South London s*x assaults: ninth attack reported. New BBC TV drama focuses on Clapham house prices. Commuter asked to prove pregnancy for priority seat. Helping homeless man in playpark

Last Updated on : 2nd November 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

One of the most important functions of NappyValleyNet is to connect like-minded parents.

Parenting, for all of its wonderful highs, also has its fair share of horrible lows and simply being able to offload to another adult can make all the difference.

Most of the time we do this virtually but sometimes we have a real live meet-ups and we have one this week.

It’s with our great friends at the Skylark on Wandsworth Common, it’s totally complimentary and if you have an hour or two to spare on Wednesday morning we’d love to see you there.

Bring a friend or come on your own because either way we’ll make you feel welcome and force tea, coffee and cake upon you!

We do need you to register, so we can bake enough muffins, but just follow this link and it’ll only take a moment! (click here).

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

 South London s*x assaults: ninth attack reportedLATEST NEWS: late last night the BBC and other media outlets were reporting that we’ve had nine sexual assaults in the last few days (with the latest on Saturday). I wanted to update our users with this news and warn everyone to be careful. Apologies that I have only had time to insert this into the top of this email but I thought the substance was more important than the style. Thank you CBW for drawing this to our attention(click here).

Crossrail2 has been one of our hot topics this week. Many Tooting residents feel let down and many Balham residents are worried about the disruption. Either way we know TfL are monitoring this conversation so please do have your say! (click here).

Nappy Valley is going to be on TV! In a drama. About spiraling house prices, “keeping up with the Joneses” and envy. Really? Here? I never noticed! (click here)

It’s been an eventful week, but not in a good way for crime. An awful doorstep assault in Clapham (click here), an alleged rape in Dundonald Park (click here) and a last update from Sergeant Shickle before he moves to Queenstown Road (click here).

South London s*x assaults: ninth attack reportedThere is a homeless man in the Grandison Road play park. He’s not threatening and Vhopeful asks how she might help him? (click here).

A pregnant Tooting mother was asked “where is the baby?” when she requested a seat on the Victoria Line (click here)

Ravenstone School has a brilliantly festive Christmas shopping event coming up. Tons of present ideas, you could have the presents all wrapped up by mid-November! (click here)Sticking with fetes, it’s the last call if you’d love a stand at the Northcote Road and Webbs Road White Christmas Fair (click here).

Did you know that Boris Johnson is a big fan of Eddie Catz? Looks like he loves that big blue cat! (click here)

Looking for school open days? We have lots on our calendar (click here) and if you know of more please do let us know.

THREE lost and found posts: a phone has been found on Bennerley Road (click here), Ford car keys were lost on Wandsworth Common (click here)Lastly, Ashlingos son lost his iPhone 5 on Wandsworth Common (click here).

Can a private school keep your deposit if you leave but it finds a replacement pupil? (click here)

1It’s almost fireworks night and Guy Fawkes excepted it’s an evening of celebration and excitement. I suspect he was less keen on the whole spectacle. Anyway a number of you have asked about local family friendly firework displays (click here)Trinity Fields in particular (click here). and our great friends at “First Aid for Life” have some tips to help us all stay safe whilst having fun (click here).

SM wonders if there is a local equivalent of Buggy Pitstop? (click here)

From buggies to baggies (see what I did there!), MM would love your recommendations as to where she can buy slightly thicker and warmer school trousers for her seven year old (click here)

From trousers to trunks! MiE would love your suggestions for a pool party venue. It’s for her little one, not her, so a mansion in LA with One Direction isn’t going to cut the mustard! (click here).

Fore! MTC has a husband who loves to golf. Have you heard of any groups or clubs with whom he might play? (click here)

Looking for great value ski wear? SkideRouge may be able to help. And they’re local! (click here)

We love Amanda’s Action Kids and they’re recruiting! If you fancy being a team member follow the link! (click here).

1Plant a tree today and one will be planted for you. It’s a great initiative from the estate of the late Felix Dennis! (click here)

Battersea Builders are celebrating five years in Nappy Valley and to celebrate they’re looking to sponsor a local sports team. That’s a lovely initiative, thanks BB! To find out more follow the link. (click here)

Hydrofit are great friends of NappyValleyNet and our lovely Georgina thought their bikes were brilliant (click here). They’ve just posted details of their open week starting on the 4th of November whereby new customers can try their water bikes totally free. Thanks for posting! (click here).

We have more schools posts than the All Blacks scored tries!

Sunshine26 would love your opinions of Rutherford House and how it compares to Trinity St Marys? (click here)

Oasis Academy in Putney have posted details of their open day THIS week! (click here).

JF would like to use the services of a school placement consultant as they’re just back from Cyprus. Can you recommend one, he asks? (click here).

Wellington School has admitted it has issues with gender inequality (click here)

Our thread on the strategy as to which Lambeth school to put first on your application form keeps running, thanks for your input everyone! (click here).

Our friends at the Independent Schools Show are counting down to their November event and their latest article outlines how to make the most of your curriculum choices. Thank you ISS and don’t forget to keep the 14th and 15th of November free for their show! (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than 1D have disappointed fans!

Hamptons have posted their autumn property market update, thank you! (click here)

BM wonders what she should burn in her fireplace? What WOOD you recommend? (click here), FLOH needs help with a hifi system. SONOS? Streaming? Spotify? She needs advice on it all! (click here). J123 has a leaky roof – help! (click here) G80 is about to choose glazing for an extension: can you help her select suppliers? (click here)Adubs would love your advice about how to short let their home (click here). JK needs a painter and decorator suggestion for Streatham Common (click here). DJB wonders if the curtain workshop in Balham is good value? (click here) SW18 wonders if anyone has had any success with noise reduction via windows (click here) ST needs ideas for builders to fit her kitchen (click here)Lastly, a local man has been fined for his builder flytipping on Tooting Common (click here).

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: a Bugaboo Bee hood (click here) OEUF NYC chest of drawers (click here) and a baby changing unit (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team



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