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Air ambulance Wandsworth Common. What will new school day look

Last Updated on : 1st June 2020

Air ambulance Wandsworth Common. What will new school day look

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Our little scrap of London garden has been getting a lot of love and attention during LockDown.

So much so that Mr NVN bought a robot vacuum cleaner to save him having to Hoover it’s tiny section of plastic grass.

“It’s brilliant,” he enthused, “I can have a drink whilst watching and making sure nothing goes wrong and I’ve programmed it to roll out twice a day and collect any leaves and stuff.”

“This,” he said cracking open a beer, “is the future.”

This, I thought, is destined to go horribly wrong.

On Sunday it trundled out and did it’s stuff but not before our puppy had been out into the garden and done her stuff.

She has a funny tummy at the moment and so there was a lot for the robot to get it’s tiny little brushes around and what started out as a lovely sunny garden, with a couple of stray leaves, ended up looking like a cross between a prison dirty protest and Tracey Emin’s bed.

Needless to say Mr NVN spent the rest of Sunday, watched by both the puppy and the robot, power washing the astroturf.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

As the debate moves on from whether schools should open on 1st June to how they are handling re-opening, C. wants to know what other schools are doing and, judging from the responses, there really is no one-size-fits all solution (read more)?

Similarly, L wants to know what the school day will look like for children returning to school on 1 June (read more). Long! It’ll look sooooo long.

D. wants to know what the situation is regarding mobile hairdressers in semi lockdown? Her friend used one last week and she would too but she doesn’t want to break the rules (read more). And the “D.” asking this question does not stand for Dominic as we know HE’D JUST GET A BUBBLE PERM AND PROBABLY HIGHLIGHTS IN DURHAM IF HE WANTED TO.

Sorry – not sure what came over me then – anyway back to your comments:

We got a sneak peek into a Wandsworth apartment on sale for a whopping £13m this week– is it lined in gold?! (read more)

R. asks if anyone knows why there was an air ambulance on Wandsworth Common on Thursday afternoon (read more)?

Lots of responses to S’s question about whether she should take her young family to the States away from their elderly grandparents (read more). This is an awful conundrum – I really do feel for you.

C. has discovered that just when we thought Jaggard Way’s fate had been decided, the developers are appealing against the rejection of planning permission, but you can still have your say (read more). Shifty!

A stretch of Bedford Hill, close to its junction with Balham High Road has been closed to all non-essential vehicles in order to create more space for social distancing (read more).

A. would like to upsize from her flat to something with a bigger with a garden. Proximity to state schools and transport is key. She is thinking of Clapham, Dulwich, Wimbledon, Surbiton and would love to know if anyone could share any views (read more).

L.’s daughter has been diagnosed with coeliac. She’s feeling very overwhelmed and wondering if there are any local support groups? They are in Clapham (read more).

Bertie & Boo, Balham will be offering flexible day care from June for parents that need to work from home and need a safe, flexible, trusted childcare provision (read more). Love the Bertster and the Booster!

C. has posted about a flyer promoting an organisation called ‘Action Against 5G’ coming through local letterboxes. You’ll have to make up your own minds on this one… (read more).

Can you help a different C. with her research on maternity nurses? (read more)

And N. is wondering if anyone has a TENS machine she could rent or buy (read more)?

G. wants to know if anyone has been using the SW Four hot desk office space in Wingate Square and how it’s been during lockdown (read more).

H. found some keys on Friday on Wandsworth Common (read more).

In sad news, pubs such as The Eagle on Chatham Road will not be able to survive if their landlords don’t cancel their rent during these difficult times (read more).

Starting to feel the strain at home? The Parent Practice are offering a free introductory session to their ‘Harmony at Home’ course on 2nd June (read more). The full six week course starts on 16th June (read more).

And we have a spate of good news with businesses cautiously reopening and practising social distancing:

The Skylark Café has opened for click & collect with many social distancing provisions in place including an app to order your food in advance (read more). I LOVE the Skylark – PLEASE can we have another of your comedy nights when LockDown ends?

Tooting market has re-opened and customers are asked to wear a mask when shopping (read more).

Sea Fare Fish Bar and the Draft House on Northcote Road have re-opened for takeaways and delivery (read more). Mr NVN claims those are the only two venues on Northcote Road that you need for a top night out!

The long awaited for opening of Kibou Japanese restaurant on Northcote Road finally came this week. They are open for take away and deliveries (read more).

If you fancy a break from cooking or if you have a special occasion coming up, Anson and Curtis Catering deliver delicious meals to your home, including BBQs and picnics (read more).

Brindisa Balham Deli now stocks gourmet dishes by Alistair Little, chef and “Godfather of modern British cookery” (read more). Mr NVN once almost wept in Brindisa – he said their teeny tiny steaks (I don’t think that’s what they’re called on the menu) were the best thing he’d ever eaten!

And Bloody Bens have posted a delicious Pink Lady drinks recipe to enjoy in this summer heat (read more).

Finally, if you have an old bike you don’t need anymore, donate it to Wandsworth Council who will repurpose it and give to an NHS worker (read more).


Here come those House & Garden questions

S. has just had an interesting reply to her question about a particular builder and it seems she is just in time! (read more).

F. has nearly completed her full house renovation. YAY! But would like recommendations for replacement staircase parts (read more).

M. has a four bedroom family home in East Dulwich within walking distance of Alleyns and JAGS for rent from this summer (read more).

S. needs your recommendations for a new bathroom (read more).

P. needs a builder/contractor to fix a drain in their basement causing internal leaking (read more).

Paint the Town Green has signed off on their last online DIY tutorial but remain available for advice, to provide quotes, book in jobs post lockdown and are still operating their paint delivery to your home service (read more).


And your Schools posts!

N. wants recommendations for nurseries next to Newton Prep please (read more).

J. wants your opinions on Eveline Day School (read more).

B. asks what coronavirus measures nurseries re-opening are putting in place (read more).

Whilst the school gates remain closed, Whitgift is hosting a Virtual Open Event on Thursday, 4 June 2020 at 11am, where you can listen to the Headmaster, students and senior members of staff. To register simply visit their new website (read more).

Trinity School is also running a series of live open events during June where parents can hear an address from the Headmaster, see a short presentation and take part in a live Q and A session. (read more).

Emanuel School has been doing amazing things to support the Wandsworth community during these unprecedented times through its partnership links with state primary schools and local charities (read more).


For Sale

Snuzpod2 Bedside crib (read more).

Babyzen yoyo 6+ buggy (read more).

New England style bunk bed (read more).

prep + 4 filters (read more).



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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