3 clever ideas to help integrate a kitchen, dining & living space

Last Updated on : 15th June 2022

Bespoke banquette seating makes a link between the kitchen and dining areas and can be upholstered to match other soft furnishings. This type of seating really can be tailor-made to fit the space and has the advantage of offering extra storage space built underneath the seating area – options include pull-out drawers or a lift up top, useful for large items that are difficult to store elsewhere. It’s a really good space-saver, as generally you don’t need as much room to accommodate it as you do if you have a separate dining table and chairs.

Luxury kitchens reflect today’s lifestyles and have become social hubs where families meet, eat and sometimes work as well as places to relax and socialise. With cooking and baking at home being so popular, large collections of inspirational cookbooks are often acquired and are regularly in use. So not only is dedicated shelving for books a practical choice but it also makes a kitchen look and feel more of a social space. Islands with integrated bespoke bookshelves are really popular because the cook is at the centre of things, and built-in shelving is a really practical solution to having recipes to hand.

Hide your kitchen appliances. From the largest, to the most compact spaces, kitchens look bigger and less ‘kitchen like’ if they are fully integrated – particularly important if your space flows from living room to kitchen to dining area. This generally means hiding some appliances. Work surface appliances like toasters and kettles can be hidden in quick-to-access tambour units. Having an unbroken run of cabinets the eye is tricked in to believing the space is larger than it actually is. Most Roundhouse bespoke kitchens are fully integrated with acres of storage cleverly packed into an array of cupboards, drawers and pantries with appliances such as fridge freezers and dishwashers completely hidden.

One of our latest bespoke kitchen projects is a great example of beautiful banquette seating to compliment the bespoke kitchen. Leaving no doubt about personality, this kitchen grabs you instantly on first look. With Urbo & Metro cabinetry in Sanderson Burn Black and antique mirror splashback, the design of this kitchen is considered and elegant from the off. A bespoke island finished with a Vitoria Regia worktop and a curved plinth and handrail by Cavendish is a focal point that will have guests coming back to admire the view time and time again.

Roundhouse is recognised for innovative bespoke kitchen designs and original finishes.  This project was designed by Paul Welburn from our Fulham showroom.

Local showrooms include Nightingale Lane, Fulham and Richmond.  To book your design consultation, either in person or through Zoom, please visit our new website.

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