25 quick activity ideas for the summer holidays

Last Updated on : 13th July 2023

Keswick House Nursery in East Putney is full of ideas for how you can keep your little one entertained over the summer holidays. Why not try some (or all!) of the 25 quick activities below.

  1. Make a den
  2. Go on a wildflower hunt
  3. Climb a tree
  4. Use string or wool to create an indoor or outdoor laser grid
  5. Write someone a postcard
  6. Go on a minibeast hunt
  7. Make a daisy chain
  8. Make a bug hotel
  9. Read a book by an author you’ve never tried before
  10. Fly a paper plane
  11. Lay a trail for someone to follow
  12. Colour a set of story stones
  13. Learn a card game
  14. Identify different types of trees from their leaves
  15. Make a bookmark
  16. Create a model from recycled materials
  17. Go on a butterfly hunt
  18. Go fruit-picking
  19. Plant flowers or vegetables
  20. Learn about a different country
  21. Make a mini book with illustrations
  22. Make a collage out of natural objects
  23. Learn how to say hello in five different languages
  24. Make your own playdough
  25. Build a dried spaghetti and marshmallow tower

For more home activities and challenges, head to the Keswick House Nursery website

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