after the extension. Although the housing market is very strong and all our neighbours are busy extending and renovating their homes, sometimes it is wise to get professional advice. You may be in a street where you have already reached the maximum value due to the current layout and decoration of your house.

Lifestyle by ASQ

Step 2: The Layout of the double Extension.

When designing the layout you need to keep in mind how you are going to use it?  Will it be the grand master bedroom in which case you should allow for the en-suite and the wardrobe area? If it’s a room for your children, how can you make it practical so they have enough storage and room to study? And don’t forget, your children are growing fast, so the   room should accommodate their needs when they are teenagers? You don’t want to make changes every few years unless it’s minor.

A client of ours already had a planning permission for a double story  extension by replacing their garage.

We found that the original house was bay windows but  however the planning was for a straight front double story which would have made the house look unbalanced from the front. We advised them to send a revised drawings to the council and ask for bay windows on the extension. Although it delayed their plan  by a further 10 weeks but they are very pleased with the results.

Step 3: How should I decide on colour schemes and furniture layout?

Fashion and designs change  every year. Sometimes is good not to follow the rules and make your own ones. In this case don’t paint a room red because that’s the colour of the year. You will end up painting your house every time and this will cost money and time. Try neutral colours (white, light grey, ivory, beige, taupe ). You can add colourful lampshades and cushions to  bring the colour in to the room.  Neutral colours  never go out of fashion.

Step 4: How do you choose the right building company?

Whether you are a professional couple with a busy lifestyle or a housewife, life is hectic and you want to ensure you keep a balanced lifestyle. A building company with an office and an in-house complete service can save you time, stress and money. Do some research on the internet, speak to your friends & family and make an appointment to go their office to see how they operate. Sometimes, companies have an impressive website but it turns out it’s man in van and a few team mates!


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