Raw sewage closes popular local restaurant. Help me choose a fertility clinic. 30 smashed windows in Balham

Last Updated on : 27th February 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Like most parents I try to encourage my children to read as much as possible, to ask lots of questions and to be genuinely curious about our weird and wonderful world.

And sometimes, if I’m honest, I might feel a frisson of smugness thinking I’m doing a pretty good job in this department.

But most days I realise I’m making not one iota of difference.

Yesterday I spent almost an hour arguing with my eldest who, it turns out, has always believed that “prima donna” was actually spelt “pre-Madonna” and was a modern version of the BC and AD approach to expressing dates.

But with a pop star, as opposed to Jesus, as the main protagonist.

From now on they can watch as much CBeebies as they want!


Here is what you’ve been discussing this week about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copyGrim news from SW11: raw sewage and flies have forced a very popular local restaurant to shut it’s doors (read more).

And sticking with less than great news: 30 cars and houses in Balham had their windows smashed last week. Police suspect a “BB gun” was used in the incidents (read more)

Chestnut wonders if noise from the railway around Balham has increased? (read more) It certainly seems a lot louder where she lives.

I really hope we can help with this post: HB is going to visit a friend undergoing chemo – can you recommend an appropriate gift? (read more).

weekly1-copyLP asks for your advice helping her to choose an overseas fertility clinic? (read more)

GillaK wonders if she’s found a stash of stolen jewellery? (read more).

​Manta would love your advice on pre-school nurseries, especially those of you with nannies (read more). Should they be going to nursery before they’re three years old? Sticking with nurseries Bright Horizons are about to open a brand new day care centre on West Hill. It’s the grand opening is on the 11th of March! (read more).

FH would like to get a tablet for a six year old. Not the aspirin kind, more the Angry Birds kind, what should she buy? (read more).

Do you remember our vicar-looking-for-advice thread? Well it’s been read almost two thousand times and we have some great ideas! Thanks everyone! (read more)

weekly1-copyA number of you are dead-set against a third Heathrow runway. We have both a petition to stop it and a point of view that wonders if it might never happen? (read more).

Its the last chance for your little one to star in the new Ayrton bespoke advertising campaign (read more). I LOVE their posters – they’re stunning!

Two topics on IT issues this week. SamT needs a “guru” to sort out all his various Apple devices (read more) and SM wants to recommend TobyTech for just that! (read more).

We love Julian Tennis coach and he’s just posted details of his “Tennis for Grown Ups” sessions. Definitely worth serving up! (read more).

Thinking of leaving the capital?  How very dare you!  But if you must go, then head to Hamptons International on Northcote Road soon for The Roadshow and meet their country experts to set you on the right road out of Nappy Valley (read more)


We have more travel posts than the Oscars have after-parties!

TrulyMadlyKids would love to recommend Les Arcs with children (read more). A child friendly holiday cottage in the New Forest is now available for 2017 (read more). The question ‘Holiday with a Five Month Old – good idea?’ has had 14 replies! Almost everyone thinks it’s a great idea – go for it! (read more) Lastly a holiday cottage by the beach in the school holidays in Cornwall (phew that’s a mouthful!) also has some last minute availability (read more).


We have more vacancies than the Oscars have red coloured carpets!

The Money Charity are looking for a finance and admin officer (read more). Carrot Cake need a nursery nurse (read more). A local web designer is looking for a graphic designer (read more). A Fulham family of four are looking for a nanny (read more). We have a stack of nanny and au pair vacancies here (read more). Lastly, a small international NGO needs admin support (read more).


We have more school questions than the Oscars have stressed stylists!

lIMC has just realised that she hasn’t received an email confirming her little ones reception registration – time to panic? (read more). Allfarthing – is it a good school, asks Sara77? (read more). Wandsworth Prep have a taster day on the 15th of March (read more) PKB would love to hear about your experiences of Trinity St Marys or Ravenstone (read more). HD is a specialist literacy tutor and is looking for both space and clients – thanks for posting HD (read more)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than the Oscars have, errr, Oscars!

Are you looking to make more of your home? Then look no further, Clara Bee has a course that might be just what you’re looking for! (read more).

NL is thinking of converting the basement of their two bed flat into some extra bedrooms. Good idea? And can you offer any advice? (read more). What do Victorian picture rails do when they reach the stairs? This is not a riddle but a great question from K31 (read more). CT wonders if anyone has had any luck with noise reduction and windows? (read more).BM would love a ballpark figure for the cost of painting a single room? (read more). Mo1 is hoping for a recommendation for a post-build clean (read more). NC is looking for an interior designer (read more). SJ is from DIY alcoves and has commented on, wait for it, an alcove thread – thanks SJ! (read more). BM wonders if you’d recommend a Harvey Jones kitchen? (read more). Lastly, ML is looking to rent a two bedroom flat (read more).


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a pink Scuttlebut (read more), a Maclaren Quest pushchair (read more) and a Specialized Kids bike with stablisers (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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