Parent “knocks out” teacher in Clapham Primary. Rats close Southside store. School stops midmorning snacks. First meet-up of 2016!

Last Updated on : 25th January 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last week we had one of those central heating widgets installed that allows you to control the temperature from an app.

It’s brilliant because if you’re disorganized (like me) you can switch on your radiators when you’re out so its nice and warm on your return.

But there is a problem.

It can be controlled from ANY phone and that means myself and Mr NVN have been fighting over the thermostat. However as opposed to sneaking into the hall and surreptitiously tweaking the dial whilst he snores in front of Graham Norton, the whole internet has become our virtual battle ground.

On Tuesday evening he was in the Nightingale with friends and actually monitoring the temperature from his warm and cosy pub.

He kept using his phone to switch off the central heating when he felt the house was too warm.

And I kept switching it back on because I was actually in the house and it was too cold.

We tussled backwards and forwards until I delivered him an ultimatum, fittingly by email.

“Step away from the thermostat because if you so much as breathe on HIVE again you’ll be looking to the web for both your central heating and a new wife.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Parent knocks out teacher in Clapham PrimaryA parent has walked free from court after knocking out a teacher at a Clapham primary school (click here).

Which Wandsworth Southside store has been forced to close due to a rodent infestation? (click here).

Would you like to announce your pregnancy live on TV? You would? Well there is a new TV show where you can do JUST that. It’s a “talent led live show” and I have no idea what that means but I suspect you’ll have the rest of your life to regret taking part (click here).

Our very first meet-up of 2016 is almost here. It’s at Bills on Northcote Road and you can meet other mums, enjoy free coffee and cakes and there’ll even be juice and biscuits for your little ones. See you there! (click here)

Parent knocks out teacher in Clapham PrimaryAre mid-morning snacks essential for primary school children? Seabel thinks so but her school has *stopped* parents providing one – unreasonable? (click here)

Julian Tennis Coach is looking for Spanish and Russian lessons. “Da el es!” That’s an attempt to write “yes he is” in Russian AND Spanish but Google translate is playing up so apologies if it’s rude! (click here)

Four lost and found posts! SJ asks if you’ve lost a Cavapoo dog? One has been found by St James Church on Park Hill (click here). T&R has found a gold heart bracelet which was dropped on Kelmscott or Bramfield Road (click here) Janet has dropped keys by the Bowling Green Cafe (click here). Finally, a large bag of toys have been found on Airedale Road. Shout if you’ve lost them! If it were Christmas I’d crack a joke about a butter fingered elf but it’s not. So I can’t (click here).

3The neo-natal unit at St Georges has the opportunity to benefit from a match day collection at Stamford Bridge BUT they need your votes. Takes thirty seconds tops and it’s an amazing cause! (click here)

WHM has posted a link to her favourite parts of The Lumiere show in London. Thank you SO much, looks amazing! (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? Two wonderful local businesses have vacancies! First off, The Skylark need an events manager (click here) and Jonathan from Hamptonson Northcote Road is looking for an office manager/P.A. (click here). If those two super sits-vac don’t appeal we have tons of other positions from property PA’s, P/T accountants and even mandarin teachers! (click here)

The Parent and Baby Coach is looking for a wowser wedding stationary designer! Irresistible invitation ideas please! (click here)

Two posts that are linked (ish). Poor JTC had his lovely Austin Seven bashed by a miscreant motorist who didn’t leave his/her details. Did you spot the selfish smasher? (click here) SF is looking for a parking garage BTC? (click here)

4HK needs a badminton coach. Know someone who is super with a shuttlecock? (click here)

A stack of nursery posts! First off, our friends at  Bright Horizons have a heap of open days in their nurseries across SW London. Streatham, Tooting, Barnes, Wandsworth and Southfields, they all start today! (click here). IB is looking for feedback on Butterfly afternoon sessions on Webbs Road (click here) CP asks the same but for the Baby Room in Clapham Old Town (click here) Lastly, CL asks if you can suggest any nurseries in Southfields? (click here)

We have more school questions than the USA east coast has snow!

A school labelled as the “Eton of the East End” has beaten many top indy schools in terms of Oxbridge offers. But is it all as it seems? (click here) WM is looking for opinions on Ernest Bevin, do you have one? (click here). Earlsfield school versus Beatrix Potter, is one a clear leader asks Chatterbox? (click here) SM1 needs an “ed. psych.” specialist in autism (click here). Lastly, ZCB would love your recommendations for a GCSE maths tutor (click here).

You know those lovely people at First Aid for Life? They have a couple of their fabby courses coming up. Why don’t you make it a resolution for 2016 to attend? If you do end up needing their skills it will be the best decision you ever make (click here)

With winter firmly here, I can understand why you’re dreaming of your next holiday…

LP73 would love your suggestions for a long haul holiday destination in March with a one year old. Some great ideas and I’m already jealous! (click here) Medway want’s the same but over Easter with a five year old and a seven year old (click here).  Sarah asks a question about kiddy car seats on a skiing holiday (click here) and Muddlemoo is afterhotel recommendations in Barbados (click here). Take me, that’s an idea!

On the subject of holidays, if you’re thinking of a “holiday nanny” don’t forget to check out LikeMinders. It’s just one of the wonderful things that they do! (click here)

There must be something in the air! We’ve NEVER had so many “House and Garden” questions...

LP73 would love to recommend a carpet shop. Thank you! (click here) Phoenix is looking for a sash window replacement company (click here). BTC would love to hear from anyone who has done the “treble”! That’s gutting a house and doing the loft, side return and basement (click here) Haggis is hunting for an architect (click here). Sabine needs a floor sander AND a tiler (click here). SZ would love plumber suggestions to investigate a sewer smell (click here). LP73 is looking for a lightwell grill, any ideas? The first person to suggest George Foreman has their account suspended! (click here) M. is hoping to find someone to resurface a drive (click here). Finally, Sagittarius isn’t sure if an electrician or plumber is needed to fix a power shower? (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Ikea children’s rocking chair and moose rocker (click here), various John Lewis kitchen appliances (click here) and a white Snuz pod (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the Team

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