Abroad or holistay this summer?

Last Updated on : 9th July 2021

This year has been a difficult one for most people and we are all itching to escape. Green, amber and red have become synonyms with book it now, should we stay or should we go, or sorry, not this year.

Whatever you’ve decided to do, if you are going on a poolside or beach holiday, new swimwear is always a lovely treat-to-self, whether you enjoy the shopping experience or not.

The lovely ladies at Amelie’s Follies have put together a selection of bikinis and swimsuits to suit any shape. They are currently working by appointment only, making the whole shopping experience more like a personal shopper treat than a trip to swimwear hell.

Here are some of this year’s trends to help you on your way to feeling fab

Jungle Prints

To us, this is not even up for discussion; a jungle print brings fun and happy coloursto any swimwear. We love a big banana leaf on a plain background, or even something more elaborate with hidden animals in the foliage. Often green based (but not always), these busy prints help camouflage all those unwanted lumps and bumps.

Animal Prints

Controversial for some, animal prints are forever reinvented and always present in fashion. They are often referred to as the ‘other neutral’.

Loathe them or hate them, they are fun, flattering and still very much on-trend. If the all over look is too much for you, you can just go for a cover-up or accessorise in leopard, snake or even zebra print.

Big Pants

Ah, the big bikini bottom. Everybody wants it, but few of us can actually look good in it.

And this year, more than ever before, we have been asked for them…maybe it’s all those extra glasses of wine in lockdown….

Perfect if you are a size 8 or under and 16 plus, for those in the middle, they can be the hardest shape to wear. Big bikini bottoms can widen your bottom, shorten your legs and torso, making it hard to achieve that retro look you’re after. So beware, the biggest bottoms available might not be the most flattering for your shape, give the little ones a chance too.


If we had a pound every time someone told us they can’t wear yellow…but yellow is still having a moment and can work wonders for your tan.

Like all the other colours, yellow comes in many tones and shades. There is bound to be one out there for you, and you shouldn’t be scared of it. We would recommend staying away from pastel yellow if you are a first timer. Zingy (especially neon) and warmer yellows tend to flatter more skin tones. And if you can’t cope with all over yellow, pick a print with yellow in it for a gentle introduction.

Navy and White

A little bit softer for paler skin tones than black and white, this is the perfect colour combination no matter where you are planning to go. It will be as stylish on a beach in Cornwall as it will be in the Caribbean. Easily mixed and matched with any nautical themed cover-up, navy and white make it easy to pack a whole holiday wardrobe in one small hand luggage and still have a coordinated capsule to wear.



Amélie’s Follies, 34 Webb’s Road, SW11
Telephone for an appointment: 020 7924 3826 or book on line:  ameliesfollies.co.uk

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