Report of a nanny neglecting her charge. Fake charity sellers. FREE Independent Schools Show tickets and heaps of half-term activities

Last Updated on : 8th October 2012

Dear South West London Mum,

Last week we had a triple whammy here at NappyValleyNet:

Independent Schools Show

The bride mentioned this week was a little demanding!

Whammy one, our October competition prizes and special offers went live on Friday and we’ve never seen such a response! Maybe it’s the chance to win a holiday or teeth whitening or even a visit from Mr “Eddie Catz” himself but whatever the reason we”ve had over 300 entries in less than 48 hours! If you haven’t entered yet, please click here, it’s not too late.

Whammy two, last Monday we had our busiest day ever for posts and replies. Over 250 in just 24 hours! If you would like to start or join a conversation but don’t know how, then please check out our easy to use guide here.

Whammy three, we’ve listened to your comments about our redesign and made some changes.  We’ve re-jigged the home page, moved the Tweets and increased the size of pictures allowed on “Annabels’ Arcade”. We’re still working on your comments but if there is *anything* that you think we still need to fix or improve then please tell ushere.

So thanks again for all your comments and suggestions and this is what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

Coldatchristmas has posted a story about a bride-to-be and her list of demands for her bridesmaids. What a bridezilla!…click here for details

Joanna is looking for great Halloween parties for her little one. Do you know where she can scare her children silly?…click here for details

KTPearce has described a nanny she feels was mistreating her charge. Could it be your child?…click here for details

Do you park in Car Club parking spaces but you”re not a member of a car club? Supergirl has some strong words for you!…click here for details

Last week we asked “Is Bertie and Boo”s Cafe closing?” Some said yes, some said no but then Bertie and Boo themselves posted to tell all NappyValleyNetters the truth!…click here for details

It looks like the Bouchon on Battersea Rise IS closing. That is a huge shame, I”ve had countless fabby evenings there!…click here for details

Joanna wants to meet Swedish families in Nappy Valley. Hej! Mr NappyValleyNet worked in Sweden for a year. He could say “hello, beer and lift”. That makes him a rubbishglot!…click here for details

Ready2pop has a little one who is a wizard with words. He is still in reception but where can she find out about all the best books for him?…click here for details

Looking for a great Chinese takeaway? CKWmum wants to recommend one!…click here for details

Curly found a micro scooter on Wandsworth Common. Could your wheels have whizzed off?…click here for details

Sticking with transport but the four wheeled kind, JoJo wonders what front facing car seat should she buy?…click here for details

Pinkfish is looking for somewhere that her little one can crawl till her hearts content? here for details

Fake charity sellers are awful at the best of time but when they”re aggressive and rude it just makes it even worse!…click here for details

Cityslickers wonders where she should have a watch repaired. I recommended Asquiths…click here for details

Mad Curls is going to a wedding. Yay! Her six year old daughter is going to be a flower girl! Double yay! Can you recommend a hair dresser who will come to their home and give her and her little one brilliant wedding hair?…click here for details

ExClaphamite is off on maternity leave but keeping her nanny. She asks for tips so she can best organise her time with her nanny and new addition?….click here for details

Mummybear is looking for Reiki in Wandsworth…click here for details

Helen travels in from outside Nappy Vally to visit “Fur Hair” on Battersea Rise. Is it still open? She can”t get hold of them by phone!…click here for details

Bridge Arts and Culture have posted about their story telling. To be honest I am not really sure what they do but it does seem here for details

Mgb would like to know at what age should a child have their first scooter? Over achieve and go for 12 weeks!…click here for details

And onto our House and Garden questions…

Eliza is looking for an amazing cleaner, does your Mrs Mop have some free hours?…click here for details

Adubs is looking for a builder in Balham. Must be happy to install an RSJ and some other bits and pieces…click here for details

Lalectrice wants non-toxic kid”s floor tiles. You can buy ones that are TOXIC???…click here for details

Cityslicker”s TV doesn”t work, can you recommend a cable guy?…click here for details

Mrs Mills have a leak coming through the stone arch above their window, who might fix it? You have a stone arch above your window? Where do you live? Hogwarts?…click here for details

Sparkletiger is buying some bunkbeds, can you suggest a supplier of stacked sleeping solutions?…click here for details

If you”re pregnant with you second baby then check out these classes by The Baby Care Company. Tailored, 2 hour local courses to help you prepare for life with your second child. Some great testimonials AND a huge range of available dates…click here for details

Confused needs a burglar alarm, can you recommend a retailer of rousing robber recognisers?…click here for details

Listen up at the back, here come the school”s questions!

Some more open days! Thanks for posting Balhamite and Dinosaur…click here for details

Dinosaur also asks what happens in the Thomas” interviews? There are some school gate rumours that say they”re harder than Google AND Goldman Sachs, could that be true?…click here for details

Minnie has offers from both Parkgate nursery and Eaton House. Which nursery should she choose?…click here for details

2009Kat wonders when is the Belleville open day?…click here for details

Mistletoe links to an article about negative discrimination against independent school pupils. Is this an issue?…click here for details

Looking for a new school? Then you *must* visit the Independent Schools Show. Over 150 schools in Battersea Park and you can register for FREE tickets…click here for details

Looking for a new job? The Barmouth Kitchen are recruiting for a kitchen wonder!…click here for details

Jamie Lloyd is a GREAT friend of NappyValleyNet, he is also one of our most vociferous posters. He asks “who wants to lose 3kg in under 10 days?” here for details

Martinhal have posted details of a fabby offer for half-term. Surf, sunshine and gorgeous food. I”m in! here for details

Tas is off to Cuba, do you have any tips you can share?…click here for details

Looking for something to do closer to home over half-term? We”ve had TONS of activities posted, thanks guys!…click here for details

Paty is looking for a nursery for her 8 month old daughter near Clapham South…click here for details

A wonderfully detailed post (thank you!) outlining everything you need to know about private breastfeeding consultants and how to choose one…click here for details

We made some changes to AnnabelsArcade! It *should* be working beautifully now but if you”re having any problems please let me know. For sale this week:- a Phil and Teds “Peanut (click here), a Tripp Trapp new born  (click here) and a large chest of drawers (click here).


That”s it, have a great week!




Annabel and the Team



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