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20 yr old cyclist killed on Wandsworth Road.

Last Updated on : 9th July 2019
20 yr old cyclist killed on Wandsworth Road.

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

The campaign for Mr NappyValleyNet’s “beach ready body” continues apace.

Helped along by a business trip to Sweden, where he claimed to eat only herring, he has now taken to running on the Common with the children pedalling alongside as mini-motivational trainers.

I do wonder, however, if their days fulfilling this Rocky-style role are numbered.

Yesterday, as he wheezed towards the sit-up bars by the Skylark, my youngest noticed there were a couple of fellow-joggers waiting their turn for the outdoor equipment.

“Please can he go next?” she said, jabbing a finger towards Mr NVN, “once he stops it takes a few of us to get him started again.”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

C.’s sister in law has asked if her teenager daughter can come and live with her for two years so that she can attend a sixth form college in London (read more).

And C. also would like to know if independent schools offer financial help if you find yourself in a financial difficulty (read more). Hmmm yes but not if, as I think this is the case, your plan is to run short.

Jen66 wants to know if anyone has sued their builder in the small claims court? (read more)

In tragic news, a man died last week after being stabbed in broad daylight on Latchmere Road (read more). It goes without saying our thoughts are with his friends and family.

And, more awful news, a cyclist in her 20s was killed on Wandsworth Road(read more). Again our thoughts are with the poor girls friends and family.

C. needs a recommendation of a dentist for an implant and a second opinion (read more). Know of a top tooth doctor?

Urgent request from J. who needs somewhere to replace her Mirena coil and doesn’t want to wait ages (read more).

K. asks where they should go for Downs Syndrome screening (read more).

L. would love to find Spanish conversation classes for children over the summer (read more). Hola!

Our Community Ed has been in southern Spain this weekend – quite far from our community! Here’s what she’s been up to – FOMO levels in the NVN team have soared… (read more).

The Little Gym Wandsworth & Fulham has got a summer schedule packed with fun and gymnastics – flick flack your way there…! (read more)

We visited a new yoga and Pilates studio near Tooting Bec recently and emerged rested and revived…and with a lovely 50% off for you all! (read more)

You loved the NappyValleyNet Most Loved Awards so much that we were inundated with responses – suffice to say, you love local! (read more)

London’s first mosque knife bank is to open in Tooting (read more).

There’s a new summer fair in town and it’s at Battersea Reach next weekend (read more).

And don’t forget the Northcote Road Summer Festival on Sunday! (read more)

Royal Trinity Hospice is offering NappyValleyNet families a lovely 50% off entry to their wonderful Family Walk and Fun Day in September. It’s a fab local day, not to be missed! (read more).

And if you want to know more about Trinity, have a read of this piece from the perspective of local mum and Medical Director, Dr Sam Lund. You’ll be proud it’s on our turf (read more).

There’s a superhero party coming up soon at Lavender Leonardo’s raising money to help fight childhood cancers (read more).

Some lovely replies to S.’s post about her son’s diabetes diagnosis with lots of similar stories (read more).

And lots of really helpful replies to M. who asked about fertility clinics for IVF (read more).

B. asks which is the best sippy cup(read more)

There’s an au pair night out planned for this evening – good way to start the week! (read more)

A. is looking for a nanny share for their 3-year-old who will be at Ecole du Parc from September – anyone else? (read more)

S.’s daughter has taken to Lego and asks if anyone has any they’d like to giveaway. Spread the joy of the little colourful bricks! (read more) JUST DON’T STEP ON THEM!

B. has a dog crate to giveaway – any takers? (read more) Woof!


We have Wimbledon tennis court full of House & Garden posts

A. has posted about a seemingly disastrous change to Wandsworth planning around the so called ‘pod’ extension over the rear (read more).

G. needs help working out what kind of garage lighting to use. Any bright ideas? (read more)

J. is a teacher looking for a room to rent mid-week near Clapham South(read more).

E. asks for recommendations of companies to repair or replace sash windows (read more). N. is looking for builder recommendations for a flat renovation as theirs has gone AWOL (read more).

G. is redecorating the front and back of their Victorian terrace and would love your recommendations of who to use (read more).

S. is looking for a short term let from the end of August in the Balham/Furzedown area (read more).

H. is trying to source a surface for the utlity room – any suggestions? (read more)

L. asks if the quote they’ve received for work on the house is above market average(read more)


We have a SW19 baseline full of Schools posts

L. would like your advice – Ravenstone or Trinity St Mary’s(read more)

And Q. has the option to move from Belleville Meteor which they love over to Honeywell – should they stay or should they go? (read more)

F.’s son is struggling with handwriting. Who can help over the summer? (read more)

Growing Young Minds is running two Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Summer Camps (read more).

And Mentor Education is running an 11+ Summer Revision Programme based at Dulwich College (read more).

L. is selling Parkgate House nursery uniform (read more).


We have an “ace” of Travel posts

F. would love your tips for a luxury family-friendly European resort that would suit grandparents and children…it’s a 50th anniversary celebration (read more).

It may be sunny now but it’s a good time to think skiing! Ski Famille have posted some great December family offers (read more).

J. has posted details of two sporting holidays – one tennis, one cycling (read more).

WASuP is offering 20% off their handy sting relief. Every beach bag needs one! (read more)


Here are those Situations Vacant!

ReLaunch have posted to ask any local employers to tap into their pool of skilled professional women returners (read more).

Elderly carer needed in Putney (read more).

Senior project manager role in Clapham Junction (read more).

Part-time flower delivery driver with The Flower Sanctuary (read more).

Full time nanny for twins in Wandsworth (read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant

School registrar (read more).

Volunteer treasurer with Little Village (read more).

Part-time nursery school teachers (read more).

Corporate sales co-ordinator role in luxury hotels (read more).


For sale

Three shabby chic chairs (read more).

Oyster pram and pushchair set (read more).

Contemporary purple sofa (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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