How do I tell husband we’re in debt? Do I cut partner out of will? What is the ideal career change?

Last Updated on : 23rd May 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And will this rice taste like the Good Earth’s?”

My eldest is going away on a school camping trip and we were buying supplies in a well-known hiking shop off the Northcote Road.

“Well it’s a dehydrated meal,” said the not overly enthusiastic shop assistant, “you sort-of add boiling water to it and sort-of eat it.”

My son was not to be deterred, “yes but is it the same sort of rice as the Good Earth?”

Whilst I could understand his desire to buy tasty food for his trip I’m not entirely sure he was in the right frame of mind for his night on a bare mountain. If he were a TV programme he’d be more “Come Dine with Me” than “The Island with Bear Ghrylls”.

There was a pause whilst the the poor chap behind the till probably wondered if this was a wind-up and then my son chipped in with one of those comments that makes me determined to spend more time out of London.

“Do you have any spring rolls?”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

How do I tell husband we're in debtBudgetingFail asks how to tell her husband that she has managed to get their family into debt? When replying please be aware this is a real person struggling with a very real issue so please do keep any comments constructive and helpful. Thank you (click here).

You may remember Petrolhead from last year. She asked for advice on how to control her drinking and a year later has posted that she’s joined AA and is now much much happier. Well done PH! She now would love to know what you to do about wills and estate planning: should she leave everything to her husband or does she place it in trust for her children? (click here)

Kinka is constantly feeling weak and run down. She’s had a few tests which have all come back fine, how can she boost her energy levels? (click here)

Our friends at Glow Dental are hosting an Invisalign open day on the 13th of June on Northcote Road. Thanks for posting GD! (click here)

How do I tell husband we're in debtSophieB poses a question I know many of us will have asked ourselves: she wants to change career but wonders if something that’s rewarding and part-time actually exists? (click here) I hope we can help!

Another interesting question, this time from AngelN1. Will her nanny expect a pay rise when she has to care for her new (second) baby? (click here)

Viva’s landlord has sent her a Section 21 Notice. Is this bad news, she wonders? (click here)

Vanillalatte isn’t sure if she has to change her name to match her husband’s? At the moment she has a passport in one name and a driving licence in another. Is this a problem? Assuming that your job spec isn’t from MI5 and you’re not known professionally as 008 I’d have thought ideally everything should be in the same name! But it’s not for me to say which one! (click here)

Our news and reviews section is bursting at the seams! Check out our visit to FlipOut the brand new trampoline park in Earlsfield, the Hobbledown Children’s Farm and quiz night at The Ship. And, if that’s not enough, we have a health and fitness spectacular! Roving reporter Georgina visited six very different local businesses who can help you stay in shape. Not only did our exercising editor write up her visits but she videoed them too! Thanks Georgina!

Denwand tells us that if you’re car is older than 2006, the Mayor is about to ban it from London’s road! (click here)

weekly4DancingQueen has had no phone line for days. Virgin Media were not acting very rapidly to fix it but did the Beardy Entrepreneur eventually toe the line so she could she get on the line? (click here).

Mayfield Gymnastics have cancelled their boys programme. Wow. What with that and Muirfield Golf Club banning women it’s been a week for sporting shenanigans! Is there another club, asks Help Please? I think we’ve already found one so hope that works! (click here)

Now this is a really interesting idea! WonkyMonkey (love the username!) wonders if her business idea of ad-hoc in-house recruitment is a good one? (click here)

weekly5Have you heard of Soprano Ice Hair removal?, Sagittarius isn’t sure if it works? (click here)

RRScorpion asks she might get to Chelsea and Westminster when she goes into labour as she doesn’t have a car? Might a taxi take her? (click here)

WLCL is a local Chinese school and they’ve posted details of their traditional Chinese dance classes. Nee Hao! (click here).

Daisy wants to learn Italian over the summer – would you be interested in sharing classes? Bellissimo! (click here).

weekly6MTC is finding her Bugaboo Bee Plus a snug fit for her two year old. What should she buy next? (click here)

Those lovely people at Lords of London have posted details of Dreamfarm gadgets. Smood potato masher anyone? I thought a Smood was worn by New Romantic popstars in the Eighties or am I getting confused? (click here)

DA is considering a holiday in Turkey – is it safe – she asks? (click here)

Sharpen those pencils and read the rubric! Here come the schools posts!

Sydenham High is an increasingly popular choice for children in Nappy Valley.They’ve just sent through details of a petition for a safer road crossing outside their gates. Please do support it if you have a moment (click here), TB would love any inside information on the St Anselms wait list. How fat might it move? (click here). Medway wonders if you have heard anything about the Wandsworth Spelling Bee? If you have please buzz over to this thread! (click here). BPP asks if you have any feedback on The Roche versus Merlin Versus Lion House? Sounds like a wrestling match but do shout if you can help! (click here). We’ve had a ton of feedback on Streatham and Clapham but would love more! (click here)Luceab aks for your opinion on Wimbledon private schools! (click here)CCM asks for your opinions on St Mary’s School in Clapham (click here). Choi would love help choosing between Henry Cavendish and Alderbrook (click here). Finally, SJHmummy asks what Highview parents do about before and after school care and might anyone be interested in sharing care duties? (click here).

And onto nurseries: the Baby Room have published details of a limited special offer: £100 off your first month’s fees! (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? We have a briefcase full of vacancies

A small firm in Chelsea is looking for a P/T accountant (click here). Traidcraft in Vauxhall need a P/T office coordinator (click here)IF is searching for an in-bound sales consultant for the luxury travel industry (click here)AfterSchoolNannies are hoping to find a marketing/PR intern for the summer (click here) 

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Tom Hiddleston has Bond offers!

We’ve just started featuring *videos* of building projects on NappyValleyNet.This week’s video is from Granit Architects who’ve put up details of a Pelham Road refurbishment. Loving the glass back! Owene would love suggestions for a builder to turn a basement into a utility room (click here). Maddi has had a nightmare with her builder, to the extent where they have changed developers at great expense! (click here). LGM needs someone to paint a cabinet (click here) Alexc2M wonders if you’ve got the number for a plumber to install a bathroom? (click here). The Landmark Group have recommended a party wall surveyor – thanks guys! (click here). Bamse wonders is there “a cheaper option than an architect?” (click here). Lastly, Ktt needs removal firm suggestions! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

 FOR SALE: a Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat (click here), a custom made dining room table and eight chairs (click here) and a steriliser and bottle warmer kit (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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