Millionaire divorce favours SAHM. Flats proposed by Wandsworth Common Station. David Gandy can visit your house! Sailing by Battersea Power Station

Last Updated on : 18th April 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Just when I think NappyValleyNet has carried posts for every conceivable item, someone proves me wrong.

And this week was no exception.

A life-sized cardboard cut-out of David Gandy (he of the snug white underpants fame) is currently being offered free to a good home.

Over six foot in size and with a track record of behaving well at hen weekends and weddings (yes really) ‘Yoda’s Mum” has decided he needs to move on (read more).

So if you want a model lodger you know what to do!


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

BB is organising birthday drinks for her husband. How can she make the event special, she asks? (read more). This HAS to be cardboard Gandys first mission!

I love Jaggard Way. It’s the run of industrial units behind Wandsworth Common Station and it houses, amongst others, a dentist, a florist, a brewery and not least our friends at The Train Station and The New England Shutter Company. We’ve just seen a proposal to redevelop the run into four blocks of flats up to five stories high and have photos and a PDF for you to download if you’d like to hear more (read more)

Did you know you could sail a dinghy by Battersea Power Station? We didn’t but we have some lovely photos that prove you can (read more)

A dad was on life support after being bitten by an adder in a West London park. The snake slithered into his son’s pram and he was attacked whilst moving it away. It goes without saying we wish him a speedy recovery (read more).

StillWater is a new bar opening up on Wandsworth Common. I wonder if the drinks they serve will run as deep as their name implies? (read more)

A recent ‘millionaire divorce case’ has changed everything for stay-at-home mothers (read more).

Pithakos asks if a flat on Queenstown Road will make a good home for her young family? Looks like it will! (read more).

A necklace has been found on Wandsworth Common – shout if it might be yours? (read more)

PP is thinking of heading off to Croatia this summer – any suggestions or ideas? (read more) Sticking with travel, our friends at Gitcombe Cottages have just made it into The Sunday Times Top 50 Cottages for Summer. Wow, well done!  (read more)

LC is searching for a endocrinologist that also accepts / treats adrenal fatigue (read more). And sticking with a medical theme, FC would like your child psychologist recommendations to help a little one with anger management issues (read more)

IY is hoping to find a first aid course for nannies and aupairs.? I think we might have just what you are looking for! (read more).

Hola! HS needs a Spanish tutor asap – any ideas? Again, it looks like we do! (read more)

Mum81 would love to do more cooking from scratch – are there any lessons she might take to help her start? I’ve added a suggestion – it really helped Mr NVN! (read more)

Looking for a new career? We have heaps of nanny vacancies (read more), plus openings for a P/T book keeper (read more), ‘Front of House’ staff in Richmond (read more) and an experienced Facebook Marketeer (read more)

Nurturing Mums have posted details of their new postnatal courses in Northcote Road and Earlsfield (read more). These are phenomenally popular and start again in May…

Julian Tennis Coach has posted details of his Archbishop’s Park tennis programme. It’s part of a Tennis4Kids programme and is a great initiative! (read more)


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Gandy has pairs of white pants!

Our latest Design and Build Guide has JUST been published – we posted out 200 copies last week – do drop me an email if you’d like a free copy!

Peony wonders if it is worth extending the kitchen out by one metre? (read more)  BVK asks if you can recommend shutter companies? (read more).  BB is looking for a tree surgeon (read more). BB would love to put fairy lights in her garden – any brands she should consider? (read more). BB also needs someone to paint their front door (read more). P. asks if anyone has converted a bedroom into a bathroom – good ideas and tips you can share? (read more). NP is looking for architects and project managers (read more). IACBC asks how much a side return might cost? (read more) MB is looking to buy a leasehold flat but would love to know if anyone has bought with consent to extend agreed ‘up-front?’ (read more).


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FREE: a John Lewis baby monitor (read more), FOR SALE: a selection of baby items (read more) and a white wicker John Lewis laundry basket (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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