Local school hires to stop “Mean Girl” groups. Roads to be closed: traffic nightmare? New nursery opening on Wandsworth Common. Swimming lessons for a two year old?

Last Updated on : 4th April 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My daughter and her friend were eating supper in the kitchen when my son walked in.

“Hello brother,” said my daughter, “this is my friend.”

My son grunted a hello.

“Don’t talk to her,” she ordered, “don’t look at her and now you may leave us.”

“Hang on a moment,” I interrupted, “where are your manners?”

“I’m sorry I was rude,” she replied before continuing.

“Please don’t look at her, please don’t talk to her and now you may leave us. Please.”

These Easter holidays already feel very very long…

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

Local school hires to stop Mean Girl groupsMight local traffic jams be about to get a LOT worse? Dr Johnson Avenue is due to close on Tooting Common AND a new “no right turn” is being mooted for Elmbourne Road. Does that mean all north bound traffic will flow passed Tooting Bec tube? (click here)

Our “Top Ten Places to Eat” conversations has thrown-up (pun intended!) some interesting comments. One of my favourites has caused food poisoning for one NVN’er! (click here).

Bluebird wonders how she can ask her neighbours for recourse for damage caused by a leaky pipe? They’re absent landlords and so it’s a little like chasing smoke! (click here)

Local school hires to stop Mean Girl groupsTwo pet posts! MM would love advice on a Labradoodle puppy. Happy family member or psychotic wolf-in-sheep’s clothing? All sensible advice welcome! (click here) Katie Field wants to recommend a mobile vet – thanks Katie! (click here)

Nizzy is looking for the best local GP for children. Some very useful replies – thank you! (click here)

Mummybear wonders who might repair her washing machine? Is there a local “Spin Doctor”? (See what I did there!) (click here)

From domestic appliances to swimming pools: FTSW11 is looking for swimming lessons suggestions for her two year old (click here)

I really hope we can help with this post: SWLover asks for advice on behalf of hermother who is suffering from chronic fatigue? (click here)

MM’s little one is refusing to eat whilst he teethes, has anyone else experienced this, she asks? She’s worried he’s not getting the nutrients he needs (click here)

weekly4Annasouth is looking for someone to put security glass behind a stained glass window in her front door. Do you know who can supply amazing glazing? (click here)

Remember I mentioned Toby, the local lad who can fix ALL your IT issues. Well last week he put a new hard drive in my Macbook and that’s the ONLY reason this email is actually in your inbox, Try him for any IT issues you may have. It’s like having a local Steve Jobs on tap but without the turtle neck jumper (click here).

MGC needs a sofa stuffer! Seriously, if you can help her source someone to plump her upholstery then please do get in touch! (click here)

Legs11 is gutted as her favourite styiist is leaving his salon. Can you recommend an amazing Aveda practitioner? (click here).

weekly5A local school has enlisted the help of a coordinator to manage “Mean Girl” groups. A great initiative although sad that it’s needed. (click here)

Do you know Little Starlings? Well its a gorgeous little nursery and they’ve posted that they have vacancies. It should be called Hen’s Teeth they’re that rare! (click here)

Sticking with nurseries we have two more posts I should highlight. Firstly, there is anew nursery opening by the Skylark on Wandsworth Common (click here). Secondly, that doesn’t mean the Skylark is closing! (click here).

Some of you will know Rob, our roving foodie. He’s just been down to “Fish in a Tie” to check out one local pestcatarian friendly plaice! (click here)

EL currently lives in Putney but is finding the cost of housing too high. She’s thinking about moving out but wonders if a one hour commute would be too much? Any ideas where she might live, she works in Clapham Junction (click here)

weekly6Tatabella would like to take a maternity nanny course. Can you suggest a good one? (click here).

Rebs3000 is about to transfer her son to another school. Do you have any opinions on Wickes, Shaftesbury, High View or Sacred Heart, she asks? (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Ant and Dec have takeaways!

We love “All About the Girl” and they are looking for a stylist for their Northcote Road salon (click here). Our great friends at the Skylark are searching for a chef! (click here) MaddyB is an incredible local mum who runs a home-based fashion business. She’s recruiting and definitely worth a call (click here). Workcoup need afreelance ecommerce manager (click here)local estate agent is hoping to find a Saturday coordinator (click here). The Parent Gym are a charity whom offer less fortunate families parenting skills and advice. They desperately need volunteers (click here)Finally, we have a stacks more vacancies right here! (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Leicester have goals!

Kaitwoo is about to embark on a kitchen extension, can you suggest an architect? (click here). MG wonders if anyone has experience of working with Mark or James Arundell? She’s about to commission them to do a loft conversion! (click here). Jumping Josie asks the same question but about Falcon Builders! (click here). Balhammum needs help with drain access. She can’t find it but I think I’ve been able to suggest an amazing drain detective! (click here) Looking for a fabby removal firm?Gentleman and Van gets another great review! (click here) BalhamM wonders if anyone hasdug down a few feet in the cellar to give extra headroom? Good idea or might, in the words of the Style Council song, the “Walls Come Tumbling Down”? (click here). Jason really needs advice on a freehold contract (click here). Lastly, ChrisH is a soldier on leave looking for house sitting opportunities! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Mercedes A150 Classic (click here), assorted Great Little Trading products (click here) and a Rattan furniture set currently off Northcote Road (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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