Am I drinking too much? How my state educated daughter got into a top private school. Guess what’s opening on Northcote Road! Top 5 building mistakes

Last Updated on : 13th July 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last Saturday Mr NappyValleyNet and I, plus our two children, were lucky enough to visit the Wimbledon Championships.

We had four tickets for Court One and from our lunchtime arrival, until we left at 10.30pm, their little minds were enchanted by the whole gorgeous spectacle.

I’m not writing about this to boast, but to shout about how we managed to get our hands on those tickets because whenever I’ve subsequently bored people about our day, most assume we had either a) paid a fortune or b) obtained them through work.

And neither are of those are true.

Although most people know about the national LTA ballot, the ballot run by local clubs is less well known. And that’s a shame. Because local businesses like “Julian Tennis Coach” (click here) and All Stars (click here) have an allocation and it was through this route that we were lucky enough to attend.

It’s by no means guaranteed, and one still has to pay the official face value of the tickets (which we did), but it’s not that much more than our last family trip to Legoland and we stayed much much longer.

So if you fancy a trip to SW19 next summer please do look to our local businesses. It’s not guaranteed but to shamelessly plagiarise the National Lottery, it could be you.

And I’ll leave the last word to Mr NVN who was on his first visit and is a more regular attendee of Twickenham and Wembley.

“It’s like a sports stadium for tens of thousands of people…” he stated rather obviously after having his flabber gasted by the short queues and charming marshalls, “…but by Waitrose.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

1Some incredibly helpful responses to Dtm’s query that she might be drinking too much. Thank you everyone!…click here for details

Lifechanger is looking to convert two flats into one family home and is searching for a Bob-like-builder who’ll shout “yes we can.” Any ideas for a yellow-hatted construction person?…click here for details

KDunc is thinking of a move to Streatham but is just not sure. Good idea or will he/she regret it forever?…click here for details

Now this might get some backs up! C. shares how her state-educated daughter was tutored into the top four private schools! Contentious? NVN?…click here for details

Fernando is the name of a famous Abba ballad AND an NVN user who is looking for Dad’s cooking courses. Any ideas? (*whispers* can you hear the drums?)…click here for details

2Worriedmummy spent last weekend arguing with her husband. How does she break the cycle?…click here for details

Sophie needs caterers for a drinks party with, as Mr NVN insists on pronouncing them, can-aps!…click here for details

Ocean Homes Designs are pushing for Christmas lights along the Earlsfield part of Garratt Lane.  Although most of the funding will come from local businesses there is a Crowdfunding page for residents who’d like to help as well Oooh if you need a local “celeb” to switch them on I’m free!…click here for details

Edi asks for witnesses for a car and scooter crash in Mitcham near Ambleside Lane on Sunday the 27th March? Did you see the collision? She asks you to get in touch if you did!…click here for details

 MTC is looking for a nursery place but only in August! Is that possible, she wonders?.click here for details

MTC again, but this time she is looking for a private neurosurgeon, I hope we can help with BOTH her queries! here for details

There is a new shop on Northcote Road. I bet you can’t guess what it is! You are SO wrong!…click here for details

MB is looking for parents to help with paid-for market research. I know MB well and she’s been a HUGE help to NVN. Please help if you can!…click here for details

How my state educated daughter got into a top private schoolTealover’s father is incredibly stressed. He’s selling a farm and during the sales process discovered that he may have been committing fraud for years. Does anyone know an accurate accountant?…click here for details

Two car seat posts! Firstly, Bobby wonders where he might try fitting car-seats into his car? (click here). Secondly, Willscald has a pint-size Houdini on her hands and he’s managing to wiggle out of his restraints! Any advice to prevent her mini-escapologist breaking free?…click here for details

Can you guess what it is? A sausage dog? A giraffe? A mews house in Kensington? Abbeville1 needs a balloon modeller so if you speak this language check out the post!…click here for details

2009Kat would like to consult an occupational therapist who works with children…click here for details

I had a coffee last week with Sadia from Lifestyle Design+Build and we ended up talking about difficult building projects that turn into nightmares. She shared her Top 5 Tips for preventing this happening – thanks Sadia! (click here).

Last week Sparkletiger asked for details of summer houses/home offices. A hammock-full of lovely suggestions, thank you to everyone who replied!click here for details

6Frankie has just moved to Fulham and is obsessed with yoga and Pilate’s. Can you suggest a studio in SW6?…click here for details

Do you hate your toilet brush, asks KH? I do but I’m not sure anyone else in my family actually knows what it is! Anyway she has a solution if you do…click here for details

NMiL is moving from Hong Kong to London very soon and will be giving birth in January. Which hospital and consultant should she use? Work are paying so it’s a private health query…click here for details

BeamMeUpScotty (brilliant username!) is looking for feedback on the Lillies Nursery next to Southsideclick here for details

You know those lovely people at Ickles Pickles? Yes THOSE people! Well they’re having their Ickles Pickles Summer Party very very soon and it’s going to be ace! It’ll be on Wandsworth Common and there will be funfair rides, inflatables, entertainers, food and tons tons more! (click here).

We have TWO complete “kitchen for sale” posts. Both of these are interesting but for different reasons. One is a used kitchen from a “standard” house “BTC” and if you have the same layout is a great way to land a Shaker style kitchen on a budget (click here). The other is from our friends at LDB and this is a brand new German kitchen which a client changed before installation (click here). Either way, I’m envious!

Clara Bee is a great friend of NappyValleyNet and she’s running an interior design workshop on children’s rooms. It’s in September but it’ll book up quickly so do put it in your diary now! (click here).

Like a Roger Federer cross-court forehand, your travel questions keep on coming!

MM wants to go to Calcot Manor. Yippee! But it’s booked. Boo! Can you suggest an alternative? It transpires that yes, you can!…click here for details

Hol78 is looking for somewhere family-friendly in Italy for a September break? Qualche idee? here for more details

Or Croatia! Bilo koji ideja?…click here for details

SamT wonders if the Cotswold Waterpark is worth a visit? It’s a universal law that there is not such a thing as a bad waterpark, it’s not possible!click here for details

The end of term is so close you can almost touch it but don’t stop just yet, your school queries keep coming!

Our “Calling all 2015 Reception Parents Who’d Like a Meet-up before term starts” thread has had a huge response so…calling all Beatrix Potter mumscalling all Wimbledon Chase mums, calling all Fircroft mums and calling all Ecole du Wix mums: there are fellow parents who want to meet! (click here).

Newton Prep: is it diverse, asks Pyra?…click here for details

Rebs hasn’t heard great things about Wix, is she making a mistake transferring her son there?…click here for details

Looking for a new job? We have more vacancies than the new series of Walking Dead has zombies!

Pooch and Mutt need a finance wizard, part-time in Clapham Old Town (click here), TenDental need a marketing executive: dazzling smile an advantage! (click here), Siand is looking for a driver. Shame she’s not called Daisy, there would be a joke in there! (click here)! Claphamnewmum ishoping to find a maternity nurse (click here) and don’t forget we have a billion nanny and au-pair vacancies (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Andy Murray has double faults!

SW11 is selling her Shaker-Style cream kitchen (click here). Mac2009 would like burglar alarm firm recommendations (click here). S/he’d also like outdoor bench cushion suggestions (click here). Tilly and Moo would like names of good end of tenancy cleaners (click here). Tess needs a kitchen fit-out builder who can deal with a chimney breast. Any ideas who might be able to help? (click here). BWM would love decluttering help, might anyone clear-out her closet and organise her life? (click here). AF is searching for contact details for a builder called Michael Noble (click here) TT wonders if anyone has had any luck installing modern picture rails (click here)

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: an garden shed (click here) a Little Tikes “Learn to Pedal” 3-in-1 (click here) and a Mini Micro O Bar with seat (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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