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Last Updated on : 5th May 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And the child who finds the most Easter Eggs wins!”

We were visiting my brother and his family over the Easter Break and on the Sunday had trekked off en masse to a leisure farm.

A large Easter Bunny, whom I’m pretty sure was the girl on reception wearing a rabbit suit, was explaining the rules to a crowd of manic toddlers whilst a forest of proud parents videoed every moment.

“Does anyone have any questions?”

My youngest put up her hand and immediately I could tell something was not quite right. My nephew, a few years older, had spent the last few minutes giggling and whispering into her ear and she was clearly a little confused.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out why.

“Is it true that when we find an egg do we have to do this?”

And with that she put two fingers in the air and made an extremely rude gesture in the direction of the large bunny.

It took about three seconds to confirm that my nephew was the source of the misinformation and so it was a holiday of “firsts” for the family.

My nephew experienced his first Easter without any chocolate and I had heard, for the first time, the sound of mass parental disapproval.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Are faith schools unfair? Local nurseries to avoid?Newintooting has a controversial question regarding faith schools (click here).  If you do want to take part in this conversation please do bear in mind that NVN is a friendly and inclusive website so snipey comments will be swiftly deleted!

I really hope we can help with this question! MTC is off on a business trip but she’s not ready to leave her little one! Any suggestions to help minimise the distress for them both?…click here for details

I LOVE Uber but KarenG wonders if it can be used for children? (click here).

Not a Nappy Valley issue but it means a lot to Northcote Luvvie. She was really disturbed by the execution of the Bali Nine and asks if you feel the same way, would you consider joining Amnesty International?…click here for details

This is a post I never thought I’d write: a smelly goat leg has been found on top of Northcote Road bus stop! Errr this is what I call a Ronseal post, it is exactly what is says on the tin (or on the roof!)…click here for details

Are faith schools unfair? Local nurseries to avoid?Another Balham Police update. Thank you Nathan for writing these. I don’t know if others find them useful but I think they’re fascinating. Who knew that Wandsworth has the highest number of motorbike and scooter thefts?…click here for details

Speaking of which, Martina_SW18 accidentally took a different scooter on Monday afternoon from Bishops park in Putney! Are you missing your micro?…click here for details

Can you help? AFYH is organising an event to raise funds for families feeling isolated when they have a child with sensory needs. They’re throwing a “Frozen” party and need decorations such as fabric, snowflakes and cut-outs. If you have any of these items and can “Let Them Go” (geddit?) then she’d be really grateful!…click here for details

MGG is looking for help to buy the “airspace” from the a joint freeholder?…click here for details

Editrix is confused and frustrated over internet providers and satellite television providers and would love some help! I know what you mean, their customer services departments should have the letters “dis’ inserted into their department descriptions…click here for details

Shopper wants to hear your views on moving from Wandsworth to Dulwich? Will she love it or regret leaving lovely Wandsworth? Eeek, don’t go, we’ll miss you!…click here for details

Tots Too have posted details of some pretty special savings on luxury family holidays  (click here).  

Hhirst would like to know where her little one can have the Meningitis B vaccination?…click here for details

DGSW18 is looking for a new doctor and wonders if anyone can recommend either the Haider and Beggs practices on St Johns Hill?…click here for details

Moomie has some questions about after school/holiday nanny duties and how one handles tax and NI?…click here for details

Sticking with childcare advice, LP73 would love to hear your thoughts on nurseries to consider (and avoid) around Balham/Wandsworth Common?…click here for details

SW_Mum wonders which nanny agency should she consider? She’s looked at Abbeville Nannies and Nappy Valley Nannies so far!…click here for details

1dSw17mamma has posted details of a Rainbow Cake recipe which rivals the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for architectural complexity. Ok, I *may* have exaggerated her post a little bit but only a bit!…click here for details

Yay! On this note, Charlotte1985 needs a cake maker!…click here for details

Leolondon needs recommendations for a nutritionist/nutritional therapist in our around SW12/SW18/SW15?…click here for details

Do you have a budding Olga Korbett? Maybe you can help with Joolia’s question? Her daughter has been offered a place at the Mayfield gymnastics club but she’s been attending another which she loves. Should she move? …click here for details

Sticking with this theme, Spursmummy asks if anyone knows of any dance classes (not ballet) in Balham?…click here for details

Abbeville77 wonders if childcare sharing might work? i.e. a small group who work different days might look after each others children? (click here). 

Mummag needs recommendations for a blow dry close to Northcote Road? …click here for details

MTC wonders if you can suggest a stroller lock?…click here for details

Nycmommy has just got a Cavapoo puppy (awwwwh!) and needs pet insurance. Who should she call?…click here for details

Sticking with pets, KatieLovegrove would love to get a  Cockapoo and wonders if you know of a reputable breeder?…click here for details

Amandalm has lost her keys  somewhere between Wakehurst Road and Broomwood Road, might you have found them?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Miliband has embarrassing stone tablets!

Octopus Investments are seeking a recruitment coordinator to schedule interviews and manage candidates (click here).  Hartbeeps are looking for a part-time, weekly children’s entertainer(click here).  Little Wombles Nursery would love to find a part time nursery practitioner (click here).  Okun need a part-time finance controller for a funky beach brand(click here).  Toonarmy is looking for a highly efficient person to help with their admin! (click here).

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Cameron has inclusive open arm gestures!

Bright Horizons Nurseries are holding an open week on the 11th–15th May (click here).  AllStarTennis (we LOVE these guys, their Wimbledon ballot is incredible) have evening tennis courses for adults (click here).  There is a new “Pilates for Dads” class with Janewake! The trial lesson is FREE! (click here).  Tashy82 is starting to get cabin fever and asks if there any groups/activities for babies in the local area? There are tons! Check out our calendar! (click here).  The NVN Working Mums’ Breakfast Club is meeting for drinks on Wednesday 6th May at The Avalon from 6.30pm onwards (click here)   Abbeville77 is a 40 plus first time mum to be looking for similar mums. Swap stories/ meet for coffee? (click here).  Noel Janis-Norton is a “celebrity parenting guru” and she is talking on the 20th May at the MyHealthcare Clinic (click here)  Volunteers are needed for London Moonwalk 2015. It’s on Clapham Common and they need people to hand out food, give out finisher medals, be route marshals, cycle marshals and all sorts. Sounds fun! (click here).

Here are your school questions! We have more than Nicola Sturgeon has thoughts of independence!

Elisapeter has to choose between a full time spot at the Honeywell nursery school or the Nightingale (Montessori) nursery school. Can you share your experiences of either? (click here).  Wandsworth Prep. is delighted to announce that scholarships are available for children entering Year 3 and above (click here).  Fionag writes that ‘parents may be interested to learn that Belleville Primary School is starting a bid to open a new school. They need help from the community so please do check this out! (click here).  Pyra would love to know your thoughts and feedback on Eaton House by Victoria station? (click here).  Tilly&Roo asks if anyone knows when the Easter holidays will be in 2016(click here). 

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions! We have more than the Lindo Wing had reporters over the weekend!

Clarehipwell has spare tickets to the Grand Designs show! (click here).  Tilly&Roo’s insurance company claim the rebuild cost of their house is £550k, isn’t that a bit low? (click here).   Bodders1 is looking for a reputable company to restore or replace her Victorian mosaic tiled pathway? (click here).  Gitte needs an independent glazing /window/ door company (click here).  Sw4mummy has a newly refurbished two bed flat available for rent (click here).  Katie recommends her tree surgeon! (click here).  Melicone is looking for small flat or studio in a larger family home. They can pay rent and help with babysitting/mothers help when required (click here).  Broomwoodj has a large two bedroom garden flat for rent (click here).  Abbeville77 is searching for a one or two bedroom flat in Balham or Clapham (click here).

Annabels Arcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Little Tikes kitchen, £60 (click here).  30 Litre Brabantia bin, £35 ONO (click here).  Isla Rotham balance bike for £110 (click here)

And in our items wanted section!

Baby Bjorn bouncer (click here).  Single umbrella style buggy (click here).  and a retractable safety gate (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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