Murder investigation: Heaver Estate. Snoring husband unbearable: help. Beach and skiing holiday advice

Last Updated on : 23rd January 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

It started out as a silly game over the Christmas holidays.

I’d send the children out with Mr NVN for some last minute groceries  and, on their return, they’d knock on the door and pretend to be the Ocado man.

And invariably there’d be some silly “substitutions”.

So an orange was replaced with a Terry’s Chocolate orange, flowers with a bag of flour and olive oil with, yup you’ve guessed it, an olive (in this respect I suppose they follow the same logic as Ocado).

However, what was fun in that long stretch between Christmas and New Year, has become irritating beyond words now that the relentless cycle of school and work has restarted.

So on Thursday night I asked them to fetch some crisps for a packed lunch.

It appears they didn’t have the time and energy to actually go shopping but they did have the time and energy to go next door, borrow a kettle and grab some french fries.

So when I opened the door it was to a giggling Mr NVN brandishing a kettle.

And my eldest, almost helpless with laughter, waving a bag of chips.

Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

Dreadful news from the Heaver Estate: a murder investigation has been launched by the Metropolitan Police after the death of a young man on Saturday morning (read more). It goes without saying that our thoughts are with the young man’s family and friends.

It’s “Battle of the Councils”! Wandsworth is taking Lambeth to court over a noisy concert on the Common. This does feels a little “Ab Fab”: Wandsworth is Saffy – all sensible and efficient. Lambeth is Edina – staying out late and partying too hard! (read more).

Remember the “Posh Baby Names” thread? And how I highlighted some of the names from the Tatler article? Well there’s a local family who, if we were playing Posh Name Bingo, would have the full house! And they’ve posted! Thank you for getting in touch and I’m SO sorry if my comments were taken the wrong way! (read more)

Janet14 needs a snoring consultant as her husband is the cause of a lot of sleepless nights. Wow, I can SO empathises, hope you get this sorted. Mr NVN is to light sleeping as elephants are to ballet! (read more).

Hany008 is about to buy a house. Yay! But her research into this particular SW17 street shows quite a bit of crime. Boo! Enough to cancel the removal firm? (read more)

GD73 would love your unusual museum recommendations – any suggestions?More unusual that than the Keswick pencil museum? More unusual than the Kent dog collar museum? Wow – that is a HIGH bar! (read more)

If you need a birth certificate quickly then this advice could save you a lot of time (read more).

Do we have adventurous food on Northcote Road? Do we NEED it? Interesting discussion on the type of restaurants SW11 has to choose from? (read more).

Two great nanny questions: MC asks if you pay your after school nanny travel time? (read more). Papinian asks how BREXIT might affect hiring a nanny/au pair? (read more).

LuLu needs advice: she’s currently on maternity leave and, as a loyal employee, informally mentioned to her boss that she might not be coming back. Now HR want written clarification! Help – what are her rights? (read here)

JC is recruiting brides-to-be to for a new TV show about wedding planning. All those who want a permanent video record of the stress, arguments, doubts and family meltdowns around their most special day should apply (read more).

Roo would love your recommendations for a basic book keeping course (read more).

Most of you will already be familiar with LikeMinders. Set-up by two local mums it’s an amazing childcare and babysitting service and they’ve just launched a new service – a full time nanny recruitment service. Good luck LM! (read more).

Is too much screen time affecting your child’s posture? If you’re worried then please do check this out (read more)

Kitt wonders where she might get her curly hair trimmed? (read more)

We have a blazer pocket full of school posts!

Fresh from their entry into The Sunday Times Top 100 Prep. Schools, pupils at the lovely White House School have just taken part in the BBC’s 500 words competition. All of us here at NappyValleyNet are crossing our fingers for you and here’s hoping there is a budding Rowling in the works! (read more)

We love Cumnor House and they’ve just posted details of their new website – it looks amazing! (read more) If that wasn’t enough they have an open day on the 24th of Jan! (read more) J’s little one is due to start at Parkgate in 2019 but she wonders if it’s important she attends the nursery first? (read more). Looking for language lessons for your au-pair? Language Lab have just posted details of their classes in SW London – thank you LL! (read more). GD73 writes that a place has become free at the Allfarthing nursery – message him for more details (read more). RosaL is looking for intensive GCSE revision courses for the forthcoming holidays – any suggestions? (read more)

We have a bum bag full of travel posts…

Kula Community have posted details of their luxury yoga retreat to Sardinia. Take me! I can carry the mats and shout encouraging words from the bar!(read more). AKS’s little one is finally ready to travel, they want some winter sun, any ideas? (read more). Runnerbean would love advice on family friendly holiday options in Normandy, Brittany and Central France? (read more) Sticking with France (unlike our BREXIT colleagues) FM would love your ideas for family friendly accommodation within one hour of Calais (read more). Hol78 is hoping to hear which family friendly resorts across Europe you’d recommend? e.g. Martinhal, Pine Cliffs etc! (read more). Lastly, Nightingale wonders if anyone can help with details of skiing in Scotland? (read more)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Trump has cans of hairspray!

In the market for some glass sliding doors? Check out Culmax, they get a lovely write up (read more). Petal wonders how much it might cost to remove a chimney breast? (read more). Cyprus is after a personal recommendation for a firm to polish and clean wooden floors (read more). Hol78 needs a wooden table limed: where can she go? (read more). MH has a fascinating question – they need a contractor to undertake work which is too big for a handyman but too small for the usual local developers – any ideas of who can help with kitchen refurb. “plus”? (read more). Eskimo needs a short term let (read more). Some great advice on dealing with a dodgy builder – poor VT was fleeced by her roofer (read more). CM needs a carpenter – I recommend Billy, he’s ace! (read more). CD wonders if you can fit a laundry room in a Victorian conversion? (read more). Sticking with laundry, Treep needs a washing machine fitting urgently (read more). Lastly, Shopper is STILL looking for someone to help with grouting (read more)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Caboo baby carrier (read more), WANTED a birthing ball and birthing pool (read more) and FOR SALE John Lewis nursing chair (read more)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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