Modular loft conversions: The faster, easier, better way to get a new loft

Last Updated on : 7th July 2017

Landmark Lofts have just launched a revolutionary new product: modular loft conversions with an installation time of just two weeks! In this article, we’ll explain what a modular loft is and why it’s such a drastic improvement upon ordinary loft conversions.


Our new lofts are built in a factory in different sections, called modules, which are then delivered to your property by lorry and placed by crane onto the top of your home where they fit together seamlessly. Rather than rolling off an assembly line, our loft modules are individually designed and built out of steel to meet your requirements in terms of interior layout and architectural details, whilst maximising space and light. Just as no two homes in London are identical, each of our modular lofts is unique.

Furthermore, ordinary loft conversions are built with a timber frame, which warps and sags under wind pressure and weight over time, and can also rot if it becomes damp. But our steel-framed lofts are incredibly strong and durable. You also get a new roof with our modular lofts, further increasing the value of your home.


Once completed, your loft modules will then be transported to your home. By doing the majority of construction and interior work on the factory floor, we’re able to minimise the amount of time builders spend at your home. We just need one week to prepare your home for the installation, installing structural steel and removing the roof, for example, and then the modules are lowered into place with a crane. We need one more week to finish off the interior, connect utilities, install the stairs and get everything absolutely perfect. And that’s it! Compared to the 6-10 weeks typically required for an ordinary loft conversion, this represents a massive reduction in stress, noise, disruption and dust.

This enormous reduction in the amount of work carried out at your home isn’t the only advantage of modular lofts. Precision-engineered in a South Yorkshire factory by experienced professionals, our lofts are built to the highest standards with stringent quality-control at each step. This eliminates or greatly reduces the risks associated with having a loft conversion built at your home, including delays caused by adverse weather or late deliveries, mistakes by builders or accidental damage caused to your property, or being lumped with a poorly skilled or untrustworthy build team. Our modular lofts come with a comprehensive insurance-backed 10-year guarantee, so if something does go wrong, we’ve got you covered.



If you’re interested in a cutting-edge modular loft conversion, you can get an instant quote on our website at, or for more information you can call us on
020 3150 0505
to speak to one of our design consultants.


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