Vicar needs help! Child is a ‘biter’ – help. Five new restaurants! Pox vaccine? Baby’s first hair cut!

Last Updated on : 13th February 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve never had a vicar ask for advice before!

So when Tif, the new ‘Priest in Charge’ of St Michael’s Church, posted on NappyValleyNet we simply HAD to make it our lead story.

Welcome Tif and I hope we can help!

Right, I’m off to fire up the DVD player; I’ve a sudden hankering for some of Dawn French’s finest sitcoms! (read more)


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1-copyI need to start this week with an apology. Last week I wrote that the library on Northcote Road was to close. Whilst there are a lot of proposed changes for that site, there are also plans to build a new library. It’s currently in the consultation stage and there is a lot more detail in this post. Happy to set the record straight and apologies for any confusion caused (read more)

Wow! First for a post from a vicar and now a question we’ve never had before! MM wonders if anyone is interested in a bin swap? (read more)

DU would like your opinions on the Chicken Pox vaccine and potential side-effects. Her five year old has not had the jab but she’s now considering it – good idea? (read more)

FTM’s little one has started hitting, scratching and biting other children and even baiting their family dog. Any advice? (read more)

weekly1-copyLast week it was Adele, this week it’s Beckham. He was here. In Nappy Valley! I’d pop down myself if that injunction wasn’t still in force (read more)

SU wants a pre-paid nanny? At least that hows how I read her post the first time around but I actually think she actually wants a pre-paid card for her nanny! (read more).

Coolmum is looking for some advice. She was really disappointed with her daughter’s party entertainer. Should she ask for a refund or “let it go”? If you read the post you’ll know my comment was REALLY witty. Maybe. (read more).

There are two events I really want to mention. Wandsworth Enterprise Week is almost upon us and with speakers from Google, Green & Blacks, Jongleurs (and more) it’s shaping up to be another excellent event (read more). Changing topic, our friends at Stacks are holding another of their property clinics on Nightingale Lane. Absolutely invaluable if you’re looking for a helping hand during your next property purchase (read more).

The Skylark have posted a lovely update. Firstly, the “cats back” bridge across the railway line is open again! Yay! Secondly, they have a heap of half term activities from teatime discos to Amanda’s Action Club to All Star Tennis!  (read more). Lastly, and SO not leastly, the Skylark are holding another of their supper club evenings and this time it’s with a ski fondue theme! (read more).

weekly1-copyCobblers! That’s what SW11mum is looking for! Can you recommend one around Northcote Road? (read more)

VB is looking for a looking for a psychologist/pediatric psychologist for her 2 year daughter ideally speaking French or Italian (read more)

DOA wonders if you know of any daycare close to Abbeville Village? (read more).

Looking for a tee-pee? Moop knows where there might be one! (read more)

If you have friends or grandparents coming to visit but need an extra room – do check out this amazing Clapham Common Westside House. It’s on AirBnB and it’s perfect! (read more). Sticking with AirBnB, Portico have 10 top tips to make the most from your listing (read more). Thanks everyone!

WW wonders if you can recommend a hot Bikram yoga course around Wimbledon? (read more).

Jemima wonders if anyone has a discount code for a TomTom SatNav? (read more).

It transpires an outpost of the famous Trinity restaurant is NOT coming to Bellevue Road but something a little different might be. Chicken Cottage anyone? (read more). And TL wonders what’s about to pop-up on the old Holy Drinker site? On the same theme, there are five independent restaurants opening up at Battersea Power Station – the wonderful Ben’s Canteen is one of them! (read more)

BM is looking for a nanny agency. Recommend one? (read more).

Clapham NCT have posted details of their forthcoming “returning to work” workshops – thank you! (read more) Sticking with workshops, S2 would love to attend a hypno-birthing class – any ideas? (read more)

CS wonders where she might have her babies first ever hair cut? Sassoon darling, always Sassoon! (read more)


Looking to travel – why don’t you schuss into these travel questions?

NM has booked flights to Marseille and would love your suggestions for a traditional town to visit? Ideally in Provence or Cote D’Azure (read more). TM is taking her little ones to Paris and wonders if you have any travel tips? (read more). Travel Designers have posted details of the discounts they can offer for Neilson, Mark Warner and Club Med – thanks TD! (read more). CornishSeaView wants to tell you all about her lovely new house by the sea. Oh, she’s not boasting you can actually rent it! Can you guess which county it’s in? (read more).

Looking for a new challenge? We have heaps of vacancies for nanny’s (read more), plus a receptionist, private chef, administrator, child carer, fund-raising assistant, designer and sports coach! (read more)


We have more “House and Garden” questions than England Ladies scored tries!

Our friends at Hamptons International have posted their latest market update – looks like January was fizzing! (read more). And Landmark have some top tips for childproofing a loft (read more)

Angus wonders if anyone else has had poor service from 1st Stop AV? (read more).  HM needs to replace 60 old halogen spotlights – who can trip the light fantastic? (read more)The Gorgeous Garden Company gets a gorgeous write up – thanks for sharing CK! (read more). Flatwhite needs to fill the gaps between her Victorian wooden floor boards – any ideas? (read more). Our laundry room posts keeps running! So many of you are interested in where to dry your clothes (read more). Bluebird wants to know if you would use the same company for both a loft and a basement conversion? (read more)! Lastly, Bluebird also wonders if you can “live in” during a loft conversion? (read more)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a Phil & Teds Verve double buggy (read more). Nk is selling two slings (read more) and MM is looking for moving boxes (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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