Prince George to Nappy Valley Prep. ‘Cheating map’ reveals extra-marital affairs. All change on Northcote Road.

Last Updated on : 27th March 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NVN has just discovered Internet shopping.

And when I write ‘Internet shopping’ I really mean TK Maxx.

And when I write ‘discovered’ I really mean he’s incessantly ordering anything that might fit him.

‘TK’ (as it’s now known in my house) have some annoying little widget that means he gets an alert whenever his size comes into stock and, because he’s not used to having anything in his size, ever, he’s gone a bit click happy.

The final straw was last Thursday when a pair of salmon pink suede ankle boots, size 11.5, turned up. I insisted he take them straight back along with *two* Idris Elba overcoats which, when worn ensemble, made him look like he’d raided Hagrid’s dressing-up box; albeit one the Potter giant shared with Liberace.

My eldest, looking very confused, summed it up when he was asked what he thought of this latest outfit…

“Is it World Book Day AGAIN?”


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copyPrince George in coming to Nappy Valley. Seriously! He’s joining one of our local prep. schools (read more).

A new ‘cheating map’ reveals the top ten London boroughs for extra-marital affairs. Wandsworth is 24th and I’d never have guessed number 1! (read more)

Its STILL ‘all change’ on Northcote Road. Doves has closed, a fantastic new restaurant is to set to open and, if that wasn’t enough, we have a debate about where to buy the best chicken? (read more)

If you’re looking for more space at home then CCP has a suggestion. Her downstairs neighbour has just built a very solid shed in their backgarden and won retrospective planning permission. CCP isn’t happy, and this post is tongue-in-cheek, but she reckons if you can’t beat them you might want to join them… (read more)

weekly1-copyA law firm posted last week. They’re offering a discount on prenups if you order by the end of March. Who said the age of romance was dead? (read more)

We had a meet-up at Skylark last week. It was amazing! Thank you Skylark for your fantastic hospitality, we think you’re ace! (read more)

A friend of Mr NVN’s has just written a children’s book. Do check out ‘Mr Tardy goes to Animal School’ if you’re on the hunt for some brand new bedtime books! (read more)

Is a £110k reasonable for a small extension, asks SF? She’d budgeted for £80k but most quotes are coming in at six figures (read more).

BB asks about the most appropriate shoes for nursery? Her little one is two years old and she’s flummoxed finding footwear! (read more).

J7 wonders if you’d like to join a Clapham German baby group? (read more)

Totally changing subject, The Sinjun Grammearian Cricket Club need a new sponsor. Fancy backing some bowlers? (read more).

weekly1-copySZ has lost a Jelly Cat monkey – please do shout if you’ve found the slippery simian! (read more)

TP Fancy Dress have posted about ‘Six Animals That Are More Famous Than You”! Than me? Really? Surely some mistake! (read more)

SCB would love you recommendations for a children’s birthday cake maker. Do you know who has the softest sponge in Nappy Valley? (read more).

This is a LOVELY post, lets help if we can: Monaco would like to start devoting time and energy to a local charity but isn’t sure how to find one. Ideally one that helps women/girls – any ideas? (read more).

Changing subject again…there are TWO local start-ups I want to highlight (maybe we should be called Silicon Valley, not Nappy Valley!. First, Ubuntu is a local start-up from a local Dad. It’s all about amazing adventure holidays and definitely worth checking out! (read more). Secondly, a local mum was so fed-up with poor quality clothes that she designed an ultra-comfy, unisex Sweater and Jogger with 10 awesome features (read more). Good luck to both of you!

An ex-Northcote Road mum would love your help with her Masters Degree. It’s all about managing your careers post-baby. If you could take her survey she’d be REALLY grateful! (read more)

Lastly, two lovely childcare companies I simply must mention: firstly, Nappy Valley Nannies, an SW18 nanny agency who place the most wonderful nannies all across SW London. They’re offering a discount on their fees for anyone who registers before Easter (read more). Secondly, Likeminders are offering one month’s free membership across their full range of services: babysitting, daytime ad hoc childcare, nanny placement and more! (read more).  A massive thank you to both firms for posting!


We have more school posts than George Osboure has jobs…

Thames Christian College have announced an immediate expansion of their year 9 intake. It’s a wonderful school and this new initiative would also suit Year 10 pupils looking to restart their GCSEs (read more). Anne Dickens, a gold medalist at the Rio Olympics was a recent guest at Woldingham: “Think about what you can do – not what you can’t” was the title of her talk (read more). Cumnor House for boys, and their sister nursery Treetops, have just been awarded ‘excellent’ under ISI inspection team! Congratulations! (read more). NT wonders if Streatham and Clapham is a good bet for her daughter? She’s attracted by the ‘almost guaranteed’ senior school place (read more). The response to the “What is Broomwood like?’ thread has been amazing – thanks for your input everyone! (read more). Lastly, SZ would love any feedback on the Belleville nursery – she has a place for her little one (read more). Lastly, our friends at Ardingly are hosting a boarding experience at the beginning of June. It’s from Friday morning to Saturday lunchtime and wil give attendees a taste of life as a weekly boarder. I want to go! (read more).


Looking for a new challenge? We have heaps of vacancies: for nannies (read more),an admin assistant, marketing manager, lead generator and more! Phew! (read more)


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Comic Relief has Red Noses

Our latest Design and Build Guide has JUST been published – drop me an email if you’d like a copy!

We’ve had another addition to our engineered wood thread – thank you everyone! (read more).  ‘The Baby Cot Shop’ is a new baby furniture store and it’s opened up on the Kings Road. I wonder what they sell? (read more). MarieW is looking for builders for a large kitchen extension – she’s had no luck so far! (read more). Thinking of moving out of London? The lovely “Life After London” may be able to help you! (read more). Is it true one can’t have ‘frameless glass’ on the ceiling of a side return anymore? CD would love to know! (read more) GW Cabinetry have posted details of their lovely cabinets – thanks guys! (read more). Turning a grotty cellar into a utility room is one of the best things one can do for a Victorian terrace – and to prove it we have photos! (read more). KM has a planning query – can she extend further than three metres into her garden? (read more)! Our friends at Stacks have considered what BREXIT might mean for rural landowners? (read more). Lastly, MMB wants to tell you all about their furniture painting service – they use Annie Sloan paint and it’s in-store or in-home! (read more).


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a green Bumbo seat (read more), a Babybjorn active carry (read more) and a large glass floor standing vase (read more) 


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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