Man killed at Wandsworth Common station. Fly-tipping estate agent. Resenting husband: please help with my mid-life crisis.

Last Updated on : 8th August 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

As I mentioned last week we’ve just returned from two weeks away in Greece.

But we almost didn’t make it.

As I sped around the airport in a golf buggy I couldn’t help but wonder how my chilled-out start to the holiday had been hijacked by a daughter whose name was now booming across the speakers in Heathrow Terminal Five. I’d gone from sipping a relaxing skinny latte in Giraffe to feeling like an extra from the Bourne Identity as we zoomed back and forth across glass topped walkways, increasingly aware that the gate was closing NOW.

Finally she appeared, carrying enough bags to audition for the lead in those “Shopaholic” movies.

If there is one memory from that holiday that will stay with me for ever it won’t be the food (excellent), the beach (lovely) or Mr NappyValleyNet’s sunburn (fierce).

It will be my daughter explaining to a very grumpy BA official that she thought boarding and departure times were “kinda the same.”

Here is the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1This is awful news. Late yesterday afternoon a man was killed at Wandsworth Common railway station. Our thoughts are with his friends and family (click here).

“AtCrossroads” would love your advice and I really hope we can help. She feels caught up in a mid-life crisis and doesn’t think she wants the promotion she’s been working so hard towards. It is, however, a little more complicated than that. She’s also beginning to resent her husband who is unable to give her the financial breathing space to plan her next step. Any helpful and considerate advice would be very welcome (click here).

On a similar(ish) theme, BB would welcome your marriage guide counsellor recommendations (click here).

Wandsworth Council have posted details of a local firm of estate agents who have been fined for fly-tipping. Not sure they’d agree with the old saying that “all publicity is good publicity.” (click here)

MTC witnessed a motorcyclist trying to steal a bag on Northcote Road. Please do take extra care on these lovely light summers evenings (click here).

Jen has problem neighbours. Parties and smelly rubbish are strewn all over their garden and their landlords and the council don’t want to know. Any suggestions? (click here).

weekly1Giles Coren was filming on St James Drive yesterday! Wow! He’s PROPER famous!(click here)

Wandsworth Council have also posted asking for help to prevent strike action by Southern Rail (click here)

LM is looking for a magician for a children’s birthday party. Who is the David Copperfield of Nappy Valley? And I don’t mean married to a supermodel! (click here)

Two feeding posts: MM has a five year old who won’t touch anything other than cereal, pasta, cheese and cucumber. She’d love advice as to how to widen his diet (click here)DD wonders if anyone has issues persuading their babies to take their medicine? (click here).

Do you know what a Jumble Trail is? I didn’t but it sounds like a great idea. There are a few coming to SW London and they’re brilliant! (click here)

Would you like to tell the story of your family on TV? No me neither. But if you do fancy a bit of trial-by-telly then this could be the post for you! (click here)

weekly1This is one of those lovely posts where we can play at moving house without going through the actual hassle! NLM is considering a move from the USA to London. Should she live in Notting Hill, Kensington or Nappy Valley? If she chooses NV is the Dolphin School a good bet? (click here)

Splashfest: is it any good for a two and a half year old, asks Gemima?…(click here).

And even though it’s the middle of summer you still have a trunk of travel posts!! Lua wants to tell you all about a stunning villa to rent in Puglia (click here)MM wonders if you can help with October half-term sun suggestions? (click here). And we have TWOBarbados villa suggestions – thanks everyone! (click here)

MM is looking to move from a Magic Circle law firm into a smaller more flexible practice. She has 10 years PQE, can you recommend a helpful legal recruitment consultant? (click here)

Mummysnipper is a mobile hairdresser who also works in Northcuts. If you’re little ones mullet needs their managing she could be worth a call! (click here)

Looking for ace things to do? Check out Toddlepass! They’re great friends of ours and they have ten subscriptions to give away! Thanks TP! (click here).

weekly1HM is looking for a Botox provider. Would you recommend yours? (click here)

Highview Nursery have vacancies for their lovely part-funded places just off St Johns Hill (click here).

Our news and reviews section is bursting at the seams! Check out our roving food reporters “high steaks” review of Zelma in Central London and a very useful post from our friends at LGT Vestra on the rising cost of university tuition fees.

Sticking with higher education: Harriet from Elite has posted about UCAS applications – certainly worth checking out if your (not-so-little-ones) are about to start the uni. application process (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? We have more sits vacs than Cameron’s friends have honours!

The Exhibit are looking for a P/T administrator (click here). Experion have both F/T and flexible vacancies in Clapham (click here)VIP Ski need private nannies in France (click here)Lastly, we have a stack of nanny and au pair vacancies right here! (click here) 

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Rio has athletes!

We LOVE Julian Tennis Coach and he’s hoping to find a great heating engineer. Can you help us SERVE one up to him??? (click here). SJ wants to recommend a particular type of alcove cupboard (click here) Arwen is looking for a deep clean service for SW18? (click here). SW11 is hoping to find a basement pump serving company (click here). LT is searching for a “proper” gardener. Someone who will love and cherish her garden as opposed to just cutting it back and clearing up! Any ideas for a local Monty Don? (click here).  Some great loft conversion suggestions – thank you everyone! (click here)BebeH is looking for the same but for side returns and kitchen extensions (click here). Lastly, DK is hoping to find internal sliding doors to separate a kitchen and living space (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a black Bugaboo Gecko in amazing condition (click here), FOR SALE a Phil and Teds double buggy (click here) and FOR SALE a car booster seat (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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