Primary school places released. Local paint firm scoops Nicky Haslam! Election: SW candidates and BREXIT.

Last Updated on : 24th April 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Primary school places for September 2017 were released last week.

It’s an incredibly stressful time and that’s been reflected in the volume of posts we’ve had about how many of you received your first choice (read more) and how the waiting lists for the less successful applicants might work? (read more)

We’ve updated our Wandsworth council catchment area maps so they now reflect the new distances (read more) and we’ll work on the Lambeth schools as soon as we have the data.

However, whichever council you deal with, please do try to remember that although this can be a horribly worrying process, the lists will move a great deal over the next few months.


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copySeb doesn’t want BREXIT and so asks whom should he vote for in the forthcoming election? Quite a few opinions here! (read more)

The plans I posted for the proposed Jaggard Way development have been downloaded almost 300 times and a few of you would like to know which school catchment areas the new development might fall into? (read more)

Supergirl is relocating to Dublin (noooooo – we’ll miss you!) and she has a heap of questions about schools, areas to live and if they ever move their arms in Riverdance? Ok, Ok I made that last one up (read more)

weekly1-copyA child’s hobby horse has been found in The Nightingale Pub. I have to say the photo looks like an out-take from The Godfather movie! But if you know who might be missing an equine noggin on a stick then please make the landlord an offer he can’t refuse (read more) 

Elna asks if you know of any courses where she might learn to cut children’s hair? You mean you have to LEARN? I just keep going until my scissors hit the pudding bowl. Although that’s just for Mr NVN, I obviously take the children to a salon (read more).

Like a Duracell Bunny our homeopath thread just keeps going – some believe it works and others, well, lets just say they’re not as convinced. Having said that I was surprised to hear there IS an organisation called “Homeopaths Without Borders” (read more)

weekly1-copyElna would love to persuade an ice cream van to pop in to her daughter’s birthday party – what a lovely idea – but where will she find one? I’ll have mine with a flake please! (read more).

MillyMoo is looking for an IFA: do you know who is Nappy Valley’s top money woman/man? (read more).

You know the brilliant Little Voices? Well three of their pupils are now featuring in a brand new CBEEBIES production! Wow, well done! (read more)

The producer from a breakfast TV show is looking to contact ex and current parents from Prince George’s new school. If you fancy becoming a playground pariah then follow this link!

weekly1-copyChorister wonders if you know what is happening to the Bowling Green Cafe? (read more)

TWO birthday party questions: NPQ would love birthday present ideas for a five year old girl (read more) and TB is looking for birthday party ideas for a seven year old boy? (read more)

Would you like to win dinner for two at Marcus Wareing’s eponymous Berkeley restaurant? You would? Our friends at Roundhouse have just such a competition and you can enter here! Sticking with delicious food, our roving reporter Rob visited the Mandarin Street Chinese in Wandsworth Old Towncheck out what he thought here!


We have more travel posts than Central London had marathon runners!

Mtc is going to take a vacation road trip along the South Coast, any itinerary ideas? (read more) Lydia is off family camping for the first time – what equipment should she take? (read more) BB is hoping to find a holiday villa to rent in Marbella(read more). AS would love your Easter skiing recommendation (read more). Sticking with travel, I’ve just come back from a trip to Mauritius with Mr NVN, you can find out what I thought behind this link (read more)


Looking for a new career? We have heaps of nanny vacancies (read more), plus an opening for a PA to the headmaster of a local school (read more). On the other side of the recruitment fence, Puds is retired but looking for an interesting role(read more)


Two posts about two very different books: I’ve previously mentioned Shannon Leone Fowler’s ‘Traveling with Ghosts”, it’s so brilliant we went back and interviewed the fabby local author  (read more). And, totally changing topics, you may have seen our recent posts about Date Nights? Turns out a friend of Mr NVN (really!) has written a book all about ‘Date Nights’ and how to get the most from them! (read more).


We have more school questions than the Kardashian’s have selfies!

BBJ asks for your opinions on the OASIS Academy in Putney (read more). TootingAbout wants the same but for Ravenstone (read more) Vico wonders what might be on the agenda for a 4+ test at Streatham and Clapham? (read more).Elmhurst School is a small independent school in Croydon and they’ve posted to say they have a couple of places in their reception classes (read more) Falcon School for Boys are celebrating exceptional 11+ results – well done! (read more). Lastly, MM wonders if attending St Boniface nursery will help her little one get into the main school? (read more)


We have more “House and Garden” questions than the Queen has birthday cards

Our latest Design and Build Guide has JUST been published – we posted out 176 copies last week – do drop me an email if you’d like a free copy!

Do you have a mouse epidemic? SO many of you have recommended Pestalance! (read more)  2M asks if you can recommend a render specialist? (read more).  RR is looking to rent a room (read more). MM would love your moving boxes? (read more). VD asks if £3.5k to paint a two bedroom flat is normal? (read more). TPS. asks if anyone has used Garden Gurus or Belderbos Landscapes? (read more). DM is looking for a kitchen and wonders if you’ve had a Schuller, Hacker, or Magnet kitchen put in? (read more). Gayville has two etched/sandblasted glass panels ideal for shower screens for sale – never used (read more) Finally, it looks like demand is soaring for homes near Prince Georges new school (read more).

Our friends at Paint The Town Green will be at the forthcoming Strawberry Hill House and Garden Festival. Nicky Haslam will be there too and we have 10% off the ticket price. Just use the code ‘harrisonsfund’ to unlock the offer.


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FREE: a table tennis table (read more), FOR SALE: a bunch of baby board books (read more) and a blue Islabike Beinn 24 (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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