SW11 restaurant fined £24K for mouse urine. New Emanuel head from King’s. When does cleaner become employee? Education cuts coming to Nappy Valley

Last Updated on : 20th March 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

According to recent news reports we may be about to enter a school funding crisis.

The new ‘National Funding Formula’ will result in London secondary schools losing the equivalent of six teachers from their annual budget, whilst primaries could lose two.

Unsurprisingly this has become a hot topic on NappyValleyNet (read more) and if you would like to protest against these cuts then you have until the 22nd of March to take part in the consultation.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

local SW11 restaurant has been fined £24k for selling food covered in mouse urine and droppings. I have to confess I’ve eaten there and now feel quite ill read more

A sandpit has disappeared! The one on Clapham Common opposite St Barnabus church. Does anyone know why and if it’s coming back, asks Nims? Actually it’s still there, it’s just been filled in, but you know what I mean! (read more)

That new shop on Northcote Road, you know the one, is opening on the 23rd of March! (read more)

Scam warning: the “knockers” are back and asking for help with their electricity meters at 6am (read more)

This is an interesting question: Cyprus would love to know when a temporary worker, like a cleaner, might become an employee? (read more)

CDSW12 wonders which primary schools her little one would need to attend to ‘feed’ into St Pauls/London City Girls School? Ahh, if only it were that simple! (read more)

Remember last week’s brilliant TV interview in which a father is interrupted mid-interview? Well a New Zealand TV station have imagined what might have happened if a mother had been in the hot seat! (read more)

Alex B is running the London marathon in aid of Trinity Hospice. Please do consider supporting her efforts! (read more).

Now this is a post I think we can all relate to! A. wonders how you juggle childcare, nursery, work and pick-up and drop-offs. Please do share your tips! (read more)

Lambeth Council have a new plan. Yay! I wonder if it’s a cunning Baldrick type plan? Julian Tennis Coach has posted a link to it but is a little dismissive as to why they need one in the first place! (read more).

Is a second hand pram a good or bad idea, asks S1? (read more)

You can’t have missed the hoo-ha around another runway for Heathrow – K. wants you know to know it’s almost the last chance to have your say! (read more)

We have quite a few health posts this week. Please do help if you can…

BM is looking for a great chiropractor (read more). FLH has had plantar fasciitis in her left foot for over seven weeks and would welcome any advice (read more). Our‘chemo-gifts’ topic last week attracted a ton of replies – thank you everyone! (read more) And on the same subject, GillK is searching for a great post-chemo hairdresser(read more). Kishi would welcome your counsellor recommendations, her husband is suffering from depression (read more).

 MM is looking for a jeweller (read more).

Oooh you can tell it’s getting warmer – here come your travel posts!

Vicky has had a nightmare with Lastminute.com – they won’t let her change a booking within a few hours of actually making it – what are her rights? (read more). Tink would love to know how she might break the long journey to Cornwall? (read more). SBP is looking for accommodation suggestions in Aquitaine (read more). Looking to ‘hit Marbs’ like those youngsters from TOWIE? We’ve 10% off a villa if you do (read more). And SW would love more suggestions for a holiday sans-kids! (read more). Sam T is looking for recommendations for where to stay in Norfolk? (read more)

Followed by your school questions…

Emanuel School is getting a new head, Robert Milne is joining from King’s Wimbledon (read more). The White House Senior Choir had a fantastic time performing at the Barbican a week or so ago. Some lovely photos – thank you for sharing! (read more). AHM is looking for opinions on Broomwood (read more). AI was searching for the same about Wix and Wix replied! How brilliant is that! (read more). CV wonders if the Ecole Du Parc to the Ecole du Wix is a common path – she’d love her little one to follow the French system? (read more). HK is looking for help or to share the school run from Newton Prep. to BTC (read more). MM would love your feedback on St Boniface (read more).

Maurice McLeod writes about why he turned down a place at one of Nappy Valley’s most prestigious independent schools (read more). He ended up choosing Spencer Park which I didn’t even know was a secondary school.

Looking for a new challenge? We have heaps of vacancies for nanny’s (read more), admin assistants, dyslexia assessor, nursery practitioner, charity trustee and a creative manager! Phew! (read more) 

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Trump has tiny fingers!

Our latest Design and Build Guide has JUST been published – drop me an email if you’d like a copy!

L1 would like to take a loft conversion company to court. Any ideas how she might “go legal” with her bodgy builders? (read more) CV is looking to “do” a side-return and basement. But which firm should she use? (read more). On the same, albeit smaller, theme, some very useful comments about converting your cellar space into a mini-utility room (read more). MM is hoping to buy some engineered wood, but online. Any ideas where she might shop? (read more). By an amazing coincidence we have a recommendation for engineered wood here! (read more) LGM loves her Harvey Jones kitchen but she didn’t like the installation process – a nice recommendation (I think!) (read more). Peggy is looking for a builder for a series of small works (read more). Medway is looking for a gardener (read more)! Lastly, M4T wonders if you can advise her about buying the freehold of her leasehold flat (read more).

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a Babystyle Oyster Max 2 buggy (read more), a new Chicco Multiway Evo Complete Stroller with footmuff (read more) and vintage Reebok hiking shoes, size 4.5 (read more) 

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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