Local Waitrose to close for SIX years. Does my fiancee need TWO engagement rings? Bocketts Farm or Hobbledown Farm? Help: builder holding us to ransom?

Last Updated on : 26th October 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last week’s “beer sommelier” story took has taken another twist.

You may remember that my daughter had struck a deal with Mr NVN whereby she would only eat chocolate if he had a beer. His recent health kick meant she was totally devoid of coco beans and, as a result, has been pushing Mr NVN towards the drinks cabinet with all the fervor of a money-hungry publican (click here for last weeks email).

This week she tried another tack.

“Here’s your present,” she said, handing him a box that she’d picked up on her school trip.

“Open it, open it, open it,” she demanded, there was a slightly mad glint in her eyes.

Inside was a glass tankard with a bicycle bell attached and the words “Ring for Beer” printed on it.

“Its from the zoo gift shop,” she continued, “you ring the bell whenever you want a beer. RING IT.”

“How about I use it tonight?” he gestured towards the croissant he was halfway through eating, “as opposed to at breakfast. If we’re both well behaved maybe mummy will let us have a treat whilst watching X Factor?”

I thought mealtimes were stressful enough when they were very young, I think they’re only going to get worse.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Local Waitrose to close for SIX yearsLast week I wrote that Crossrail2 might come to Balham instead of Tooting. Well it gets worse. If it does Waitrose in Balham will close for SIX YEARS! Suddenly I feel like becoming extremely militant, putting down my kale and pesto bake and manning a picket line! But seriously, a number of people are very upset at the potential disruption…click here for details

The Skylark have posted details of the their spooky Halloween events for THIS WEEK (click here) and by an amazing coincidence our autumn meet up at the Skylark is only nine days away! It’s on the morning of the 4th of November and we only have ten complimentary tickets left. Follow the link to grab yours (click here).

I really hope we can help with this post. A regular user recently had a nasty health scare and the cause was diagnosed as stress. She asks whom she might see, or any techniques you may have previously used, to help her cope with pressure?…click here for details

Local Waitrose to close for SIX yearsThis is a LOVELY post! Irisheyes (I’m already swooning at his username) is about to propose to his girlfriend and wants engagement ring advice from NappyValleyNetters! OMG, marry me, marry me!…click here for details

Looking for school open days? We have lots on our calendar (click here) and if you know of more please do let us know.

Sticking with good news, Jonathan from Hamptons has posted details of the Northcote Christmas lights and shopping event. If you’d like a stall Gertrude and Ivy have added details of how to apply. Thanks both!…click here for details

And on the same theme, Schoolmum1 wonders if you’d like a stall at her school Christmas fete?…click here for details

Ooh this is one of the age-old conundrums which may never be solved. It’s not about the Marie Celeste, the Bermuda Triangle or even the whereabouts of Lord Lucan: BBB asksif Farrow and Ball paints are worth the extra pennies?..click here for details

1THREE legal eagle posts. Dust off your wig and get read to petition M’Lud because our users need your help! Coffeemonster posts a hypothetical question about a dodgy flat and a (maybe) dodgy landlord (click here), SW1234 asks for help in returning a car to a dealer (click here)Lastly, Moonlight has some builders who are refusing to finish their work until they’re paid but she’s worried if she pays they won’t finish. Wisdom of Solomon needed for this one!click here for details

FTSW11 wonders if she should choose Bocketts or Hobbledown? Although it sounds like she’s choosing between Hobbits on Tinder it’s actually about leisure farms! Swipe right for Bocketts, I love it!…click here for details

From hobbits to bicycles. Ok, ok, maybe that link doesn’t work, but JY is looking for a local bike shop where children can try the steel steeds first. Try “Everyone Bikes” on Northcote Road our Managing Ed. swears by them…click here for more details.

Fernando is searching for a Chinese Medical practitioner. I have absolutely no idea where you might find one in Nappy Valley, I hope one of our lovely users can help…click here for details

Tilly & Roo (I LOVE that username) wonders if one can take children to the New Covent Garden Flower Market? Can you/they buy flowers? We have an answer and it turns off you can Pop(py) in at any time and if you yOuR KIDS (orchids – geddit?) want to shop they’ll be welcome. Hmm. not sure those puns worked…click here for details

1Firstimer has a rather old Louis Vuitton holdall that needs fixing and she’s looking for a leather “mender”. I’ve suggested one already but the more the merrier..click here for details

TWO area recommendation posts: MrsM is off to Streatham Hill and is looking for nurseries (click here) and IndyB asks if Southfields is a great place to live?…click here for details

NappyValleyNet’s brand new roving food reporter is amongst you. He’s just reviewed The Jolly Gardener in Earlsfield. That’s near Southfields IndyB (click here).

Petal asks what might be an appropriate age for a child to go to a football match? Her husband is very keen to talk their little one, she’s not so sure…click here for details

Abbeville77 is expecting any moment now (congratulations!) and she wonders which local classes might be perfect for a mother with a very young baby? Exercise classes, social classes, all ideas are welcome!…click here for details

Snowpea wonders which GP surgery she should choose between Battersea Rise or Heritage? Choose Bocketts! Oh, wrong thread!…click here for details

Golfwidow wonders how one cleans bath toys so all that gungy black stuff disappears? Turns out Pod has the answer! Thanks Pod!..click here for details

Eddiecatz are huge friends of NappyValleyNet and they’re looking for a bookkeeper. It’s a great opportunity to join a fabby company and at the end of the week they have dress down Friday but you have to wear a cat suit. Maybe. Ok, I made the last bit up but they are looking for a bookkeeper!…click here for details

We have a ton of other situations vacant from business development roles to social media managers, follow the link for more details! (click here)

MyHealthCareClinic are a wonderful private GP service based down at Battersea Reach and they’ve posted a special offer. Their Dr Flor Kent is offering free skin consultations to those who have concerns about acne, scarring, wrinkles and aging (click here).

Lifechanger asks if Mousehouse or Alphabet is the better bet?...click here for details

We have more schools posts than TalkTalk has security questions!

Teatime Tutors are great friends of NappyValleyNet and they’re running mock Eleven Plus exams in November and December. Ideal if your child might benefit from extra experience in exam conditions…click here for details

VS is looking for a maths tutor (click here).

On the same theme, PG is looking for Spanish and karate tutors who can work in a primary in Pimlico. Just to be clear you don’t have to do both! (click here).

More feedback has been given, but more is still wanted, on Bolingbrokeclick here for details

Prince Charles may have gone to Hill House, and it may have been branded inadequate by Ofsted, but South Fulham Mum is a big fan. Thanks for your feedback SFM (click here).

Our friends at the Independent Schools Show are counting down to their November event and they’ve posted their take on entry requirements from nursery to sixth form. Thank you and don’t forget to keep the 14th and 15th of November free for their show! (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Strictly has sequins!

Hamptons have posted their autumn property market update, thank you! (click here)

Harry007 is looking for a tree surgeon. Who WOOD you recommend? (click here), Mrs Mac needs some to refurbish her driveway. Can you help PAVE her way to a better place? (click here). OAB would love your suggestions for someone to service a boiler (click here) Windmill asks if you’d recommend a Loaf sofa? Or perhaps you’d like to “couch” your comments? (click here)SS is looking for a architect or technician to produce drawings for a house in Fulham (click here). DJB would love a quote for her sash windows to be restored (click here). JenniferB wants to recommend Billy the carpenter. I LOVE Billy, he’s brilliant isn’t he! (click here) OAB needs an upholsterer (click here) Gingercat2 is about to buy an Edwardian house but the survey suggests a lot of work needs doing to it. Can you recommend a great builder who can unpick the report? (click here) Tinkerbell can bring your old furniture back to life! (click here).

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: G is looking for an iCandy Peach (click here) MN is on the look-out for an Ikea play kitchen and accessories (click here) and a D12 is selling a brand new VTech walker (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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