Police statement: SW18 attempted abduction. Primary school safety petition. “Real” dragon loose in Putney. How much to spend on class gift

Last Updated on : 21st September 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last week Mr NVN and I were having dinner with some new neighbours and the conversation turned to Tinder.

Even though I work on NappyValleyNet I’m not the world’s most tech savvy person so I was delighted to be able to contribute.

“I love it,” I said, wading straight into the discussion, “it’s quick, easy to use and really really good value.”

The other couple went a little quiet and I could see the husband staring at Mr NappyValleyNet.

Undeterred I continued.

“I’m not a big user of apps but I was having my nails done last week and with the other hand I was able to arrange a pick up straight after my appointment.”

Now the table went totally silent and the husband had moved his gaze to the wine glass.

“Uber,” said Mr NappyValleyNet, “Uber is the app you’re thinking of. At least I hope you are.”

“That’s right, the taxi app,” I said.

And then the penny dropped.

And then I spent the rest of the evening repeatedly trying to reassure them that their new neighbours were normal.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

SW18 attempted abduction“Husband” asks for advice on the physical side of his marriage. Please remember when replying that this is a real person asking our community for help…click here for details

Wandsworth Police have issued an update relating to the attempted abduction of a woman in SW18…click here for details

There was a nasty road accident on Balham High Road outside of the Tesco Express. Some concern from a number of you about that section of road…click here for details

A four year old boy was left behind at London Zoo whilst on a day trip with his nursery. Delighted all have now been found and are well!..click here for details

SW18 attempted abductionParent and teachers of The Wix School have created a petition for a zebra crossing outside their primary school! Come on NVN’ers, even if your children don’t attend Wix lets show support for a fabby cause!click here for details

The “Wheels on the Bus” might go round and round but Pod feels her current nursery rhyme CD isn’t giving the bus enough love. Can you suggest a brilliant nursery rhyme CD?…click here for details

Nightingale is looking for a top tailor. Who makes the best threads in Nappy Valley?…click here for details

SMum is looking for nanny share advice. Two separate contracts? How much is the going rate? Help gratefully received!…click here for details

The Parent and Baby Coach is looking for a photographer. If you have Annie Leibovitz’s number please share otherwise can you recommend a super snapper instead?…click here for details

You know those brilliant First Aid people? The award winning First Aid for Life? Well they have a fabby course on Friday and Saturday of this week! They teach skills which could be, literally, life saving!…click here for details

3Bernard the bearded dragon is back! He went for a walkabout in Putney but obviously decided home is where he belongs. Welcome back Bernard!…click here for details

Are we going to go another Au Pair meet-up lots of you ask? Of course we are! Details to follow!…click here for details

Sash is looking for a marquee hire company. Can you suggest the top team to task with throwing up a big tent?..click here for details

Anneso is looking for a wedding planner? Who can help her plan her big day?..click here for details

THREE lost and found posts: 40Plus has lost an iPad around Boundaries Road (click here), FTM has lost her light brown American cocker spaniel around SW2 (click here) and Moomin has lost her purse, or it was stolen, on Northcote Road (click here). Please shout if you spot any/all but especially FTM’s dog as pets can mean so much!

Our SECOND Christmas post this year! I’m going to start panicking about presents and turkeys soon! Anyway, ACOT wonders how big a Christmas bonus to give her nanny?…click here for details

AthleteMannies wonder if you’d like an elite athlete looking after your children?..click here for details

WM has smashed the screen on her Kindle. Boo! Where can she get it fixed she asks? Anyone have any ideas?…click here for details

4LizG has a budding Robshaw and wants to know where her five year old might play rugby?…click here for details

Falcon Park might be astroturfed. Like totally! Good idea? Elna isn’t sure and the Council want your opinion!..click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? A local building company needs a book keeper!…click here for details

We have more school’s posts than England has tries!

TWO tutor requests: Sagittarius is looking for an Eleven Plus tutor to help with VR, NVR etc (click here). TheILC needs an A Level Biology tutor (click here).

A678 asks if anyone has considered delaying primary school entry for a summer baby? (click here).

Still on the same theme, LEW asks what she should consider (teachers/space/results?) when choosing a primary school? (click here).

Kaboodle asks if what current Bolingbroke Academy parents think of the school?...click here for details

In other news, Chattymamma asks if you new that there is a place in Balham which sells amazing children’s toys?…click here for details

Have you seen The Choir with Gareth Malone? Well if you want to sing like THAT there is a new choir in town!…click here for details

Superunknown’s three year old is off to a class party next week, how much money does one usually spend on a present, she asks?…click here for details

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Japan has tries!

FS19 is looking for someone to make brilliant bespoke wardrobe doors (click here), GC asks if you can recommend a solicitor for her house move? (click here). SJH has a “non-standard” flat she’d like to sell and wonders which agent would be most suitable? (click here) Flatwhite would love your roofer suggestions (click here). OD needs someone to mend tiles on a Victorian path (click here). ZZ is looking for information on side return “requirements” e.g. design/party wall etc (click here). MamaH needs legal advice on access to a gas meter, a neighbour is not playing fair! (click here) Moomin would love your shutter firm suggestions (click here),Lastly, DCR has a sash window firm he wants to recommend (click here).

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: pink Converse trainers (click here), FOR SALE: ABC playmat (click here) and WANTED: a GRO CLOCK (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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