Local private school at centre of s*x abuse claims. Van petrol bombed in SW18. Looking for private investigator.

Last Updated on : 3rd July 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter

It goes without saying that the last year has been pretty depressing in terms of local and world news.

And I’m not sure it’s going to change any time soon.

Which is why it was so lovely to see a feel-good piece featuring one of our very own SW Londoners in a national newspaper. Someone I know many of us say hello to on a daily basis (read more).

So before we go into some less-than-lovely stories of our own, lets celebrate that we have one member of the official “Happy List” in Nappy Valley!


Here’s the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

WMS has posted a link to a news story that a local school is allegedly at the “centre of s*x abuse claim” (read more).  It looks like a member of staff has been quizzed by police for a second time.

And still in not-so-great news, we have video footage of a van after it was petrol bombed in SW18 (read more). An NVN’er sent the story and the photos in – thank you NT.

NVNAnon has been offered a GREAT job. And she’s pregnant with her second child. Should she take it and say nothing? (read more)

BD is looking for a private investigator. Any tips? Perhaps this forum is too public for them…suggest the PM button! (read more)

C has asked if anyone has any advice on how to stop shouting at the children? (read more)

WM is hoping to find a cinema and a Peruvian restaurant – not necessarily at the same time! (read more)

Sticking with food – Nife is Life is an online Italian deli delivery service to your door – if you can’t get to Naples, this is the next best thing! (read more).

Still sticking with food…we’ve had more posts about your favourite local cafés than the Ritz has served posh teas – well, almost (read more).

And as one restaurant opens another closes…Pizza is coming to Bellevue Road and it sounds like Rosita is off from Northcote (read more).

This is the last food post – I promise! Z wants you to come to a networking breakfast in Balham next week celebrating women in business (read more).

W. would like to know what the going rate is for a tutor? (read more). Sticking with tutors, don’t miss the free education talk for parents by JK Educate at Omnibus TOMORROW! Should you be tutoring and is your child reaching his or her full potential? (read more)

BB is worried about her husband’s health and how often he has to spend a penny (read more).

There is an amazing “multi-generational” nursery on Nightingale Lane and it’s just had a fabby write up in The Times (read more). Congratulations!

V found some keys near Gail’s in Clapham Old Town – are you locked out of your car?! (read more)

FT’s post about aircraft noise in the area has got you listening! Well, if you can hear above the airplanes that is! (read more)

N. has recently arrived from overseas and is wondering about regular check-ups and health care for her daughter? (read more).

H would like to know where you get your boys’ hair cut to avoid the pudding-bowl look? You mean there are haircuts OTHER than a pudding bowl? (read more).

S. wants to know where to get the chicken pox vaccine locally? (read more).

SF has just arrived from Australia and would love baby things for her 9 month old and 4 year old – got anything spare? (read more)

SJ is biting the bullet and looking for driving lessons having swerved (geddit?) the subject for the last 20 years. Who to use? Try Clare Jones – she is AMAZING! (read more)

GE is an Italian au-pair who would love to meet other au-pairs for coffee and a chat (read more).

H asks what to give a 6-year-old boy as a present? Drum kit, chemistry set and indoor fireworks if you don’t like the parents is always my advice!  (read more).

O is trying to help her cousin find a family for her 17-year-old to come to learn English for a fortnight this summer (read more).

L needs a hand with serving food and clearing up after a christening (read more).

S has a student back home from uni who’s looking for some voluntary work. Sounds like Royal Trinity Hospice would love some summer help in their shops (read more).

P asks if anyone knows the plan for the informal play area by the old Bowling Green Café? Looks like all the plastic fantastic is on its way out… (read more).

SM wants to know where’s good to buy maternity clothes, especially a swimming costume (read more).

B needs after school pick up and care from September in the Balham area (read more). Sticking with child transport: P is looking for a taxi service with car seats for children (read more).


We have more travel posts than Wimbledon has strawberries!

Ski Famille are offering free child places over Christmas and New Year if you’re thinking of hitting the slopes this yuletide (read more).  T’s holiday plans have fallen through last minute and she needs help to plan something else for a family of five (read more).  NV is off to Ireland this summer and would love to know where to say en route in North Wales. Can it be more exciting that a Travelodge?  (read more)  Where to stay in France in August has got you talking – there are some French travel gurus amongst you! (read more)  And you’re not that bad on Italy either (read more)  Turquoise are running a fab 30% off on a holiday at The Four Seasons in Mauritius with a Teddy Sheringham Football Camp. Love the sunshine and have children who love football?  Back of the net! (read more)  And closer to these shores, CS has had a last minute cancellation for the August bank holiday in Cornwall. Looking for a holiday house? (read more).  There’s a stunning family villa available the first week of July in Mallorca and the price is dropping..! (read more)


Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than Wimbledon has tennis balls!

The White House Prep School is looking for a Receptionist/General Secretary(read more).  M is an experienced nanny available for the summer only (read more).  Want to be the Marketing Manager at an architect’s firm in Hampton? (read more).  CC is looking for a part time PA and office manager for a role in Balham (read more).  K is a childminder in SW17 and has a vacancy coming up in September (read more). A would love to start a nanny share for their 2-year-old boy in the Sisters area of Battersea (read more).


We have more activities than SW19 has blazers and suncream!

The Jumbletrail Wandsworth is fast approaching (read more)  The Train Station is running a Youth Athlete Training Club over the summer months for 7 up to 18 year olds (read more)  LP has posted details of a Spanish Mini Fun club this summer (read more)  M is looking for a guitar teacher for her 8-year-old son (read more)  LP is looking for good German playgroups or activities for her 3-year-old charge (read more)  Julian Cousins has posted about a week’s summer camp dedicated to tennis, plus his autumn sessions booking up fast (read more)Battersea Spanish offers immersive Spanish for children in a fun environment.  Que bien! (read more)  Football at Burntwood is back for the holidays (read more)  Drop-in baby yoga classes on Northcote Road (read more).  Open Air Fit are running seven weeks (yes, seven!!) of multi-sport summer fun on Wandsworth Common (read more).  An Art History Talk at Fresh Ground this very morning looks at Women Artists from the renaissance to the 21st century (read more).  VW runs free, guided cycle rides along the Wandle every Friday (read more).


We have more schools questions than Wimbledon has serves!

AS would appreciate advice on her choice of nursery on or near Northcote Road(read more).  LL wants to know if she’s way too late to get a place at Thomas’s Battersea in 2019 or 2020.  Zero hope or some hope? (read more)  G would love to know your thoughts and experiences of Lambeth Academy, Burntwood and La Retraite (read more).  H and K would like to hear about Harris Academy Battersea (read more).  C would like your honest opinions on Swaffield Primary School please (read more).  HS has posted about new wraparound care at Ravenstone from September(read more).  L would love to hear any feedback on The Babyroom on Webbs Road and advice on when to change nursery (read more).


We have more House & Garden queries than Wimbledon has backhands!

AM wonders what you’d recommend to clear up small marks on her new carpets? (read more).  NP needs somebody to give some TLC to her SGD (that’s stained glass door to you and me) (read more).  P is looking for a light, airy and peaceful room to rent over the summer (read more).  EC would love to find a good, reasonably priced gardener. Any green-fingers out there you’re happy to recommend? (read more)  A1 wants to find someone who’s a whizz with building flat-packs (read more).  R would like a recommendation for a good cleaner in the Balham area (read more).  Looks like a pipe has burst outside C’s house. Any idea who she should contact? (read more)  P is looking for a builder/plumber recommendations for a bedroom/bathroom conversion (read more).  NP wants to know what you think of Higham kitchens? (read more)  B needs a builder to sort out the paving in the front and back garden plus some other bits and pieces (read more).  M is letting their 3-bed flat in Balham on a short or long let (read more). GD has had an issue with his meter reading and asks how cross he should be? (read more) BM had something larger than a mouse to deal with and one firm in particular seems to have helped many of you out. Maybe they should be called The Pied Piper! (read more) D has had a peek behind the hoardings of the building site on Nightingale Lane and it sounds like homes are in the making (read more).


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

S is selling a large french wooden dresser in good condition (read more).  RP has a Phil & Ted’s carrycot which is no longer required (read more)  SM has a Beaba baby UV tent for sale to pack for the beach (read more)  C is looking for a snuzpod/shnuggle/moses basket. Sounds cosy.  Do you have one?  Or are you asleep in it? (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a tabby week


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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