Local restaurant allegedly keeping tips: named and shamed. ‘Covent Garden Flower Market’ moves to Battersea. Glow Dental teeth brushing video

Last Updated on : 10th April 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NVN and I have just returned from our first holiday without the children, leaving his mother and father in charge.

And, on our return, it was pretty obvious the children thought they made better parents.

“Grandma’s pasta is the best I’ve ever had,” droned my eldest, “Grandma’s homemade burgers are incredible,” said my daughter and, the straw that broke the camel’s back, “Grandma’s gravy should be famous it’s a special recipe she got from a bistro”, added my son.

Mr NVN believes that he alone knows the secret of great gravy and, I have to admit, after hours of stock reducing, mustard powder and red wine, it is pretty good.

“OK, OK lets see what she can do,” he relented before our last multi-generational meal together, handing over his dedicated copper pan for my mother-in-law to work her magic.

Who promptly dumped in half a packet of gravy granules and some boiling water before stirring it a couple of times.

“BISTO,” he squeaked, “it’s not from a bistro it’s actually BISTO!”

And the copper pan hasn’t been seen since.


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copyThe Covent Garden flower market has moved to Battersea AND it’s open to the public. Wow. Just wow! (read more)

KW would welcome your advice. She would like to move abroad with her partner and children however the father of her eldest, who lives in the UK, will object. Is he likely to win a legal challenge preventing her from emigrating, she asks? (read more)

Do you remember the discussion last week about local restaurants not passing on service charge? Well it’s now, allegedly, been named (read more)

This is a VERY strange question: BB has a quote for a side return and her builders are insisting they’ll need to place supports in the flat upstairs and the affected room will be uninhabitable during the build. Is this normal and surely no neighbour is going to agree to it, she asks? (read more)

weekly1-copySW11M wonders if anyone is experiencing rubbish broadband service with Virgin Media? Hmm, we’ve had quite a few complaints but on a lighter note did you know that the inventor of the Internet studied at Emanuel school? I’ve just asked Mr NVN who it was and he guessed Michel Roux Jr. which shows he is still simmering over that gravy! (read more)


Our friends at Glow Dental have posted a video explaining how to children should brush their teeth if they wear braces. That’s the kind that straighten your teeth, not the ones that keep your trousers up ‘a la’ Wall Street (read more).

MSW is off engagement ring shopping! Yay! But where should she go? The first person to suggest Ratners gets banned! (read more)

And back to the Internet, Guy needs help with Yoast. That will either make sense or it won’t (read more) and if it doesn’t read on…

weekly1-copyStill sticking with all things IT: TobyTech is back from uni. and available to solve all your computer problems! (read more) He is more of a wizard than Dumbledore although his beard is less luxuriant.

Jen is moving to London from the US (welcome y’all!) but Greenwich not Nappy Valley. Oh. Anyway, can we help her with advice on nurseries and nannies? (read more).

OAB is searching for a private yoga instructor. Who might help her do the downward dog? (read more)

This is the total opposite of yoga: Alchemy wonders if you can recommend any country walks within easy reach of Wandsworth? (read more).

NYE is thinking about Cape Verde for the 2nd week of the Autumn Half Term? Any recommendations for hotels/activities? Take me! Take me! That’s a recommendation! (read more)

weekly1-copyThis isn’t a trip to Cape Verde but it could be quite fun to visit: Our roving food reporter Rob recently visited the Jolly Gardeners in Earlsfield. But was he jolly when he left? Find out here!

And this STILL isn’t Cape Verde but again could be a lot of fun! The London Motor Show is coming back to Battersea Park from the 4th to the 7th of May. They’ll be new cars, classic cars, celebrities and tons of food and drink! (read more).

LOADS of meet-up posts: a new step-mum (read more)a new nanny (read more) and an au pair (read more) are all looking to join any meet-ups and Eddie Catz are hosting a nanny meet-up of their own! (read more)

Sticking with pairs: we have TWO local authors who have both just published brilliant books. I’ve read both from cover to cover and they’re ace! First off the press is Sophie who wrote her book, ‘Love Song‘ , in the Northcote Library. She’s just won ‘Romantic Novel of the Year’. In equally fabby news, Shannon is a NappyValleyNetter and her debut Traveling with Ghosts” has had rave reviews in publications as diverse as the Guardian and USA Today. If anyone would be interested in a book-clubby-style meet-up with the authors please do let me know!

weekly1-copyNurturing Mums have posted details of their new postnatal courses in Northcote Road and Earlsfield (read more). These are phenomenally popular and start again in May…

Sask would love your recommendation for a private psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist to speak to on an ongoing basis for individual therapy (read more)

We had some tech. problems last week so a few posts were deleted. Apologies, it wasn’t censorship although I have been asked to take down a few posts on this Northcote Road thread (read more). On a lighter note, I there were some more suggestions for animal entertainers but they went missing too – total PANDA-monium! (read more). Sorry! But it is all fixed now!


We have more school questions than The Masters have golf balls!

AM is moving to London and wonders if you’d recommend Graveney, Bollingbroke, Chestnut Grove? (read more). And the same question but about Broomwood? (read more). Alleyn’s Junior School are using Skype to expand their horizons, their year 4 pupils recently used it to interview an Australian conservationist (read more)Hornsby House are celebrating some pretty special 11+ results – well done everyone! (read more). Fircroft School is looking for stalls for it’s summer fair (read more). UB would love your feedback on Nightingale Montessori Nursery (read more). And I’m pretty sure you didn’t miss this week’s news that parents can now be prosecuted for taking children out of school for holidays during term-time (read more).

Lastly, if your little one is looking for any maths tuition then local Dad-of-four Paul McGill can help (read more). Paul is offering a short, free, introductory session and then can either come to you or host in his home on the West Side of Clapham Common.


Looking for a new challenge? We have heaps of vacancies for nanny’s (read more), NCT, a charity and Rampton Baseley have all posted vacancies (read more) 


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Trump has tiny fingers!

Our latest Design and Build Guide has JUST been published – we posted out 200 copies last week – do drop me an email if you’d like a copy!

Sticking with building work, LM has had some really useful feedback for coping with her incredibly noisy builders – thank you to everyone who replied! (read more)

It looks like we may be in the middle of a growing moth epidemic (read more).  NK is selling some Ghost Koi (read more). C. would love your advice as to where to buy garden furniture? (read more). TRNK needs a cleaner recommendation (read more) as does HarriedMum (read more) MB needs a conveyance solicitor (read more). CD wonders if it is possible to lower the ground floor in a kitchen? (read more). CC needs your builder recommendations (read more) as does TM (read more). NP wonders if you can suggest aproject manager to help with a side return? (read more). Lastly, EmmaB wonders who you might recommend for new carpets? (read more)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a unisex kids bike, red, suits 7-11 years old (read more), a City mini-baby Jogger double buggy (read more) and WANTED a second hand nursing chair (read more) 


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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