Tube station phoned me to collect child. Has “Milk” in Balham closed? Can I knock two houses…

Last Updated on : 6th February 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“I’m getting a pony!”

My daughter, barely able to contain her excitement, was running around the living room, waving her mobile and pointing at the text she’d just received.

I did want to join her in celebrations but bearing in mind a) we live in a very small house and b) it was news to me, I figured I needed to do a little digging before running off to buy tack (especially as I wasn’t sure if that was the horsey name for a saddle or an 18th century ship’s biscuit).

Fifteen minutes later the front door opened and Mr NVN was met by a blizzard of hugs and kisses which pulled up quicker than a reluctant Grand National entrant when he produced the “Pogies” he’d been promising to buy my daughter for a very long time.

And for those that don’t know, “Pogies” are a particular brand of glove which, when typed into some mobile phones, unfortunately auto-correct to “pony”.

Ship’s biscuits it is then!


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From books about Opus Dei to Au-Pair meet-ups (wow – that IS a link!), Marlene has organised one in All Bar One (an au-pair meet up, not an Opus Dei). Put the  28th of February in your diary and all are welcome! (read more)

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I LOVE this thread – it’s not the most exciting topic in the world but does effect us all and it’s been read one and half thousand times! Where do you dry your clothes? It’s had TWENTY ONE replies! (read more).

VH would love to know if she can buy next door and knock through her home and her neighbours into one house? My neighbours knocked through into our living room. It was an accident (Hi Hils!) but it did give an lovely insight into what the space would look like! (read more).

Two great nanny questions: SMK asks about nannies and compulsory work place pensions (read more) which is loosely linked to a previous discussion about how BREXIT might affect hiring a nanny/au pair? (read more).

weekly1-copyBV has a birthday coming up and would love to know if you can recommend a fun band? Abba followed by the Scissor Sisters and then Take That – not sure all will be free on the same evening though. (read here)

MyTwirl is a new brand of dresses – can you guess what they do? (read more).

Goldhawk is looking for fun activities for the W/C the 20th Feb? Any ideas for this half-term week? (read more). Sticking with half-term ideas – Trinity School are running a sports course, open to all, with the most fantastic facilities (read more).

weekly1-copyNurturing Mums run extremely popular post-natal courses all over the capital. They have sessions in Earlsfeld (read more) and Northcote Road (read more) over the next few weeks and come highly recommended.

It transpires quite a few of you are worried about screen time affecting your child’s posture? (read more)

We’re getting bike hangers on some Wandsworth Streets. Don’t know what they are? We’ve a picture! (read more)

Movers and Shapers – will they help you move more and shape up, asks BB? (read more)


We have more vacancies than Prince George has sailor suits

Our great friends at NappyValleyNannies are looking for a Spanish speaking nanny(read more). Marsh and Parsons are recruiting for a roving office coordinator. It’s a flexible position (read more). A local executive coaching practice need an office administrator (read more). Lice Assassins have a vacancy (read more). Must be a great assassin and really hate lice! Volunteer Link need a coordinator (read more). CVI is a charity working with St Georges – they need office volunteers (read more). Lastly The Exhibit have a PT vacancy for a compliance person (read more)


We have a luggage carousel full of travel posts…

Fancy a break in Marbs? Be like the TOWIE crowd and book NYVANLON’s pucker pad. Must supply own White Range Rover Sport (read more). If Spain is a little too far then Greying Dad has a barn in Norfolk! Must supply own tractor (read more). Ski Familie have some half term skiing availability. Must supply own family (read more) Sort of a travel post, Travel Designers in Balham need a receptionist/admin (read more)


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Trump has cans of hairspray!

KirstinMc hoping to hire a great lighting designer for her rebuild – who can help her trip the light fantastic? (read more). Supermummy needs someone to repair the stained glass in a door (read more). MGM wonders how to deal with non-compliant party-wall work? (read more). Anyone in the market for a Thermomix – they’re expensive but are they worth it? (read more). NP is considering the London Kitchen Extension Company – would you recommend them? (read more). On a similar theme, Dorothy is after your builder recommendations (read more). TF wonders if it’s worth replacing old radiators? Your replies seem to say it is (read more). ML has a property between the Commons and needs to find a new manager – any ideas? (read more). Lastly, SWPoet wonders if you’ve ever used R&M Lines? (read more).


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a fleet of Paws Patrol vehicles (read more), an AirFlow bouncy castle (read more)and WANTED a small CNOC Isla bike (read more)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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