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Last Updated on : 29th November 2016


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  • “Property prices will show little in the way of movement, with a few sector exceptions. Lack of supply, together with uncertainty about our future in Europe, and a Trump-led America, will result in zero price change,” says Bill Spreckley of Stacks Property Search.
  • “The market for large country houses with 6+ bedrooms and 10-40 acres will stagnate. Nobody wants the responsibility or the cost,” says James Greenwood of Stacks Property Search. “The holy grail of country property will be edge-of-village, with ancillary accommodation, up to 3 acres of land, and near a good market town with interesting community and good commuting.”
  • “Expats whose first purchase on their return to the UK would traditionally be a London home will bypass the Capital and go straight to the Home Counties or beyond,” says Bill Spreckley of Stacks Property Search. “The costs of buying and selling are now too onerous to make an ‘interim’ purchase viable.”
  • It’s time to leave! Sally Fraser of Stacks Property Search says that the generation of London leavers who have been procrastinating, watching their properties grow in value and being too nervous to leave the capital, will finally make the move. “Now the London market has plateaued, and the country is priced well relative to London values, Londoners will up-sticks and move to the country to pursue good schools and a healthier lifestyle.”
  • “Blighted properties will not sell, unless they represent a massive bargain,” says James Greenwood of Stacks Property Search. “A determination to Brexit and Trump-proof will lead to purchasers making very sensible buying decisions.”
  •  “The stand-off in the £2m+ price bracket will end as vendors realise that if they don’t reduce the price, they won’t achieve a sale, however long they wait,” says Nick Wooldridge of Stacks Property Search. “The same goes for vendors in London who have factored price increases into their values that have failed to materialise.”
  •  “The property sector that will see price increases is the rental market – especially student lets in University towns and cities,” says Sally Fraser of Stacks Property Search.
  •  “Trump’s victory will be a win for London property,” says Sara Ransom of Stacks Property Search. European investors anticipate further turbulence in the forthcoming Italian, French and German elections, and Americans are nervous. London will be viewed by Americans and Europeans alike as a safe option – with the added advantage of recent price drops of as much as 20% which make central London look like good value.



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