Pupils rushed to hospital after drugs at local school. Northern line – getting worse? Party ideas for youngsters?

Last Updated on : 12th February 2018
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Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“This is an OK sign but I am not OK”.

I looked up from my laptop to see my daughter standing in front of me pressing the thumb and forefinger of her right hand together.

She was right, it was an OK sign.

“What’s wrong?” I replied, still a little distracted by my typing.

“Superglue is very sticky, isn’t it?”

With that last comment my curiosity was replaced with the rising panic that parents get when you know there is a “situation”, you’re just not sure how bad.

It took about two seconds of prodding to realise that her fingers really were stuck together.

My son, sensing a drama, cackled helpfully that she should just rip them apart and he would help. I declined his kind offer and rang NHS England.

Two hours later, with the right solvent from B&Q, her digits were freed and we asked her in that condescending grown-up voice, what she had learnt from the “incident”?

“Use Bluetac not Superglue to stick pictures on your wall”.

In all the panic I’d forgotten to ask what she’d been doing and I raced up the stairs to see how bad the damage was to her newly decorated bedroom.

I’ll type that again in case you missed the important bit – her NEWLY decorated room.

Mr NappyValleyNet blocked the door, stopping me from entering. “You don’t want to go in, just try to remember what it was like before…”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

Terrible news this week of six girls being rushed to hospital from an award winning Wandsworth school after taking an anti-anxiety drug (read more). It goes without saying we wish them all a speedy recovery and hope this is an isolated incident.

B is fed up to the back teeth with the service on the Northern Line (read more). Anyone else cross with the Kennington Comet?

H.’s husband has got the running bug – any Marathon-training experts to help him out there?! (read more) Hmm that’s a bug Mr NVN built up a lifetime immunity to a long time ago! On the same theme, C. is running the London Marathon for Hospice UK and asks if you’d like to donate to a Memory Ribbon? (read more)

Several of you are loving the sound of Chef Bill’s private catering arm (read more). For the avoidance of doubt, it’s not just his arm that cooks, he uses his whole body. Hmmm, actually that sounds even weirder!

And A. is a private cook with some spare hours and a Jamaican theme (read more). No mention of arms!

Sticking with food, C. has posted news that Park Road Kitchen has closed at the quiet end of Northcote Road (read more). I loved that place – a real real shame.

And sticking with Northcote Road, R. has posted to let you know where she’s moved on to now that Northcut has shut (read more)

G. has been disheartened following her post asking how independent schools deal with mild learning disorders. Are there any more positive experiences? (read more)

And D. would like your recommendations for a private developmental paediatric assessment as the NHS waiting list is a year long (read more).

Moving on to a medical theme: C. asks if anyone can recommend who to talk to about ear pinning surgery now that her 10 year old is being teased (read more).

And N. is considering taking a smear test privately – can you recommend where she should go? (read more)

Total change of subject: don’t miss our brilliant collection of offers and competitions. If you’re thinking schools and would love to find out about your child’s academic potential, JK Educate are offering a 20% discount. If you’re thinking parties, you could win invitations from Mini Epic and a £50 Smyth’s Toys voucher, and if you’re thinking fitness, you could win two sessions with Pepilates. Plus lots more goodies! (read more)

S. is approaching 50 and asks whether expensive face creams actually work? (read more) Don’t the adverts always say in small print that out of 3 people 1 person found it made a difference but they hadn’t slept for three days?

H. is thinking about what kind of help she needs at home once her second is born and her first is at nursery – any advice? (read more)

M.’s second is due any day and would love suggestions of what classes, sessions or cafés are good when you have two in hand! (read more)

B. has just moved back to Balham and would like to find a housekeeper (read more).

J. has asked about popular party themes for 6 to 8 year olds and your ideas are streaming in (read more). The first person to suggest a BREXIT theme gets barred.

S.’s post about local bookshops has drummed up some good business for a local bookseller! (read more)

S. reckons there is a rat problem in Battersea. Is the Nine Elms development to blame? (read more)

I tried to link these two topics but failed! M has four desks to let in the Wingate Business Exchange in Clapham Old Town (read more).

St Mark’s Church are running a Parenting Teenagers course (read more). For the avoidance of doubt that’s not for teenagers who are parents, it’s for people who are parents of teenagers. Actually that comment could go very wrong – I’ll be quiet right now!

The popular Nurturing Mums Postnatal Courses get underway again soon on Northcote Road, in Earlsfield and in Balham so if you have a new bundle of joy and would love to ask a few questions and meet other new parents too, sign up now! (read more)

O. asks for a good local swimming pool for family fun at the weekends? (read more) Splish splash!

T. would love to know more about Wandsworth Music Academy sessions on Saturdays – any experiences? (read more)

Nife is Life have just given one lucky follower a chocolate and Prosecco package ready for Valentine’s and they’re also offering all of us a lovely 10% off your first order with their online Italian deli – grazie! (read more)

We have more Schools questions than Eurovision has cheesy pop anthems!

C. has posted news of a new community sports pitch, an initiative run by Heathbrook Primary’s PTA (read more). A. asks if there’s anywhere local offering fast-track handwriting courses for teenagers and intensive touch-typing too? (read more) I’d love to know too! E. is tearing her hair out choosing a secondary school for her child in Year 5 and would love your advice and experiences (read more). P. asks which tutoring companies you’d recommend? (read more) And sticking with tutors, S. is looking for a maths tutor who could come to their house (read more).

We have more Travel posts than  Eurovision has inane grins!

H. is looking for a child-friendly villa in Menorca or Corsica in July (read more). B. has posted details of a dog and baby-friendly cottage in Cornwall (read more). Grown-ups are welcome too! Just they prefer babies and dogs. Maybe. N. would love to know if you’ve been to the Maldives with children and where you stayed? (read more) I. So. Want. To. Go. L. has posted about availability of their chalet in France for skiing in March or April (read more). And talking of skiing, Rosalena has posted details of their Frank & Sense Face Oil (great name!) (read more). If you’re thinking of an away-stay then Luxury Family Hotels are tempting you with a great offer and a Cream Tea for Two, Gitcombe Country Cottages in Devon are running an exclusive discount for NappyValleyNetters for April, including the Easter holidays, and how does £100 off a stay at the family-friendly Villa Pia in Tuscany sound? (read more)


We have more Situations Vacant than Eurovision has dodgy voting!

 Travel Designers is expanding and on the lookout for a great travel consultant (read more). Under the Doormat are looking for a hospitality manager (read more) Children of the Mekong (COTM) need a trusts and foundations officer (read more).


We have more House & Garden questions than Eurovision has weird costumes!

Roundhouse have just extended their Winter Sale so call in to Nightingale Lane or Richmond Road to admire their made-to-measure kitchens and potentially win a day for two at Seasons Cookery School (read more). L. has posted her enthusiasm for Paint The Town Green and its green credentials (read more). C. is looking for a mortgage broker and would love recommendations (read more). E. is very pleased with their new loft conversion, and who did it! (read more) C. asks who you used for your artificial grass? No ‘fake’ news, please! (read more) L. has a double room available to rent in a neat and well-run home (read more).

S. would like your thoughts on renegotiating some clauses with estate agent contracts (read more). V. is searching for a reasonably priced decorator (read more).

C. wonders what’s the going rate for a cleaner? (read more) And D. is a local dad and a fully qualified electrician! (read more). I know Dan and he’s ace!

For Sale

A large wicker chest (read more). Nordica ski boots (read more). Snuzpod 2 (read more).



Phew, That’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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