Local nursery inadequate. How to date as a divorcee? Joanna Lumley comes to Wandsworth

Last Updated on : 27th November 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

This week I want to highlight a user who has asked for help with a very common problem.

She’s a single mum and feels invisible.

The dinner party invites have dried up, the weekend activity suggestions with her friends and their families have stopped and she has no idea how to get back into the dating scene.

It’s a story which I am sure resonates with many of our users and, if you can offer any advice and suggestions (read more)., then that would be wonderful.

I’m not sure if this will help but according to one reply already there is light at the end of the tunnel.

TPTP writes that there is a posse of local single mums at one school who are  “famous for their man-eating and partying…” and before anyone emails me to ask for more details I have NO idea who they are! (read more)

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

Joanna Lumley is coming to Wandsworth! I LOVE her – I can be Patsy to her Edina! (read more).

A Wandsworth nursery school has been given an overall rating of ‘inadequate‘ following a recent inspection (read more)

Is Wandsworth snooty? Some people think so! (read more)

F.’s children are through the Lego infatuation but she wonders what to do with all the colourful little bricks? (read more) Build a loft extension! Cheap and you’ll have extra space!

F. needs to find a cheap childrens hairdresser (read more). You know what they say: “measure twice cut once” on second thoughts that could be for carpenters not stylists!

We’re having a NappyValleyNet Christmas Meet-Up at Skylark on Wandsworth Common next week!  Come in from the cold and join us for a warming caffeine hit and croissant. It’s entirely free but numbers are limited so please do book soon to avoid any Scrooge like feelings! (read more)

Talking of Christmas, the founder of field&flower is an ex-pupil of Honeywell and Graveney and he’d love to deliver their free range Bronze turkeys to your door this Christmas! I suspect the turkey is less keen on the arrangement but hey ho! (read more)

Now this is really interesting: Wandsworth Council have posted details of their ambitious goal of delivering electric vehicle charging points to all residential streets (read more) Might we all be driving Teslas and G Whizzes in a few years?

Is it time to start working your way down the present list! If so Nappy Valley is bursting with independent shops offering exclusive gifts you can’t get anywhere else – and some generous discounts thrown in along the way too (Read more).

A. has had a bad experience with a children’s party company (read more). Worth reading if you are about to book a bash!

C. asks if you’re considering buying a bike for someone this Christmas? Read on if your little Wiggins is getting new wheels! (read more)

The Bowling Green Café is back with a lovely Italian menu. Call in and welcome the new owners to this green patch of the neighbourhood! (read more)

T. is having real trouble sleeping after baby number three and wonders if she has PND. Lots of helpful and supportive replies already – thank you and please help if you can (read more).

We’ve heard that more than 1,000 new trees are to be planted in our ‘Greener Borough’(read more). Great news!

Cine Mini is showing Home Alone at the Clapham Picturehouse soon. I LOVE the bit with the hot doorknob! And you can win a family ticket right here! (read more)

Ever feel overwhelmed by the web and your digital footprint? digi.me is a personal data app that allows you to store your social media and financial information privately and safely (read more).

B. is looking for a family near Wandsworth Common with whom to share their nanny (read more). And M. is looking for a nanny share three days a week (read more)

Several of you are busy helping your au pairs meet other local au pairs (read more)

S. is looking for a local accountancy service (read more). That’s a nice festive post!

A. is looking for local men and women to be models for her headshots portfolio.Say cheese! (read more)

S. has posted to tell us about a new independent butcher in Earlsfield – and I love their name! (read more)

F. is looking for a parking space to use regularly near Southside (read more).

And whilst we’re on parking… D. has posted a word of warning about parking at Sainsbury’s Wandsworth (read more).

S. would like your maternity nurse recommendations (read more).

Has anyone ever used a car broker? P. is asking for advice if you have! (read more).

C. would love your ideas for Saturday morning clubs for the over 4s which will help build confidence (read more). The first person to suggest fight club gets banned!

And if you’re looking for exciting classes for your little ones then Kiddiplan is the place to look for a great list of local providers with up-to-date availability (read more).

Julian Cousins Sports has posted about ace Christmas present ideas for any tennis lovers out there (read more). We LOVE Julian!

Planning a Christmas party? Make the most of Forkful Food’s brilliant party planner with top tips for a stress-free celebration (read more).


We have more Travel posts than Meghan Markle has engagement rumours!

Travel Designers have a Mark Warner Ski Wipeout Weekend with £150 pp off!  (read more). S.’s search for a large beach villa in Sicily is looking fruitful  (read more).

We have more Schools posts than Oxford Street has lights!

MM2. is looking for a school for her son with ADHD (read more). One of our local prep schools has been named the highest-ranking in south-west London in The Sunday Times’ list  (read more). Well done! The Laurels has posted details of their new 13+ and Sixth Form entry (read more). B. asks if you could recommend a private Educational Psychologist?  (read more). O’s post about choosing Broomwood or Thomas’s has got several replies. Thanks everyone!  (read more). There’s quite a discussion about local primary schools, The Sunday Times lists, leavers’ destinations and SATs… (read more). CG. asks for your thoughts on their choice between Broomwood Hall or Eaton House Girls’ School?  (read more). A. lives in Tooting and wonders about the commute to Newton Prep and Eaton House the Manor?  (read more)  RA. asks if Stepping Stones has closed? (read more)


We have more Situations Vacant than Australia has cricket runs!

M. has posted details of her new freelance writers’ start-up hub for any wordsmiths out there  (read more).  A live-in mother’s help is needed in Wandsworth  (read more). Want to work from home? Neal’s Yard might be just for you!  (read more). There are two term-time positions at one Southfields school  (read more). And a vacancy for a part-time tax specialist  (read more).


We have more House & Garden posts than Scotland has rugby tries!

C. lives in Clapham and wants to remove her chimney pot – is she allowed? (read more). S. needs new gutters and drainpipes. Who to use? (read more). B. asks whether toclose up the fireplace or not to close up the fireplace? (read more).  S. is looking for a surveyor for their Home Buyer report. Who would you recommend? (read more).  H. is looking for a reliable and trustworthy builder for a loft conversion – urgently! (read more) N. wonders whether it’s worth doing a major refurb of a kitchen? (read more) HC. asks whether you have experience of a particular builder – they’d love your thoughts (read more). GW Cabinetry has posted some new pictures of their bespoke wardrobes just built ‘Between the Commons’ (read more). Looking great! Our friends at Nappy Valley Nannies have posted details of a very reliable handyman down Earlsfield way – and happy to travel! (read more)


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

For sale: Jane Matrix Light 2 Platform  (read more). Mountain Buggy highchair  (read more).Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra  (read more). Lloyd Loom style chair  (read more).

Wanted: a hot plate to buy or borrow  (read more).


Phew, That’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyVAlleyNet team

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