Qualification fraud by local school director? Prenup advice for banker wife? Aupair agency missed mental health issues.

Last Updated on : 8th September 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

In all the melee of holidays and back to school my children were a little behind on their regular (ish) calls to grandparents.

So under strict instructions my eldest picked up the phone to my mother and proceeded to tell her stories of the Lake District, sailing and mummy eating too many fish and chips.

I was only half-listening but could tell from some of his answers that there were a lot of questions about his recent birthday. It was only then that I remembered not only had we not sent a thank you note for her gift but with our recent trips and not wanting to cart presents up and down the M6 I hadn’t even *given* him Grandma’s present.

I hurriedly scribbled a note and bounced up and down in front of him, hoping he’d understand the urgency and could actually read it.

“Oooh hang on Grandma,” he said, “there is one thing I forgot to say.”

He paused while he read and then said:

“Before you hang up please can you say a big thank you for your birthday present, I’ll give it to you later.”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

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Might one of the directors of a local free school have misleading information on their CV? GD seems to think so. If true, should he tell someone, he asks?…click here for details

Mrs_t’s au pair agency missed their au pair’s mental health issues. Do they have a right to a reimbursement of the fee? What else should they do to help their au pair?…click here for details

Campaigners are calling for a limit on the number of festivals on Clapham Common. Sensible or kill-joy?…click here for details

We’re famous! Both the Huffington Post and The Telegraph mentioned us in the last week. A massive thank you to ALL of our users who helped put us on the map! We’re FAMOUS!…click here for details

The founders of a free school due to open in 11 days have issued a last-ditch plea for volunteers. It’s not yet ready for the start of term. It’s like “Challenge Anneka” but we don’t know how this one will end!…click here for details

I really hope we can help with this question. NSM has a very ill mother-in-law. I’m so sorry to hear that. She asks if she should allow her seven year old son to visit his visibly very ill Grandparent? If so, how should she cope with the questions this might raise?…click here for details

Catboo1 asks if anyone can recommend a good couples councillor? She and her husband seem to be bickering a lot and arguing over trivial matters and she doesn’t want it to affect the children…click here for details

Rebs30000 is feeling down having just had her baby. She’s finding life hard and her emotions are all over the place; should she speak to a doctor or is it just baby blues and will it pass?…click here for details

Supergirl went to book a table at a local restaurant and they told her she could only have it for two hours. Isn’t that strange if no-one else wants to eat afterwards?…click here for details

Millymoo has managed to get her two year old to sleep through the night and now her four year old is now up and out of her bed and trying to get into their bed up to 20 times in the middle of the night! Help!…click here for details

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SydneyMummy thought this may be of interest, what to do with unused MEDICINES?…click here for details

Pud1 asks “what’s happening with Treohans?” They seem to be gutting the place?…click here for details

Anna1103 is looking for affordable sofas and armchair shops around SW London. Recommendations for a super settee seller?…click here for details

Leannegrace looking for a good magician for “her magic” mad 5yr old? Who is NappyValley’s David Copperfield?…click here for details

You heard it here first NVN has gone North! Well maybe! Apa recently moved up to Cheshire near Knutsford and is keen to meet other mums and any fellow ex NVNs (that is a long shot). They would love to hear recommendations on good play dates and to meet other mums…click here for details

Mungomuffet is asking ‘do children under ten have to pay on the on Southern Railway overground?…click here for details

Wuddle is looking for recommendations for someone to do catering for event at home. Finger food, nibbles, roast swan etc rather than full menu. Okay, okay I made the swan bit up!…click here for more details 

Ppasha27 is trying to get her long, dark brown hair lighter once and for all (think: Khloe Kardashian/J-Lo/Mila Kunis) but most colourists she has seen are hesitant because they think it will ruin her locks. Any suggestions? Errr I guess a wig is not a helpful suggestion?…click here for more details

AmJo is looking for a wedding dress maker? Who is NappyValley’s answer to the Emanuels?…click here for more details

Mary-in-Earlsfield is searching for drawstring/pull-up trousers for her ‘skinny’ son for school. Other than Boden, where should she shop? …click here for more details

T. is wondering if anyone might have found her son’s very favourite and much loved Tiger hat on or around Clapham Common earlier this week? …click here for more details

WE LOVE THIS STUFF! It’s brilliant! Local artist Nigel Turner will be selling his new range of homeware and lifestyle products including tableware, textiles, ceramics and greetings cards at the Bellevue Fair 13th September (you can find him next to the Belleville Brewery stall!). He also plays tennis with Mr NVN and that makes him practically family!!! …click here for more details

FrenchMummyInLondon has a friend who is looking for a restaurant in SW London for a special anniversary occasion. It has to be “romantic” if possible but not too expensive …click here for more details

Magdalenmumtobe wonders if you have any great recommendations for pregnancy Pilate’s or yoga in the Wandsworth/Battersea/Earlsfield area …click here for more details

We’ve got a ton of activities for you this week!

Dachshundvalley asks are there any adult ballet classes in Earlsfield? (click here).  As part of their welcome back to school week, Little Kickers Southfields, are offering free class for the next 3 weeks (click here),  FREE sessions at Upbeat – Popkids at 10am on Saturday 13th September…click here for more details

For more things to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week check out our “What’s On” calendar. Like a teething toddler it never sleeps!…click here for more details

Looking for a new role or challenge? Then check out these listings!

HappyinSW18 are looking for a property manager to join a small team based in SW London (click here). Naturopath needs to rent a room once a week on Thursday nights, she will arrive Thursday evening and leave Friday (click here). FinnishAnna asks if anyone needs a free pet/house sitter over Christmas? I wonder where she is from>…click here for more details

We’ve a lunchbox full of “back-to-school” and nursery questions!

Tooposhtopush shares that plans for a Broomwood School extension in Rayne House, a block of flats on Sudbrooke Road, have been rejected by the council (click here). Wandsworth Council are holding two advice sessions at Wandsworth Civic Suite on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th September at 7pm. Relevant for parents who want their children to start at a Wandsworth secondary school in September 2015 (click here). Our friends at the Independent School’s Show have put together a piece covering some of the issues around choosing a state or independent school (click here).  Oab has a place for their son at Mouse Hole starting next year and would like to hear about other people’s experiences (click here) Jennykirby asks if anyone has a child starting at Trinity St Mary? (click here).  Bonjour les mamans!! Fun French lessons for children Fulham and Wandsworth! (click here).  LostInSW12 is thinking ofregistering her 18 month old with Woodentops nursery to start next year. Any good? (click here). and HK friend has been offered a place at Belleville however she has been invited to go for an interview beforehand. Are they now interviewing???…click here for more details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our new property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you (click here)

Our house and garden is busier than the Scottish “No” campaign’s crisis department!

Felicity0204 needs a good and affordable supplier of (herringbone) wooden floors (click here). Cambell2 is looking for a tree trimming company? (click here). Townieatheart would like a locksmith in SW11 (click here). Sticking with locks and keys, Calgary just wanted to give a shout out to a local locksmith, John, who’s done a bunch of work for them over the last 7 years (click here). Crissy would like to borrow a humidifier for a few days (click here) SabineMum is looking for someone to ‘plaster’ their ugly garden wall (click here)  Lho has loft insulation that needs removing (click here) and Ballymanu needs recommendations for a surveyor for a full structural survey on a house purchase?…click here for more details

Sticking with property, our great friends at Savills are hosting a South West England property evening! If you’re thinking about buying in Devon, Cornwall or Dorset it could be perfect for you….click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: two cots for sale, £40 each (click here),  A Pronovias wedding dress for sale offers around the £500 area (click here) and “Skip Hop Tree Top Activity Gym” for sale £35 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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