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Are schools reopening?

Last Updated on : 16th June 2020
Are schools reopening?

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Who is Sue Veed?”

My eldest was helping Mr NVN unpack his latest delivery. I know everyone reacts differently to LockDown but my husband has turned into even more of a gadget freak. I can’t turn around without tripping over a robot vacuum cleaner or accidentally switching off a rice cooker whilst I actually clean the house or prepare meals.

“S.O.U.S. V.I.D.E.,” he enunciated annoyingly, whilst holding up what looked like a giant kettle element, “is water bath cooking and from today every piece of chicken we eat in this house will be perfectly cooked at 65 degrees for three hours.”

He held up the kettle-thingy with the reverence of King Arthur pawing Excalibur for the first time.

My son had heard enough and wandered into the living room.

“Dad has finally gone Tonto,” I overheard him explain to his sister, “we’re now sharing our baths with a chicken for, like, the whole night.”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

F. accepted a place at one private school but has now been offered a place at another. What can they do about the notice period payment they are being asked to make? (read more)

Lots of helpful advice for R. whose husband does not want her to lend money to her brother. Opinions were divided but looks like R. is set for another conversation with her husband (read more).

If you too were left baffled by the government’s announcement and feel strongly about the schools reopening, then there are petitions out there to lobby government (read more).

B. is at breaking point and has put out a desperate plea for a psychologist for her 10 year old son who she suspects suffers from anxiety and possibly ADHD (read more).

Expri. really needs your help (read more). They’ve signed a lease contract which they need to know if they can break? Covid-19 has rendered them in dire financial straits (read more)

G. is looking for a marriage counsellor who understands ADHD (read more).

And we are so excited that our local businesses have started to re-open. Lemon Tree salon will be opening on 4th July and they are taking bookings now. Masks, visors, screens and gloves will all be in place (read more).

The Northcote Jeweller will reopen limiting customers in-store, providing hand sanitiser, gloves and masks (read more).

C. is visiting from Hong Kong for 3 months from October and wonders if anyone has a house in Hampshire that they would be willing to rent out? They are a family of four plus nanny and two dogs (read more). Oooh I think I have one in the shed – I’ll just pop out and check.

In other news…there’s a new kitchen in town serving comfort food from the Deep South of America in Tooting. During lockdown, profits are going to the Wandsworth Food Bank (read more). Grits, rye and corn chowder y’all! I literally have no idea what those things are but I saw them on the Dukes of Hazard once!

Father’s Day is coming up and if you are still on the lookout for a gift, P. is doing pencil portraits. Yeah…because a portrait of his kids’ faces is all a dad needs after 12 weeks of lockdown (read more). Sorry that sounded grumpier than it was meant to.

And if the man in your life needs an underwear upgrade then Clapham based E. has launched Arlo Hudson using sustainably sourced fabrics hand crafted by artisans. Whaddya mean there’s no polyester ‘Y fronts’ with biscuit piping (read more)?

From pants to passes! Alberto Kurti’s football coaching on Clapham Common on Saturdays is back (read more).

Sticking with the beautiful game: P. urges us to sign a petition to stop the development of the commercial football facility on Tooting Common (read more).

M. is in need of a local childminder to look after their 10 month old from July onwards (read more).

And G. is looking for a Spanish speaking au pair to look after their 3 children from September (read more). Hola!

M. has set up a bespoke cake company in Balham combining her rich Venezuelan heritage into her cake making for something extra special (read more). You had me at cake.

A little bit of New York comes to Clapham. By Chloe, the plant-based eatery opens tomorrow and they have 1000 of their famous guac burgers to give away (read more)

Spanish Gastro Larder is doing discounts for Father’s Day gifts (read more). Mr NVN LOVES chorizo. I think more than he loves me!

S. desperately wants her 7 year old to stop sucking her thumb and biting her nails. Can anyone help? The splint therapy sounds quite nail biting in itself! (read more).

Link UP London’s ReLaunch programme is running a FREE online session for women on the topic of “Wellness” on Wednesday the 24th of June from 10.00-11.00am. (read more).

And First Aid for Life are providing essential practical first aid training for anyone needing to renew their First Aid at Work or Ofsted Paediatric Qualifications (read more).

For all new parents, there is a new pod cast, Crib notes, for all those things that parents google at 3am – godsend you say… (read more).


We have more House & Garden posts than Wandsworth Common has teenagers!

S. needs a decorator builder to help with damage caused by a leak from the flat above (read more).

Is it a good idea to split a dining room and reception area to create a utility room in a 3 bedroomed house or would this be detrimental in terms of a future sale asks D.? (read more) 

Recommendations have come in for the Wash Doctors for car washing from C. and R. They must be good (read more).

Win a paint-tin load of luxury short bread with Paint the Town Green (read more).

GW Cabinetry has changed its name to Worth’s, and it has a new website to boot (read more).


We have more schools reopening posts than Wandsworth Common has empty bottles of cider!

With the news that schools are not likely to resume until September, B. is looking for a tutor for her Year 2 son in Balham (read more).

Alexander is a Cambridge Graduate offering remote tutoring for maths (obvs) but also entrance to university, physics, STEP and more (read more).

M. is not from the UK and has several questions about the social make up of private schools, catchment areas and good state primaries (read more).

O. needs a tutor to help her reception aged son with his reading and some maths (read more). S. wants to know what is going on with the grammar school entrance tests (read more).

S. asks if the wait list for Kings College Wimbledon 10+ moves (read more).

E. is wondering if any schools are admitting more students following the government announcement last week (read more).

Z. asks the age old private versus state school question for their four year old, views please (read more).

D. is looking for a second hand Broomwood Hall reception uniform for her son (read more).

N. is looking for a Broomwood Hall uniform for her Year 1 daughter (read more).

And P. is looking for second-hand uniforms for Wimbledon High School and Dulwich College (read more).

The Independent Schools Show Forum are hosting an online event, gathering experts together to talk about reception admissions on Tuesday 16th June, 10.30 – 11.30am (read more).

Mentor Education posts about its academic assessment for children, helping them to prepare for 7+, 11+ and 13+ education (read more).

Exceptional Academics is running its first 11+ mock examination this year on Saturday, 13 June to help your Year 5s prepare for next year (read more).

Sydenham Schools is inviting prospective parents to a virtual meeting with the head (read more).

And Whitgift, day and boarding school for boys from 10-18 is holding a Virtual Open Event at 10am on 20th June 2020 (read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant

Full time permanent nanny required just off Northcote Road (read more).


For Sale

Child’s tricycle (read more)



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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