Southside Centre tragedy. Pay for nanny’s parking? School bans mobiles

Last Updated on : 9th October 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Whenever I start to think that we’ve had every conceivable type of post on NappyValleyNet, up pops a subject we’ve never seen before.

And last week was no exception.

Imagine crossing “Fifty Shades of Grey” with “Belle De Jour” and some local school gate mums and that’s the subject for this post (read more).

I won’t say much more, except it’s entitled “The Secret Behind the Perfect Marriage” and whether this is really a pitch for a new book (as some of you suspect) or just a blazingly honest Nappy Valley mother, it’s generated a huge amount of activity!

Hmmmm perhaps I should re-word that last sentence (read more).


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

Some awful news from the Southside. A woman has been killed after being hit by a lorry just outside the SW18 centre. Our thoughts are with her family and friends (read more)

And onto happier news – the Northcote Road Christmas Lights and Market is on!  YAY! It’s the weekend of 24th November so put it in your diary and we’ll see you there! (read more)

J asks if anyone else is currently being eaten alive by mosquitoes in Nappy Valley? (read more) Wow, mozzies and Christmas lights – who says there is no global warming?

There was a lot of helicopter action over Wandsworth Common last week – any ideas what prompted the whirring? (read more)

Two quite controversial nanny topics: first out the creche is Iz., who wonders whether they should be paying for their nanny’s parking? (read more) O then asks whether £15 an hour is a bit steep for an after-school nanny? (read more)

S. asked for advice for a friend refused access to his new baby. A big thank you to  everyone who contributed – this is a really really tough situation! (read more)

Now this, literally, fell off the back of a lorry – a MASSIVE hopper which was a real hazard to cyclists. We have a picture and its bigger than a bus! I still can’t believe this didn’t make the news! (read more)

A school post but of interest for many of you! Cranleigh has made a decision to prohibit the use of mobile phones in Years 9 and 10 (read more).

Dee Light Bakery is now open for pizza every Friday and Saturday from 6pm! They have an alcohol licence too! They had me at pizza! (read more)

Dig out your broomsticks, little pumpkins and book in for the NCT Halloween event next weekend.  There’s all sorts on offer from Monkey Music to Chiropractic by Hand and tons more (read more). Every year Mr NVN tells me I don’t need a broomstick for Halloween and every year he spends most of November regretting that joke.

R asks if anyone is interested in mum and baby bouldering..? (read more) Is that like pot holing but with children or do I have the TOTALLY wrong end of the rusk?

We loved the French Cafe and the team have recently moved to new premises on Trinity Road. How did the new French Kitchen compare? Our Roving foodie Rob checked it out! (read more)

If you’re aged between 45 and 65 and fancy three free PT sessions, all you have to do is be filmed exercising for a promotional video!?!! (read more) Hmmm, if its a promotional video I’m not sure they’d be looking to film me unless they’re promoting cake!

On our final stop of great places for cocktails, we visited Bunga Bunga. Prince Harry used to visit Bunga Bunga or, in Daily Mail speak, “Prince George’s Uncle used to party around the corner from his new school”! (read more)

C. has lost her Joules jacket complete with phone, house keys and car keys.  Hope we can help you find it without expending too much energy! Geddit? Joules! Energy! Oh, ok so it wasn’t that funny! (read more)

J asks if anyone has experience of getting an NI number?  Their au-pair has been trying but is permanently on hold (read more).

Ski Famille have posted details of their early ski season deals with lots of lovely looking chalets (read more).

The Baby Care Company runs regular 2nd baby preparation classes just off Wandsworth Common, perfect if you’re expecting number two! (read more)

M has recently arrived from NYC and is looking for a private Speech & Language therapist for a 7 year old (read more).

B is looking for a good cycling teacher to help tackle London streets (read more) Do you know who can turn her into a whizzy Wiggins?

Charlotte Ashenden is a portrait artist, now taking bookings for Christmas!  She has a new medium on offer – conte portraits on tinted paper – wow! (read more)

D’s cat has died sadly and she has some free cat food to giveaway. I am so sorry that you’ve lost your pet and that’s so kind of you for thinking of others (read more).

C asks about Rum & Raisin Chocolate – love it or loathe it? Had me at chocolate! (read more)

S is a local mum offering a mobile spray tan service, Mr NVN hums “The Streak” whenever I do my own spray tan. Which is nice. (read more)

M is looking for a family health club with a swimming pool, tennis courts and ideally less costly than The Harbour Club. Errrr isn’t that, like, everywhere? (read more)

M is a mother, grandmother and teacher looking for a new baby to observe as part of her course with the NHS (read more).

Gee Brothers Printers are offering us 10% off their Christmas/New Year party invitations (read more).


We have more Situations Vacant than Trump has trade tariffs!

OE is recruiting a part time bookkeeper in SW6 (read more). Girl-guiding London is looking for a Learning, Development and Events Manager (read more). T is a nanny from Australia hoping to find a full time live-out position (read more).  A cleaner/housekeeper/childcare person is needed every weekday from 4pm to 7pm (read more). G is a mum, a music teacher and a childminder looking for more morning hours (read more). V hopes to hire for a childminder for a role close to Wandsworth Common station (read more).


We have more Activities posts than Crystal Palace have desolate fans!

This October half term, Little Voices will be hosting a ‘Moana’ performing arts week for boys and girls aged 4 – 13 years and are offering £10 off on bookings made before 13th October (read more)Skylark is hosting another of its brilliant pop-up suppers, this time Glorious Game! (read more) Sprout Arts is hosting a New Faces exhibition (read more). Head to Battersea Power Station on Wednesday to see the opening of Dance Umbrella, London’s leading international dance festival (read more).Don’t miss our marvellous mix of must-have treats in our latest batch of offers and competitions. Irresistible offers and fabulous prizes including a room makeover from Paint The Town Green and a head and shoulders watercolour portrait by Charlotte Ashenden (read more). H. posted about Kids’ kickboxing in Balham on Friday afternoons (read more). There’s a talk at The Exhibit tonight on using essential oils safely for children (read more). LP has posted about a French playgroup in Balham for 2 to 5 year olds – first session free – merci! (read more). M is a local piano teacher in the Clapham area with space in her schedule (read more). SwimWay is running intensive swimming courses this half term and in the Christmas holidays too (read more). Cheeky Kitchen’s cookery classes for little ones are simmering away nicely and they have a half term camp too (read more). If you have a twinkle toes there’s a free taster ballet session for 2.5 to 3 year olds in Balham (read more)Yoga, Music & Mindfulness sessionfor children and families take place on Wednesdays as a drop-in at Brixton Pound Café (read more). Football at Burntwood is keeping lovers of the beautiful game happy on Saturday mornings (read more). C has posted details of her healthy cooking classes in Wandsworth (read more). D teaches ‘at home’ piano lessons to adults if you’d like to add another string to your bow (wrong instrument, but you know what I mean..) (read more).


We have more schools posts than Katie Price has had husbands!

The Independent Schools Show is approaching again.  Battersea Park in November with over 200 schools and it’s free when you book in advance (read more). M is distraught to discover that Brandlehow’s reception intake is shrinking in 2018 (read more). Your thoughts keep coming on Balham state primary school options (read more). L lives in Wimbledon and is torn between state and private  Are they too late for private for 2019? (read more). Little Learner has a few spaces available at their morning nursery in Balham (read more). C has a 7 month baby – is it too soon to go on the prep school open days and can she take her baby with her? (read more). B is looking for a SEN tutor recommendation (read more). R is looking for a maths tutor for her 8 year old(read more). S asks if anyone has any experience of NumberWorks tutoring services? (read more).  We have a handy list of local schools’ open days coming up soon (read more).Sydenham High School Junior School Open Day is this Wednesday (read more).Christmas stall holder business is seriously on the up. Must be the time of year… (read more). Ecole de Wix are looking for stall holders  (read more). Streatham & Clapham are in the market for Christmas stall holders too (read more) and Fircroft School has some space for more stalls at their Christmas fair as well.  It’s Chrrriiiissstttmmmaassss! (read more)


We have more House & Garden posts than halloween has pumpkins!

O needs a trouble-shooting plumber (read more). T wonders what a ‘no car’ policy means for a flat in a new development in Balham? (read more). G is pretty pleased with his move to a renewable energy provider and there are deals to be had – bright spark! (read more). M is looking for a good tiler for a small project (read more). T wants to create a new roof terrace – any experiences? (read more). U needs a recommendation for a financial adviser (read more). C would love to borrow your bulb planter…it’s that time of year again! (read more). M is on the hunt for a DIY handyman or woman (read more).S is looking for a fridge/freezer repair company (read more).


And here are your for sale and wanted posts!

For sale: A Maxi Cosi Priori car seat with isofix fittings (read more). A cosy pair of Joules slippers (read more). A light blue sofa bed in excellent condition (read more). A Tiny Love double-sided playmat (read more).

Wanted: A Bugaboo Cosy Toes (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week



Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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