Anti-vaxxer recants: seven catch whooping cough. Told off for using potty in library. New school sibling policy: confirmed. Hydrofit opens in Nappy Valley

Last Updated on : 20th April 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

As many of you will be aware, last Thursday was the day the local councils announced their primary school place allocations.

I know how firsthand how stressful this can be and I hope that for those of you taking part, you were awarded your first choice of school.

Either way, we’d love to hear from you as your experiences this time around can help others in future years. With this in mind we’ll be updating our own catchment area map as soon as we have the distances confirmed by the various councils.

Lastly, if you were unlucky, please don’t despair. Last Thursday was just the start of the process and many more places will become available as the pupil lists ebb and flow over the coming months.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Did you get your first choice of primary? (click here). The distances for Rutherford House (click here)? Is private tutoring a must? (click here) and the new sibling policy confirmed (click here) are just a few of your education questions over the last week.

Anti-vaxxer recants: seven catch whooping coughFrom education to potty etiquette! Pod asks ‘when/where is it inappropriate to use a potty?’ We all know you shouldn’t talk loudly in a library but is using a potty acceptable? Some very strong opinions here!…click here for details

The anti-vaccination camp lost a supporter last week, one mother has now “recanted” after all of her children caught Whooping Cough…click here for details

Mrsmac35 had a bad fall in a supermarket when she was 38 weeks pregnant and is looking for local personal litigation solicitor…click here for details

Shaneleone just wants to get something off her chest – every time a family member posts a gift to them from the States, they’re charged a ridiculous amount by customs…click here for details

Two crime stories. Firstly, an incredibly useful update from local police sergeant Nathan Shickles with details of Balham crimes and crime prevention tips. Well worth reading (click here) . Secondly, our friends at Done and Dusted had scooters stolen from their car and they want to warn you all to be careful! Luckily they have CCTV so they could see exactly what happened so the perpetrators may still be caught! (click here).

This is a GREAT idea! Jonathan@Hamptons has posted about the closure of Harrys News and has started a collection to give them a happy send off. Thanks Jonathan this is a wonderful initiative and I’m sure they’ll be really touched!…click here for details

After a few weeks of writing about store closures on Northcote Road I’m delighted to be able to announce some new openings. Hydrofit have just opened at 137. Welcome! They also have a special offer for the first 100 NappyValleyNetters!!!…click here for details

Anti-vaxxer recants: seven catch whooping coughDenwand writes that is ‘looks like the doorstep charity collectors are at it again…click here for details

If you can’t live in Nappy Valley where should you live? Kcbh27 needs to know! …click here for detalis

Btcmum is contemplating joining the Harbour Club, is it worth the fees?…click here for details

Snowpea asks if anyone has been to the revamped Latchmere pool? Is it any better, cleaner, nicer?…click here for details

NorthcoteLuvvie has posted a story for anyone who overshares on Facebook. With friends like these……click here for details

VKAC would be grateful if anyone has any experience, tips or information on what there is around Wandsworth for young children with Asperger’s?…click here for details

Zaza107 be interested in talking with anyone who is willing and has had experience with Prader-Willi syndrome?…click here for details

2009Kat needs a referral to a pediatrician for their 4 yr old who appears to have some developmental delays. Does anyone have any recommendations/experiences they could share?…click here for details

Lazello’s first baby is due in less than a month (exciting!) and they have been told that the postnatal midwife care provided by the NHS can be a little skinny. They are considering supplementing the NHS with some private midwife visits. Any views or recommendations?…click here for details

Shazafraz has a 2 year old and as nursery isn’t an option (waiting lists) do you have any ideas to help him “get more socialising in”? …click here for details

BatterseaSquareMum’s in-laws have a set of journals from the Royal Horticultural Society all catalogued in RHS binders from 1968 – 2013. Does anyone know of a Horticultural College etc that may appreciate them? …click here for details

1dMummy2b2212 is looking for recommendations where she can get a wedding and engagement ring polished?…click here for details

Sparkles is new to the area and needs an optician, preferably close to the Northcote road area. Who is Nappy Valley’s top eye person?…click here for details

Jodesy asks ‘what are universally loved/enjoyed gifts for a 5 year old girl?’ …click here for details

Mrsmac35 needs recommendations for a mobile dog groomer for a cocker spaniel who needs clipping? …click here for details

Sticking with animals, Cb0 is looking for a really good vet that’s experienced in entire female bitches (i.e. not spayed)…click here for details

Oooh I hope we can help this guys. We LOVE Everyone Bikes and they are looking for a local commercial surveyor who can help them with an upcoming rent review for their shop premises on Northcote Road …click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Nigel Farage has pints (and pies!)

The Offcut Company needs an experienced telesales executive (part time) (click here).  Wnba are looking for someone who loves babies, is fun, energetic and will enjoy playing with them (click here).

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Sony Pictures has embarrassing emails!

Ride London – Surrey takes place on August 2nd and Age UK Wandsworth are looking to sell these places at cost (click here).  BatterseaSquareMum just found out about ‘The Rock Farm’ and wanted to share, the next one will be at The Bedford in Balham on 24th May. It sounds AMAZING! (click here).  Carleti11’s daughter is starting at Eaton House the Manor this September. Anyone else starting and interested in a playdate for the girls to get to know each other ? (click here).  Pleasant Presents have just started a new business selling gifts for adults and children and are looking to sell at summer fairs. Which are the best? (click here).  Familycompleted is a mom of a reception age child andlooking for summer activity ideas (click here).  Finally, Corgi Registered is looking for recommendations for a piano teacher (click here).

And now for your travel questions!

Tots Too have a 5* family friendly gem in Crete with 25% off (click here).   Holidayplanner has a quick question for anyone who has been to Martinhal: would you recommend hiring a car? (click here).  Mummyatwork has a child-friendly villa in the South of France for rent (click here).  Soph’s Dad had a cottage booked for a week in Norfolk but they can’t go  If anyone is interested get in touch as they don’t want it to go to waste! (click here).

“Schools in for summer!” OK, it doesn’t have the same ring to it but it’s true!

There is an open morning at Shaftesbury Park primary school at 9.30am on Thursday 23rd April. (click here).  ExitPursuedByABear is looking for feedback on Seely Hall Eveline Day nursery (click here).  Jen_putney was concerned about Brandlehow school nursery admissions but it looks like the catchment area may be bigger now, I hope that’s good news! (click here). Shaneleone finally found an Au Pair (hurrah!) and she’s now looking for someone who will teach her English (click here). 

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions! We have more than Boris Johnson has bikes!

Claphamama is in the process of starting building work and they are already finding themselves in a difficult position with the design and build firm they appointed. They’re now looking at legal advice so if you can help please do! (click here).  Hecticmummy is looking for a good mortgage broker (click here).  Mrshansolo is about to paint her sons bedroom. He’s 7 years old and they want something creative ideas and different. Ideas? (click here).  Seb is thinking of getting an internet heating system, one you can control from an app. Does anyone have one? Are they any good? (click here).  Hbbal is looking for recommendations for a roofing or building company who can fix their water damaged brickwork (click here).  Moomie have a lovely Victorian wall in the garden in need of a wash. They could borrow a friend’s power washer but frankly their DIY skills are rubbish. Could anyone recommend a local handyman able to do this for them? (click here).  Chef_Mel is looking for recommendations for a local plumber/builder to install a new bathroom(click here).  Sagittarius needs a builder/decorator to do up one bedroom in their flat. (click here).  Workingmum62 is redoing her front garden, she needs recommendations for builders or landscapers? (click here).  Runningmummy is looking for moving boxes (click here).

Annabels Arcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale

Two X dark wood Ikea wardrobes with custom handles for £150 (click here).  Morphy Richards 6.5L slow cooker for £20 (click here). and a Spin Bike for £100 (click here).


 A VTech Baby First Steps Baby Walker (click here).  Baby Bjorn balance soft bouncer (click here).  non-permanent stair gate (click here) 

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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