Southside carpark smash and grab. NappyValleyNet accused of being sexist. Colonic fumigation causes evacuation! Best place to buy your Christmas tree.

Last Updated on : 7th December 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Is NappyValleyNet sexist?

It’s not something I’d ever considered but a thread this week has raised that very question (click here).

Like any online community NappyValleyNet is only as strong as it’s users so I would love your feedback on this question, especially as I’m in the process of briefing developers and designers for a 2016 redesign. The downside of prioritising this post is that we have a very brief opening this week, but I’m really looking forward to your opinions and comments.

Here is more of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Southside carpark smashThis could have been tragic but in the end no-one was hurt and it has given me my favourite post title for a long long time, “Colonic fumigation causes evacuation”! Thanks for the spot TPTP! (click here).

OG would like to warn you to be careful when parking your car in the Southside NCP. She parked on the ground floor and when she returned a window had been smashed and some of her new purchases stolen. Sorry you had such a rubbish time shopping OG, we really appreciate the warning (click here).

Your discussions regarding the Crossrail2, like the Circle line, appears to go on forever. I’ve just published pictures of the latest protest on Wandsworth Common and do please keep the comments coming (click here).

Southside carpark smashHave you been watching the TV show “Capital”? Many of you have and “nice place shame about the characters” is the over-riding feedback! (click here).

We have TWO Christmas businesses we really have to mention! The lovely Battersea Flower Station is a local business run by a local mum but that’s not why you should pay them a visit. Please please pop in because they are incredible at what they do. So good in fact that they’re up for a bundle of garden centre awards and their Christmas trees are amazing. Seriously! (click here)From trees to turkeys, Field & Flower were at the Balham Bowls Club a few weeks ago showing many of us to butcher a deer. Even I found it fascinating and I’m almost vegetarian. If, like me, venison isn’t quite your bag they also sell scrummy turkeys! (click here).

From carve-ups to meet-ups (see what I did there!). Last week those lovely people at the Bolingbroke hosted the NappyValleyNet Christmas meet-up and party. With goody bags from IMBS and The Lemon Tree we all felt very spoilt and very very full! A big thank you to everyone who came along, thank you to Dianne and Vicky for the goody bags and a big thank you to the Bolingbroke for their cakes and drinks! (click here).

Southside carpark smashILCC wonders if a train journey around the German Christmas markets will be safe bearing in mind recent tragic events? (click here).

Caliwally is about to “do” a side return and is looking glass dining room doors. Might you be selling a pair? (click here).

Naff77 is thinking of having a third child. Any advice for parents looking to go from two to three, she asks? Gets LOTS of sleep in advance, like five years worth, would be my advice and I only have two! (click here)

We are SO international! We’ve a post about the school system in Australia  (click here) a question on how to hire a nanny in Switzerland (click here) and a request for advice for a couple moving with their family from Canada to London (click here).

FOUR health posts: Ida would love your dentist recommendations (click here), Keeping the theme, HM wonders how often you visit the dentist? (click here), SW12Mi’s 12 month old has a dairy allergy andshe’d love recommendations for a BUPA covered paedatric dietitian (click here) Lastly SW12Mi would also love your recommendations for a physio to help with separation of stomach muscles after birth (click here).

1MM has a printer. And it’s broken. Do you know anywhere locally that might fix it for her? Don’t suggest anywhere too tough to find as she’s can’t print out a map(click here)

VNM’s mother-in-law is raving about Bellevue Tea. Do you know a local shop that stocks the special brew? (click here) Sticking with tea, Tinkerbell is looking for SW London hotels that “do” afternoon tea(click here)

THREE “restauranty”/night outposts to help your festive evenings go with the flow: SGM wonders if the Dairy is closed? (click here) SJM would love your Japanese restaurant suggestions (click here) and SWL has a date night with her husband booked (that’s probably the best person for a date night!) and would love your Christmassy ideas? (click here).

Now this is a lovely post: Claphammam is part of a scheme whereby she buys a present for a child who otherwise might not receive one. DO you have any suggestions for an eleven year old girl? (click here)

A local mummy called Anna has posted that she’d to meet other mums. Welcome to NVN and hopefully we can help! Don’t forget, if you’d like to meet other parents don’t forget to use our “Meet-a-person” section! (click here)

Julian Tennis Coach is one of our most prolific users and you’ll never guess what he does! He teaches badminton! Ok, Ok, that’s not true but he wants you to know that you can buy tennis coaching vouchers for Christmas presents and I think it’s a wonderful idea! (click here)

A lovely nursery in Battersea called Elthelburga currently has spaces. Check it out if you’re looking! (click here).

1Looking for a Christmas show to visit with your little ones? Our very own Charlotte went along to see the Battersea Arts Centre production of “Town Hall Cherubsç” and she absolutely loved it. Perfect for your own little angels if they’re aged between two and five! (click here).

Sticking with Christmas events, I attended the Bellevue Road Christmas Fair yesterday. A lovely lovely afternoon, the lights were lit and I may have had the odd glass of mulled wine. Or four! A big thank you to everyone who made it happen! (click here). And on the subject of thanks, I was too shattered last week to shout out a big thank you to the organisers of the Northcote Road Christmas events so I’ve done so now. Thanks guys! (click here).

Four education posts! DonJ would love opinions on Streatham and Clapham school (click here)Lancaster is unhappy with the standard of science teaching in her local school (click here) I’ve posted a link to an Economist article that claims private education is on the wane (click here). Lastly, M78 would love your feedback on the St Mary school in Abbeville Village  (click here)

And in other education news: Thames Christian College have just won an prize at the ISS Awards. They picked up a gong for the “Outstanding Contribution for International Understanding” as a result of a school trip to Tanzania to work for the charity “Go Make a Difference”. Congratulations and incredibly well done! (click here)Finton House have published details of their Christmas Fair. The school was transformed into Fintonia for the day and it looks amazing! (click here). Although Christmas is right around the corner, once Santa is out of the way we’re straight into Eleven Plus exams. Our friends at Jaderberg Krais have written a piece to prepare your children for those all important school admission interviews. Thanks JK! (click here).

Are you looking for a new challenge? We have a vacancy for bar staff at the Spencer Sports Club, a book keeper for a delicious dressings and condiments company plus a PA for a property firm and tons more! (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than the Santa has elves! 

Two “design and build” queries. First off, LC would love to know if she can build over a back room with a loft conversion? They already have four bedrooms (click here)Secondly, WD would love to hear if you’ve done a side return with anything “clever” like hidden steels, whizzy bi-folds etc  (click here)

In other posts: LP would love suggestions for fitted or bespoke wardrobes (click here). M. is looking for a gardener/handy man, who is Nappy Valley’s Mellors? (click here). Pemberley is hoping for suggestions for someone to clean a sheepskin rug (click here) BM wonders how she might find their main drain? (click here). BM asks if induction hobs are any good? (click here). BMM wonders if a “Thermomix” is a good buy? (click here). SD wonders if he can claim on a builders public liability insurance for poor workmanship? (click here)

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: iCandy Cherry accessories (click here), Father Christmas suits! (click here) a John Lewis snow suit (click here) and a brand new Miele integrated fridge freezer from our good friend WendyD! (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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