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Alex and Harry, two Year 5 pupils at Hornsby House School, took over from their Science teacher, Miss Blunt, to give the rest of their class a A poster produced in Alex and Harry's lesson on the Big Bang at Hornsby House School
lesson on the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe.

Both boys have a passion for Science and impressive subject knowledge for their age.  In order to extend them further, Miss Blunt gave them the opportunity to plan and deliver a double lesson on a topic of their choice.  The boys chose the Big Bang as it was a topic they were fascinated about and it was related to the space theme they were already working on in class.

Alex and Harry prepared the lesson in their own time, meeting after school to work together on their plans.  They made full use of the resources at
Hornsby House and put together a presentation to show on the interactive white board, including a YouTube clip.  After this inspiring start to the lesson, the children worked in groups to research the Big Bang for themselves on the school ipads and each group
was tasked with producing an eye-catching and informative poster to display what they had learned.

Alex and Harry moved round the groups as they worked, sharing ideas, encouraging their

classmates and giving feedback.  They timed the lesson carefully and helped the children manage theirs, ensuring that all the posters were completed and the children were able to share what they had done with the otherAlex and Harry studying one of the posters produced by Year 5 in their lesson on the Big Bang at Hornsby House Schoolgroups.

Miss Blunt, Head of Science, said, “Alex and Harry have a special interest in Science and loved sharing their knowledge of the Big Bang with their friends.  I was delighted with how they responded to this challenge and the commitment they showed.  The children enjoyed the lesson, learned a lot about the Big Bang and were so proud of the posters they produced.  It was a very impressive achievement for two nine-year-olds.”


For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact:

Mrs Alex Salandin at Hornsby House School

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