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Last Updated on : 4th December 2017
     Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“She doesn’t really look like a princess.”

We were in the kitchen talking about the just-announced royal wedding and my youngest had been using the iPad to search for pictures of Prince Harry’s intended.

“And old,” she said solemnly, “almost as old as grandma.”

I know that young children think anyone over the age of 17 looks ancient but I still felt this was a little harsh.

“M-A-R-K-L-E,” enunciated Mr NappyValleyNet who’d just walked in and was now staring over my daughters shoulder.

“You’re Googling Angela MERKEL,” he continued, “that’s the German leader and I recommend not telling grandma what you said if you want Santa to even pause outside our front door”

Here’s what you’ve been talking on NappyValleyNet…

Come in from the cold of Wandsworth Common and join us at Skylark for the NappyValleyNet Christmas Meet-Up on Wednesday! With plenty of coffee, cake and conversation as well as a gorgeous goodie bag from The Lemon Tree, you’ll leave feeling suitably festive with a warm inner glow! (read more)

It’s here! It’s back! It’s time to Win a NappyValleyNet Christmas worth £1,000!One lucky user is going to WIN EVERYTHING from the turkey and tree to theatre tickets, beauty treatments, dinner, cocktails and even babysitting. Yay, I hear you say! Well, come on then – you’ve got to be in it to win it as someone once said..! (read more)

Slade’s Merry Xmas, The John Lewis advert and the “Should all presents come from Santa” family argument – three things that appear without fail EVERY December (read more)

M’s. nanny saw a rat on the common – eugh! (read more) I think there is a UB40 song about that. Or is it a kitchen?

2K. asks where to get a tow bar fitted to her car ( (read more). Mr NVN used to work for a caravan magazine and claims he has lots of funny stories about tow bars and chemical toilets. He’s wrong. They’re not funny. Just stories.

H. has posted very worrying news of car break-ins just off Northcote Road (read more).

Brexit has made its way back onto the site – did it ever ‘Leave’? – and there’s an event to voice your concerns in Vauxhall soon (read more).

We’ve news of several local NatWest branch closures and job losses: sadly Southfields and Wimbledon are both going (read more).

We’ve had some brilliant and supportive responses to E’s post about her social life after a divorce, a massive thank you to everyone who has replied (read more) Lots of people have asked me which school has the “Vixen-mum-posse” but I honestly don’t know!

V. needs a child therapist for anger management (read more)

And B. is looking for a private educational psychologist (read more)

R. is hopes you can suggest an osteopath to treat their little boy who has Torticollis (read more)

Lots and lots of kind replies to T’s post about insomnia and possible PND – thank you (read more)

V. asks about working and progressing your career after having a baby (read more)

I’s. large ginger cat went missing from Wandle Road two weeks ago – have you spotted him? (read more)

C. is looking for a Christening party venue, ideally in Balham (read more)

NappyValleyNet helped to judge the Travel Designer’s Christmas Card competition at Streatham & Clapham Prep. The entries were so fabulous we couldn’t pick just one winner, so we picked two!  (read more)

S. would love some bright ideas of what to do with her 2.5 year old, something Christmassy would be fab! (read more).

Now this won’t be relevant for any toddlers but if you’re a little older and would like to play netball then The Spencer Netball Club has just started a senior team (read more). Go Spencer, Go Spencer!

M. has a question about speech therapy (read more)

F. has a new au pair arriving in January and would welcome your tips (read more)

Role Models’ have announced their Christmas Holiday Confidence & Resilience Course. Children aged 8 to 10 can have heaps of fun whilst team-building, debating, public speaking and interviewing (read more)

B. is looking for PT recommendations, ideally on or near Wandsworth Common (read more)

DC. needs to find someone to prepare a US tax return – any recommendations? (read more). Donald Trump?

S. lost a blue micro scooter in Belleville Road – have you seen the missing wheels? (read more).

We have more Travel posts than Paddington 2 has marmalade sandwiches!

The gorgeous Gitcombe Country Cottages in Devon is offering 30% off all remaining cottages this Christmas! We’ve been and it’s totally fab! (read more)  H. is planning a last minute Christmas vacation – any pointers?!  Err, see above… (read more)  There are a couple of Travel Designers events coming up soon at Bertie & Boo Adventure Island. Perfect if you haven’t quite worked out where you’re going to find the sun in 2018 (read more) If you’re thinking of Siciliy, S. has posted details of their hideaway (read more)

We have more School posts Trump has ex-security advisor nightmares!

Alleyn’s Junior School has made it into the top 5 of The Sunday Times UK Prep Schools list (read more)  T. would like your suggestions for a nursery near Clapham Common North Side for her 4 month old (read more)  M. is looking for a new senior school for her son who has ADHD and she’d love to hear your experiences (read more)  B. is looking to move a child to Belleville but which site is best suited to SEN? (read more)  The Thomas’s Clapham or Broomwood debate has really taken off (read more) P. has posted about her tour around Merlin School in Putney (read more)

We have more “Situations Vacant” than Home Alone has Christmassy burglars!

Battersea Flower Station are looking for Strong Cheery People to help with their festive firs (read more) If you’re nimble with a thimble a Sewing Assistant is needed to help with Christmas orders (read more) Honeywell Primary is looking for a temporary Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (read more) A receptionist is needed for a business based on Wandsworth Bridge Road (read more). R. is looking for a babysitter in Putney (read more) M. has posted details of her new freelance writing business and would love to hook up with any wordsmiths out there (read more). And there is a vacancy for part-time book keeper/accounts assistant (read more)

We have more House & Garden questions than Harry and Meghan have table plan nightmares!

D. needs a garage door repaired (read more). S. would like to know who you use to clean carpets? (read more) L. is looking for a builder to create a small meeting roomwithin an office (read more) S. has a flat to rent in SW8, close to Battersea Park and Queenstown Road, available immediately (read more) SW’s. post about basement companies has generated quite a haul of experiences (read more). D. is looking for a cleaner for 3 hours a week in the Shaftesbury Estate area (read more) M. asks how you have managed the double reception room/buggy/toy storage conundrum! (read more)

It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

For sale: a glass dining table (read more). Bugaboo Chameleon wheeled board (read more)Purple iCandy Cherry pram (read more) Brand new rag & bone women’s jeans, size 10 (read more) Boxing bag and gloves (read more)

Wanted: a Snuggle moses basket (sounds cosy) (read more) Toddler snow boots (read more)


Phew, That’s it, have a fabby week!




Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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