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Last Updated on : 26th January 2016
Sadia Afghan


Sadia AfghanSadia Afghan and her husband, Akay, run Lifestyle Design + Build, experts in loft conversions, extensions, basements and refurbishments. “Our company can help you from scratch – with plans, building regulations, architects and party walls issues – to completion. We’re very flexible and accountable – we have our Clapham-located office and people know we’re here so they can trust us not to run away, as some builders do!”

Developing stylish homes for locals is something Sadia is keen to continue. “We look after many clients in Streatham, Dulwich, Clapham and the surrounding area. We’re proud of our customer service, the repeat business we get and our word-of-mouth recommendations.” With a dedicated team of loyal suppliers, Lifestyle Design + Build work hard to find the perfect solution every time – “that’s what we’re here for,” says Sadia.


Akay originally set up the company over 20 years ago, developing flats and residential property, while Sadia worked as an investment banker at Citigroup. “After 18 years, I wanted a change – residential property is my passion. I was spurred on by the fact I nearly missed registering for an 11+ school for my child because I was so busy, so I walked away. After three weeks in the playground at pick up, I realised being at home was not for me so I went in to Akay’s office and never left! Initially, I restructured the business in response to the changing economic environment of the recession. My banking background was useful as I am organised and good at decision-making, but it was a learning curve.”

Despite the recession, Lifestyle Design + Build managed to thrive with overseas clients who were buying in London. They refurbished homes for Thailand government ministers on Cromwell Road and Walton Place, which are stunning, top-spec projects – beautiful homes with high-end finishes. The business also carries out property maintenance for overseas clients who can rest assured their homes are in safe hands.


Sadia and her husband live and breathe their business – although life isn’t quite as unbalanced as before. “I am a workaholic – but where as I used to start at 6am, now I can join the family for a 7.30am breakfast. Working with my husband is not an issue – business is business and it stays in the office!”

Sadia’s love for their company is apparent within minutes of looking through their portfolio with her. “Interiors are my passion – I love meeting the clients, listening to what they want and seeing rooms transformed from nothing. I treat every project with the same high standards as if it was my own, using my natural flair. My expectations are high so when people don’t deliver on time, I get very frustrated.” What comfort when embarking on a big project, to know your developer is as dedicated to the end result as you are.




Lifestyle Design + Build
Unit 20 Abbeville Mews
88 Clapham Park Road
London, SW4 7BX
Tel: 020 7720 3082

Monday-Friday – 9.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday – 10.00am to 4.00pm
Sunday – By Appointment Only

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