London’s biggest trampoline park comes to SW18. Four shops close on Northcote Road. Northern Line attacker jailed: victim speaks out. Bertrum House closes pre-prep.

Last Updated on : 29th February 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My husband is not known for his DIY skills.

As a result we arranged for an electrician to work through a list of little jobs.

He “fixed” both bathroom underfloor heating systems which were, in fact, not actually switched on and a lamp wasn’t so much faulty as needing a fuse.

The last item on his list looked like the most complex.

“Your husband’s note says the error code is B, SIGMA, SIGMA, P, S.”

The smiley sparky enunciated each letter clearly and with gravitas.

“I think it relates to the smoke alarm system but I can’t see the problem.”

I called Mr NVN who insisted on speaking to him directly, claiming it was too complex a problem to relay via a wife.

“Well?” I asked once the call had ended, just a little impressed. Maybe there were some latent DIY skills hidden alongside his very public excellence in wine drinking and cheese eating.

“He actually asked me to pretend it was a big deal,” grinned the fuse wizard, “but it’s not an error code he wrote B.E.E.P.I.N.G and it’s doing that because he can’t figure out how to change the smoke alarm battery.”

If I’m not mistaken the next expression to cross his face was pity.

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Some nasty vandalism in Clapham Old Town that resulted in B1’s windows being broken in revenge after her husband told off the perpetrators. Not nice at all (click here).

London's biggest trampoline parkSticking with crime, the victim of a s*x assault on the Northern Line has waived her right to anonymity to encourage others to report crimes after her attacker was jailed(click here)

The local Tooting conservative candidate supports quitting the EU. One user wants you to remember that come the May elections (click here).

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You know The Inside Man? They used to have a shop on Wandsworth Common and whilst they search for new premises they’ve gone all digital. To celebrate they’re offering 40% off from their online store. Thanks IM! (click here)

There has been a lot of recent media coverage concerning Menginitus B and sepsis. Our friends at First Aid for Life have outlined the signs that you need to look out for. Thanks FAL! I really hope you don’t need it but every parent/carer should read this post (click here)

Balham’s Fernwood Clinic is now open. It’s on Bedford Hill and provides healthcare for a range of emotional concerns, such as all forms of depression (including pre- and postnatal), anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. Welcome to the neighbourhood and good luck! (click here)

Sticking with health, the lovely people at Glow Dental on Northcote Road have just published their “Ten Steps to Glowing Teeth” for children. Thank you Glow! (click here)

We have a Trunki-full of travel posts!

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Another stack of nursery posts! First off, CC would love nursery recommendations for a 12 month old around Wandsworth Clapham Common (click here). Planning has been granted for a new pre-school nursery on Wandsworth Common by the Skylark (click here) Bertrum House have boosted their nursery and pre-school provision in light of the closure of their pre-prep offering (click here). 

We have more school questions than England had tries!

The Acorn School have forthcoming open day, it’s an “outstanding” in Morden Hall Park (click here) The Ecole du Parc have announced their bi-lingual immersion holiday clubs. Tres Bon pour la vacances! Sorry that’s the limit of my French! (click here). Louise has a question about the Wimbledon High junior school waiting list. Good luck! (click here) High View has announced an open morning on Friday the 4th of March (click here). Tutor23 is a local mum who offers tutoring services for the 11+ (click here)Lastly, Bertrum House has made some pretty major changes to it’s pre-prep offering – thanks for letting us know! (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions the Adele has awards!

ML wonders if anyone has heard of McNeish homes? Would you recommend them? (click here) ST is looking for a washer dryer which actually dries. Wow, can anyone help find this kitchen Holy Grail! (click here). SS wonders if you can suggest a local man and van without a two hour minimum? (click here). NEV has a ton of questions about kitchen revamps. How much? How long? Worth just re-spraying units?  (click here).Puccini kitchens – anyone used them, asks AV? (click here). Bamse wonders what the costs might be for removing paintwork from bricks? (click here) BF needs a party wall surveyor (click here). Finally, OTC is searching for a builder to block up a door/sliding door (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a lovely nursing chair (click here), a White Company cot bumper (click here) and WANTED Bugaboo buggy board! (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


 Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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