Neighbour’s screaming child: call police? Rubbish trucks vomit on our car. Favourite local cafe/restaurant?

Last Updated on : 26th June 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Today’s opening could only be published on the condition that I kept the identity of the would-be entrepreneur a secret.

And it’s such a great story I am more than happy to comply!

A user emailed to say she’s only just discovered that whenever her eight year daughter has friends around for a playdate, she charges them 50p if they stay for tea.

The budding-Branson then keeps these ill-gotten gains in a special piggy bank.

And by the time she was “busted” she had almost seventeen pounds in her kitty, all earmarked to pay for a pony.

The worst part, according to the anonymous mother, wasn’t the capitalistic tendencies (I’m also pretty impressed!), but the embarrassment when a fellow mum popped around to “settle the bill”, apparently her daughter was Wonga-like intolerant of non-payers!


Here’s the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

A potentially very difficult situation: WW is being driven mad by a neighbour’s child screaming all day long. Not happy playful screams but “being boiled in oil or attacked by bees” screams and it’s incessant. What might they do? Could it be abuse, asks one NVN’er? (read more).

A. claims that rubbish trucks regularly squirt filthy liquid onto cars in their street (read more).  I’ve actually seen pictures of this “bin lorry vomit” and it is horrible

Sticking with rubbish, LG is furious that people are using her bins to dump their own rubbish – even nappy bags and dog poo bags. Eugh!  (read more)

Still sticking with rubbish: S is worried about all the black bin bags outside Fara. Real rubbish or are they getting rid of things that could be used and recycled elsewhere? (read more)

LF asks if you have any experience of treatment at The Priory that you’d be happy to share? (read more).

And whilst we’re looking for support: T is searching for a relationship counsellor for her friend. They have a new baby and her husband wants to move out (read more).

S is thinking of having her child’s birthday party on Wandsworth Common. Are there any rules and regs, she asks? (read more)I think it’s fairly relaxed, just the one sound stage, no foam parties and a bouncer for the mosh pit is what I heard. Or maybe that’s Reading?

Which is your favourite independent café in Nappy Valley? Let us know and we’ll visit the top five in early July (tough, I know).  You could even win a free coffee for making your recommendation…this one’s got you talking…! (read more)

B27 wants to know where to buy flattering shorts? (read more). That’s shorts that make her look good, not ones that say “Dahhling you look FABULOUS!” every time they see you!

And talking of wearing shorts, ST wants to know about vein lasering after two pregnancies and wearing super-high heels (at the same time? Good on you!) (read more)

ILC is looking for a BBQ whiz to help with the grilling for a party (read more). John Torode is local and talks a good game! Not sure how he performs when the patty actually hits the pan though!

N is after a new-born photographer. Not somebody who was born with a camera in hand, but somebody who’s great at snapping little babes (read more).

H is looking for a dentist in Clapham (read more). Just don’t ask him/her if she’s ever seen a Molar Bear on an iceberg – mine didn’t think that was very funny!

First Aid for Life are delighted to be finalists again in the Federation of Small Business Awards and to celebrate they’re offering 20% off their courses this July.  Seize the day! It could be the best thing you’ve ever done (read more).

Tricky toddlers and fussy eaters? If that sounds familiar then help is at hand with The Parent & Baby Coach’s workshop on Tuesday! (read more)

E’s post about acupuncture to help them conceive has had loads of replies – thanks everybody (read more).

AW is picking up her golden retriever puppy soon. Who can recommend a great trainer? (read more). On the same theme, B is looking for a dog behaviorist for her more mature four-legged friends (read more). Who is NappyValley’s Dog Whisperer?

S would love to give her money tree away to a more green-fingered home (and no, it’s not that elusive one from the general election campaign) (read more).

R’s children are slightly older and she works full time. What to do with them in the holidays?  Lots of great suggestions, from courses to grandparents and the Swiss Alps (read more).

2K recommends Omnibus’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream which she says is a great mix of theatre and treasure hunt on Clapham Common and she and her 10-year-old loved it! (read more)

FT is on a mission and it’s to do with Heathrow and aircraft noise (read more).

K. has tried the OddBox wonky veg box delivery service and loves it! (read more)

M. has posted about Little Bird but it’s a mystery as to what or where it is!? (read more)

I. has moved to Surrey and would love to find something similar to NappyValleyNet – we miss you too! (read more)

N posted looking for legal advice for unfair dismissal – lots of great recommendations. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time and I hope you reach a successful conclusion (i.e. destroy them in court!) (read more).

BM would love your pest control recommendations – she has something larger than a mouse in the garden (read more).

H78 is on the look-out for good UV swimwear for children (read more).

Anyone know Windsor well (other than the Queen!)? S is after good pub recommendations (read more).

What do we want on Northcote Road? The thread goes on and has taken on a decidedly Indian flavour (read more).

J has posted details of PCOS summit (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which is on today (read more).

Bellevue Road ISN’T getting a Little Italy but it IS getting something else. KFC! Ok, that’s not true (read more).

H has posted details of a Dyslexia support group which meets quarterly (read more).

T is looking for swimming classes for her seven month old near Tooting Bec (read more).

N has just found out she needs a C-section for her first and has been told only 24 hours in hospital if all is well. Is that right?! (read more)

M17 has just moved to Battersea, is due with her first baby in 12 weeks and can’t find space on any antenatal courses – help!? (read more)


We have more travel posts than Ed Sheeran has Glastonbury fans!

M asks about things to do near Martinhal in Portugal (read more).  KH wants to go camping for the first time ‘en famille’.  All and any top tips welcome (and needed!). The only thing you need to know is to have a wee before bed! (read more)  F has shared details of a one-week Prosecco tour in Italy.  Time to recharge the batteries with a little fizz? (read more)  N has posted about a last minute cancellation at a stunning family villa in Mallora in early July.  Room in the suitcase for little ol’ me? (read more)


Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than Glastonbury has icky loos!

A SW London-based company is looking for a flexible, work from home telephone reservationist and appointment setter (read more).   A Dulwich-based office is looking for a part-time PA/Office Manager (read more).  SW has a part-time finance/operations role in an SW11 luxury fragrance/beauty business (read more).  L is looking for a fluent German speaker for an exciting Marketing Coordinator role (read more). C. is looking for a nanny for the summer holidays. Can you help? (read more)


We have more activities than Glastonbury has dodgy roll-ups!

We LOVE the Train Station and they’re hosting a youth summer athlete programme (read more). I mentioned this to Mr NVN but he’s neither a youth nor an athlete! Julian Cousins has posted details of his SW Sports Summer Camps on Clapham Common (read more).  SwimWay are taking bookings for autumn and also have a summer holiday crash (or should that be splash!) course (read more).  Cookease Cookery classes for 2-4 year olds are booking for the autumn too (read more).  Role Models have posted details of of all of their summer Confidence & Resilience Courses in Wimbledon and Chelsea (read more).  Youngstars Summer Holiday camps have got SW London covered (almost as much as we have!) (read more).  The Artful Toddler children’s creative classes have expanded into Greenwich and Balham (read more).  BodyLogicRunning have posted details of their Running Start summer camp in both Battersea Park and Wandsworth Common (read more).  The Fairy Treehouse calls all fairies, elves, unicorns and mermaids for their summertime workshops (read more).  Time for another Art History Talk at Fresh Ground, this time a look at Women Artists (read more).  LRM is letting everybody know about a free running group – This Mum Runs (read more).


We have more schools questions than Glastonbury has sun-burnt visitors!

When should and shouldn’t you tutor your child? Don’t miss JK Educate’s free talk on education at the Omnibus in Clapham (read more).  There’s a new nursery, Apples and Honey, and it’s opening on Nightingale Lane (read more).  M wants to know how much school trips cost parents?  She’s thinking of launching her own (read more).  B asks for CBT recommendations  for her 9-year-old son (read more).  You’ve still got time (just) to try your hand at the Allfarthing online charity auction.  Loads of fab prizes up for grabs! (read more)  G is choosing between The White House and Eveline Day School.  Any views?  (read more)  C asks if anyone has a child starting at Heathbrook in Clapham Old Town in September? (read more)  Chestnut Grove Academy has an open morning today! (read more)  And Graveney School’s Open Event is both Wednesday morning (read more). and Wednesday evening (read more).  JC would love nursery recommendations in Balham and Tooting Bec (read more).


We have more House & Garden queries than Glastonbury has clearing up to do!

Roundhouse have written a trend report on new materials and textures in kitchen design – stunning! (read more)  S has a 4-bed house available for a short term let and on cheap rent – can she or can’t she!? (read more)  LW asks if there are any other women out there who might want to house/flat share from August/September? (read more)  M is after a short let for July.  Just one room is all she needs! (read more)  Lots of you are on the look out for a roofer. (read more)  M has had a bad experience with an electrician – advice please! (read more)  TF is looking for a carpenter or a good handyman to build a custom-made bed (read more).  T asks if you have experience of a Howdens kitchen? (read more)  M wonders if anyone has any experience of using Stafftax for paying housekeepers? (read more)


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

LE has two mini wet-suits for sale – so cute! (read more)  S has a Grand Victorian Mansion for sale!! Oh, it’s Fisher Price (read more).  L is looking for an Islabike Beinn 20, please! (read more)  O has a set of Bugaboo wheels ready to roll! (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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