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Last Updated on : 27th June 2016

ToddlePass: filling your day with events, activities and discounts!

toddlepass screen grabWhen you’re young the whole world is exciting and new. Sights, smells, tastes and sounds are all there to be gobbled up, tried and tested for the very first time. At 12 months most children won’t recognize themselves in a mirror. At 24 months our little ones are well on their way to learning their first language and demonstrating the early shoots of independence. At 48 months we’re preparing them for school. Keeping our children stimulated and engaged during these periods of incredibly fast development can be a challenge: what might be fun one week can quickly become stale and boring the next.

 After struggling with this dilemma with their own child, husband and wife Elizabeth and Shaun decided to do something about it. And their business, ToddlePass, was born.

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So how does it work?

ToddlePass allows you to book and pay for kids classes and activities through their website and a monthly subscription (for ages 0 to 6 years). You choose from one of two subscription plans and then use the ToddlePass website to discover fun stuff to do. There’s no commitment, the subscription itself is cancellable at any time and class bookings up to 24 hours in advance. Moreover, because ToddlePass are buying activities “in bulk” they’re in a position to pass on some serious savings. It’s a clever idea. From my own experience, I’m very aware that the child who has shown world-beating talent in a percussion class one week, may actually be a budding Wimbledon champ and want to pick up a foam bat and ball the next. Or the budding potter who threw clay with such artistic abandon on a Tuesday, was really warming up for the role of “third angry tree” in a drama class the following Friday.

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And it’s this flexibility which, I think, will be key to their success

Term times are no longer a rigid schedule of commitments that must be kept at all costs, but a series of windows which can be filled with whatever takes you, and your little one’s, fancy. Indeed it’s not only the types of activities that can be varied, but the timings/age groups and locations; you really can chop and change at will.

 As with any “on demand” platform (think Uber or Deliveroo) the quality of the providers, in this case their classes, is what really matters. For ToddlePass the founders have personally vetted all of the suppliers and, as long as they’ve been dishing out “tough love”, then your days out will be both more cost effective and more fun. Certainly the list of partners signed up so far would bear this out with Gymboree, Little Kickers, Sing & Sign, Caterpillar Music and The Creation Station, among others, all on board.

It’s an interesting model, not dissimilar to ClassPass, a very successful US start-up which offers a similar service but for gyms and fitness classes.

Here at NappyValleyNet we’ve met with the team, played with their site, and think they’re really onto something.


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If you’d like to hear more then visit and sign up to find out when they launch near you, hopefully it’s very very soon!


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