Top tips for designing your nursery from MK Kids Interiors

Last Updated on : 4th March 2014

Top tips for designing you nursery from MK Kids Interiors When designing your nursery… keep the users in mind; yourself (mum and dad) your baby and your toddler. After all your baby grows, and so should the room. Step one – Function and Layout List all the possible items you think you and your baby may need, think about where they will go and how you will like to use the item in the room. This will inform the furniture placement. When planning layout think about how your toddler will use the space. Draw a bird’s eye view of the room on a piece of paper. Be sure to measure the room, in order to get the correct pieces of furniture. If you’re no good at drawing, get some masking tape and plan out the furniture pieces before buying.

designing your nursery from MK Kids InteriorsStep two – Colour Scheme Create a colour scheme, a simple one… not necessary, blue – for boy or pink – for girl. Try a gender neural colour, one that you can live with and one that your child can grow into. If you’re stuck for ideas visit your local paint shop and look at swatches. Also check out Pinterest and Houzz if you’re not sure about how certain colours will work. We have also put together a free colour scheme brochure, to get yours email:

Step three – Paints Buy the (BEST QUALITY) paint of your choice and get the decorators in. Paints I like for their long service are Farrow& Ball, Zoffany and Dulux – Trade paints. I suggest you invest in quality paints and decorators. This is a job you don’t want to repeat when you have a terrible toddler already keeping you fit. For eco-friendly paints try Earthborn, or Nature Paint. If you have a room with plenty light, why not try a blackboard wall?


Step four – Furniture You may want to consider furniture that will grow with your child. For example a cot that can be turned into a bed, then seating. I love the design of the Leander bed. How about a changing station that coverts to a chest of drawers? Try to use child safe pieces where possible. Use wall storage to make the most of your floor space. Play with geometric shapes for storage; don’t just stick to a ledge.


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