Revealed: 10 London Areas Tipped For House Price Growth

Last Updated on : 10th July 2017


  • Portico’s property experts pick 10 London property hotspots for now until 2021 (ranked in no particular order)
  • Portico reveals the highest potential rental yield in each hotspot area, with Forest Gate offering the highest yield at 5.5% and Southwark with the lowest at 3.6%
  • The experts also highlight the signs that show when an area is on the way up – infrastructure investment, trendy delis or cafes opening up and young professionals moving in

1. Hayes

Average 2 bedroom house price*: £340,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price*: £1,250 pcm

Highest potential rental yield using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 5.1%

Killer reason to invest here:

“When Crossrail launches in Hayes next year the area will suddenly be much more accessible and desirable to both investors and first-time buyers. Currently this west London town is only served by Great Western railway at Hayes & Harlington station, but from 2018 the Elizabeth Line will take residents into the West End in just 20 minutes and into the City in under half hour.

Regeneration is smartening up the town centre, which will help deliver economic growth, jobs and a thriving economy. New pavements are being created on both sides of the road, additional street lighting improvements are underway, and a ‘Made in Hayes’ new landmark has just been unveiled. The council hopes this will give Hayes the wow factor; I think it will make it an attractive hub for young professionals and young families who can get more value for their money here than in other parts of west and east London.” Vatche Cherchian, Regional Director, Portico.

2. Enfield

Average 2 bedroom house price in Enfield*: £380,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Enfield*: £1,325 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Enfield using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 4.4%

Killer reason to invest here:

“We’re seeing an increasing number of people venture further out of London to get more space for their money and Enfield is the last major area before you go outside the M25. It has great transport links for road users and several stations taking commuters directly into Moorgate or King’s Cross, as well as great schools and a good mix of both houses and flats, making it an attractive area for professional couples and people looking to start a family.”Mark Lawrinson, Regional Director, Portico.

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3. Hanwell / West Ealing

Average 2 bedroom house price in Hanwell*: £580,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Hanwell*: £1,400 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Hanwell using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 4%

 Killer reason to invest here: 

“Neighbouring Hanwell and West Ealing will be serviced by Crossrail next year and have already seen some healthy property price growth as a result of this. I expect property prices in the area will continue on their upward climb over the next few years.

Hanwell has really come into its own in recent years thanks to a thriving array of small businesses and a great community spirit. The area boasts a wide variety of different types and styles of property, from large Victorian and Edwardian family houses to new build developments and smaller maisonettes, and excellent local schools, including the high performing Insights Independent School.” Vatche Cherchian, Regional Director, Portico. 

Average 2 bedroom house price in West Ealing*: £565,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in West Ealing*: £1,600 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in West Ealing using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 3.6%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“Ealing is already one of the best connected locations in London, but the Crossrail rail link at West Ealing will see journey times to Paddington cut to just 10 minutes and to Canary Wharf to just 27 minutes. I expect more businesses to move to the area, attracted by the easy transport links to the rest of the capital and lower overheads.

West Ealing still serves as excellent value for money compared to neighbouring Ealing Broadway and Chiswick to the south, where prices are much higher and yields are not as attractive for investors.” Vatche Cherchian, Regional Director, Portico.


4. Southwark

Average 2 bedroom house price in Southwark*: £690,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Southwark*: £1,993 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Southwark using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 3.6%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“Southwark has become an extremely attractive place to settle thanks to vast regeneration and development in the area. It has always been a hub for art and culture, offering the Tate Modern and Borough Market, but there has been a surge in new restaurants, nightlife and amenities as of late, which has only added to the area’s appeal.

A huge number of businesses are now moving into this new extension of the City, where the rent is slightly lower than it is in prime central London. In addition to this, SE1 is easily accessible with Thameslink and central London is on the doorstep, so commuters can walk to work in the City.” Vatche Cherchian, Regional Director, Portico.

5. Camberwell

Average 2 bedroom house price in Camberwell*: £550,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Camberwell*: £1,600 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Camberwell using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 4.8%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“Since the Overground arrived in Camberwell back in 2012, this Zone 2 area has gone from strength to strength. It is a magnet for arty, young creative types and young families, drawn to the cool brunch spots, pizza places and craft pubs with busy beer gardens.

Camberwell’s good supply of family period housing and affordable property prices are drawing in those who are being outpriced of more expensive neighbouring areas such as Clapham, Balham, Brixton and Dulwich.

It’s a similar story in Peckham, where arty clubs, gigs, galleries and rooftop bars have lured homebuyers and renters from now expensive Hackney, Hoxton and Dalston. There are proposals to gentrify and modernise the town centre with a new-look square, shopping and housing area in front of Peckham Library. Vatche Cherchian, Regional Director, Portico.

6. Lewisham

Average 2 bedroom house price in Lewisham*: £425,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Lewisham*: £1,495 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Lewisham using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 4.8%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“Lewisham Gateway is a major regenerationn scheme which has put Lewisham firmly back on the radar for homebuyers and investors. So far the scheme has enhanced Lewisham town centre, improved access to its public transport hub and built hundreds of new homes, and there is more regeneration to come.

The property ladder is becoming shorter, as buyers are keen to avoid expensive transaction costs by skipping the lower steps. Instead of starting with a studio or apartments, first-time buyers are now looking for affordable 2 or 3 bedroom houses in outer areas like Lewisham.”  Vatche Cherchian, Regional Director, Portico.

7. Haringey

Average 2 bedroom house price in Haringey*: £535,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Haringey*: £1,475 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Haringey using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 4.1%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“Greater London definitely performed better than prime central London last year, and it’s likely this trend will continue throughout 2017. This is because prices in the outer boroughs in areas like Haringey are starting from a lower base, so there is greater potential for price rises.

The Haringey Ladder is an area that has been overlooked for years and has seen little gentrification, but is now starting to emerge as a key property hotspot. It is being squeezed by surrounding developments and areas such as Finsbury Park and Crouch End, where prices have already seen significant increases. It has a vibrant high street and is on the door step of large outdoor spaces such as Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. Furthermore, the Haringey Ladder pushes onto Wood Green, which is one of the proposed routes for Crossrail 2. If Crossrail 2 is given the green light, it’s very likely we’ll see significant change to this whole area, which will push up house prices significantly.” Mark Lawrinson, Regional Director, Portico.

8. Tottenham

Average 2 bedroom house price in Tottenham*: £400,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Tottenham*: £1,450 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Tottenham using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 4.5%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“With the new stadium construction beginning this year and plans for further flats to be developed on the old site and surrounding areas, Tottenham is now about to undergo the regeneration it has been desperately waiting for.

The station at Tottenham Hale has already undergone full refurbishment and offers great access into London, with the Stanstead Express taking you into Stanstead Airport in just 30 minutes. Further London infrastructure improvements will come as a result of the new stadium, and I believe we’ll see some great and significant changes to the area over the coming years.” Mark Lawrinson, Regional Director, Portico.

9. Woolwich

Average 2 bedroom house price in Woolwich*: £450,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Woolwich*: £1,450 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Woolwich using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 3.8%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“The historic site of the Woolwich Arsenal barracks are already undergoing significant development, but the area has been unable to be truly elevated due to the lack of good transport links. When Crossrail opens in Woolwich in December 2018 it will give the area the boost it has been waiting for, offering easy access into Canary Wharf and the City.

In the next 18 months we’re likely to see a huge number of amenities move into the area, and with Greenwich on the doorstep, the area is going to become extremely desirable to first-time buyers and families.” Mark Lawrinson, Regional Director, Portico.

10. Forest Gate

Average 2 bedroom house price in Forest Gate*: £300,000

Average 2 bedroom rental price in Forest Gate*: £1,350 pcm

Highest potential rental yield in Forest Gate using the Portico Rental Yield Map*: 5.5%

 Killer reason to invest here:

“Property prices in Forest Gate have ballooned in recent years thanks to Crossrail’s imminent arrival, but the area still has potential for price growth. The area is starting to gentrify, and offers stunning, affordable Victorian and Edwardian properties and a location on the doorstep of the popular Wanstead Flats. Better still, it’s on the doorstep of regenerated Stratford, which has all the relevant infrastructure, amenities and nightlife, as well as an easy commute in and out of the City.” Mark Lawrinson, Regional Director, Portico.


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