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Last Updated on : 9th May 2016

Have all your New Year fitness resolutions gone out the window four months on? Well summer is around the corner and that means bare arms, shorts and beachwear! Luckily we’ve asked the best fitness experts in the business to give you a free body boost in the comfort of your own home. Just click on their link below to follow a short workout they’ve made especially for you – and if you like what you try, read on to find out how you can sign up for more of the same.

Complied by Georgina Blaskey.

Fit for a Princess

free-bootcamp-londonWho they are:
Janey Holliday, founder of Fit for a Princess, was previously a self-confessed exercise hater, which inspired her to create a unique concept of female-focused workouts that combine fun and friendliness with carefully constructed exercise combinations that change women’s body shapes and give women a more positive approach to training. Janey has appeared on TV, web chats and in major national newspapers and magazines, and in 2007, Janey was chosen as one of London’s Top 50 Wellbeing Gurus by The London Paper. She also runs Making Things Easy, offering online bootcamps and lifestyle programs for busy women.

frame1The short-haul:
The team at Fit For A Princess (FFAP) have created the perfect five-minute workout for thighs and glutes. Follow their step-by-step video to do the workout at home – all you need in a mat – and toned thighs and a pert bottom can by yours by summer time!

Click here to see the workout




The long haul:
At FFAP they love what they do. All of their classes are varied and aim to compliment each other so clients are always kept challenged, interested and gaining results. Currently, the biggest buzz at FFAP is their two weekly Power Conditioning classes. These classes target your entire body using a variety of low-impact conditioning methods. Taught by their head trainer Katie S (who really understands the female body), she will work and exhaust all major muscle groups as well as help to improve your overall training technique. You will feel energised, stronger, toned and more body aware. Due to it’s popularity, they run a monthly Power Conditioning Master Class – this 90-minute session has sold out every month and is suitable for all levels. Their two weekly HIIT classes on a Monday and Wednesday evening are also big favourites; it’s a 45-minute session that is fast paced and fun, helping to burn fat and tone you up.

bootcamp-for-women-10yearsFFAP run 14 classes a week in total, all designed specifically for women by their team of top, experienced trainers. All classes are suitable for all levels, abilities, sizes and shapes with options for everyone. If you’re new, they’ll encourage you to start with the easier options and if you’re more advanced, they’ll be pushing you out of your comfort zone.


Classes are only £5 drop in and all you need to bring is a mat, water and a smile!

Reader offer: There’s a free trial offer to all new clients. Just click the ‘free trial’ button on the website.




The Train Station

 frameWho they are:
James Cash and Jim Stubbs opened The Train Station in March 2013 having run a personal training company together. While PT is still a huge part of their business, they now strive to offer as close to PT to a group as is possible. You may recognise James (his previous acting career includes parts on TV and the big screen) and Jim is an ex-Saracens player. Amazingly, they’ve both delivered one of their two children. Well, you must be in safe hands then.

The short-haul:
The Terrible Ten is a routine of ten exercises that you repeat in rounds of 30, 45, then 20 seconds. It’s a full-body workout incorporating cardio and dynamic body weight exercises.
Click here to see the workout

The long haul:
With a schedule consisting of Spin, Flow (yoga), Freight Train (Olympic lifting), Core Train and Train Wreck (for the hardcore, by invitation only!), there’s lots on offer at The Train Station. If you had to narrow it down to two complimentary body-busting sessions a week, Junction and Bullet are the 45-minute classes that will knock you in to shape.


Bullet is a HIIT session to top all others. Expect to sweat, ache and burn calories whilst doing a variety of exercises designed to get, and keep, the heart rate up for a full 45 minutes, with a healthy dose of muscular endurance thrown in. Junction is a hybrid session designed to mix all facets of fitness into one session – functional movements, strength and conditioning, and cardiovascular all feature.

  • 3But James is quick to deliver over some myth-busters:
  • Getting in to shape is at least 70% nutrition, so for real weight-loss results, eat right
  • Resistance training is key. It won’t turn you in to Arnie, but it will improve bone density (to ward off osteoporosis) and metabolic rate
  • Ignore BMI charts – muscle weighs more than fat so they are not an accurate indication of  the full health picture
  • Fats are good. Your body understands fat and can process it, so if you want butter, have butter, but just have it sometimes. Sugar is the greater evil and is hidden in so many day-to-day products, such as ketchup and bread, as well as fruit. So have your fruit, but with  yoghurt and nuts
  • Doing sit-ups does not burn belly fat – you need to burn the fat from all over to reveal where you’ve done the work
  • Do compound exercises (ie multi-joint and muscle movements, strength and conditioning, fat-burning, such as mountain climbers) and avoid isolations (anything that works just a single muscle group eg biceps curls)
    You see, simple!

Reader offer: 10% off new memberships until the end of the month.


Open Air Fit

openairfit-6217_edit for print.jpgWho they are:
After 16 years as a professional footballer, Mel Capleton decided to become a personal trainer and sports coach. Due to unprecedented demand, he hit capacity and in order to fill his desire to work with and support more people, his team has grown to include additional coaches and trainers.

Consistency is crucial to Open Air Fit so whoever you get running your session, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the same treatment – with a dose of individuality thrown in for good measure. Mel prides himself on an easy-to-understand approach that puts the client at the centre, ensuring results and goals are achieved. Being at the very heart of the community is fundamental to Mel’s ethos and he spends a lot of time working with families, local kids and special needs pupils so they can incorporate back in to mainstream sports sessions.

frame-1The short-haul:
Try this bespoke, short and sweet, core and abs workout from Open Air Fit which you can do anywhere. Click here to see the workout

The long haul:

3If you’re ready to ramp it up a gear and train with Open Air Fit, the 45-minute Burner is the class that will get you summer ready. Circuit-based, the high-intensity, plyometric exercises use your body weight during quick transitions to blast calories and fat. “By using compound moves, this session is good for flexibility, strength and conditioning, and fat-burning, plus it’s a good consolidation to anything else you do, such as yoga or Pilates,” explains Mel.

As their name suggests, being outside is an important factor to Open Air Fit’s approach. There are football classes for women (and kids!), children’s camps, personal training, fitness sessions for the whole family, and most recently, Teen Circuits – something Mel is really proud of. “It’s a weight-free, cardiovascular, strength and conditioning session for teens. Perfect for stress release during exams and keeping kids psychologically healthy by getting them outside, we have a range of individuals from the number 14 fencer in the country to kids who just want to improve their health and fitness.”


Mel and his team at Open Air Fit are passionate about making exercise and fitness accessible to everyone. “We firmly believe in the (scientifically proven) mental and physical benefits of taking exercise outdoors – without the need for hi-tech gym equipment. And consistently see evidence that people who exercise outside tend to stick with their training programmes for longer than those who train indoors.”

Reader offer: To motivate you in May, attend 3 drop-in classes (circuits or 45-minute Burner) and get the 4th class free! Just mention NappyValleyNet at the first class. See website for full weekly schedule.


Vern Hill Fitness


Who are they:
Established in 2001, Vern Hill and his team are dedicated to the local community and immensely proud of the incredible results they deliver to local people. From exert pre and post-natal care to post-injury recovery, Vern’s training programs are medically overseen by both doctors and physiotherapists so you know you are in the very best hands whatever stage of your exercise journey. At Jaggard Way they also house Wandsworth Common’s only dedicated Spin Studio. Disco lit with a full Sony sound system, expert teachers ensure a complete ‘night club’ spin experience which burns fat and is fun.

11123658_461477907340692_88334154_nThe short haul:
Post-natal exercise in the comfort of your own home while holding your baby? What’s not to love? CARiFiT has been carefully created by Vern for mothers with babies aged six weeks to nine months old and encourages the reintroduction of exercise, as well as an opportunity to get closer to your baby whilst working out. The routines focus on restoring your core, strengthening your overall posture, toning key areas and increasing your heart rate, by using a mixture of interval training techniques. Developed in collaboration with global fitness expert, Vicky Mahony, CARiFiT has been certified by top industry and medical professionals.

Click here to see the CARiFit workouts – type in this code, nappyvalley2016, for two weeks completely free, unlimited access.

The long haul:
CARiFit is also available live at numerous health clubs across the UK, so when you’re ready to leave the house and join longer group classes, you can sweat it out with other new mums – just visit to find locations.

Fancy working out without your bundle of joy? Vern has a wining combination of classes that will get you toned and tight for that beach holiday. “If you do the following three times a week, you’ll really notice the difference: Spin, Fight Club and one PT session.” Whilst Spin speaks for itself, Fight Club is a bag-pounding, heart-racing, endurance session that targets abs, butts as well as chest, back and arms. Finally, if you wanted to add a fourth, Spin Blast (spin with kettle bells) will finish you off nicely!

Reader offer: Visit and use this code, nappyvalley2016, for two weeks completely free, unlimited access.


Movers & Shapers

Movers&Shapers1Who they are:
Founded in 2009, Movers & Shapers was developed by Ben Margolis and his expert team when they noticed that many people weren’t reaching their fitness goals. Put off by hardcore male-dominated gyms, locked-in contracts, long classes and inconvenient locations, Ben endeavoured to create a space where people are at ease, with 30-minute body-blasting sessions offering a variety of workouts – and even an on-site creche.

With six sites in yummy-mummy neighbourhoods, the Balham gym is bright and airy, spotlessly clean and welcoming, offering small group classes that are as close to PT as you can get – but without the price tag. Each of the three studio spaces has inspiring quotes on the wall in relation to that session – a great way to keep motivation up! “Our studios create a familiar environment, more like a retail store or boutique, handily located to pop in while working, shopping or on the school run,” explains Ben.

frame-1The short haul:
For an upper body blitz you can do at home,
click here to see the workout

The long haul: 
If you’re committed to giving your body a summer overhaul, combine the following two 30-minute sessions a couple of times a week and you’ll quickly see results. Cross Spin HIIT is a unique workout combining spin bikes with cross trainers that will push your heart rate for short bursts then allow recovery. Burning more calories and increasing your metabolism, this workout will improve your cardiovascular health and encourage your body to build lean muscle mass. Follow that with a Power Plate workout, which incorporates strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and massage, burning more calories and increasing your metabolism for the ultimate toning and weight loss workout at a pace to suit you.

Movers&Shapers2There are other classes available too: FitCore Abs to develop a strong core; PowerBox to get adrenaline pumping during a boxing-based workout; FlexStretch incorporating the principles of yoga and Pilates; and Circuits640, the hardest class on offer which targets every muscle in your body and really pushes you.

If you want to maximise your results, sign up to their Reset summer plan. In conjunction with nutritionist Abi Manders, there’s healthy eating advice, fitness tips and competitions. Visit

Reader offer: Enjoy a £20 credit against any of their monthly or pay-as-you go packages. New clients only. Promo code “NAPPY20”.


020 8673 0808.


1Who they are:
reCentre Health is a Balham-based clinic and studio where the fitness offering focuses on Pilates, yoga, tai chi and pre- and post-natal exercise. reCentre are experts in physical recovery and repair with a huge number of treatments from physiotherapy and osteopathy to all kinds of massage, as well as complementary therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology and reiki, to name a few. With a bursting timetable and workshops for those wishing to explore areas more fully, there’s a huge amount on offer.

frame-1 copy

The short haul:
For a Pilates mini workout to get you on track for summer, let reCentre teacher, Jo Redfearn, guide you through a short routine you can do anywhere.
Click here to see the workout


The long haul:
Practicing Pilates regularly is a fantastic way to teach the body how to move more effectively and recruit muscles at the right time, for the right job and as efficiently as possible. It’s a reliable way of creating balanced strength in the body and resolving muscular strains caused by a busy life, sport, parenting and stress. At reCentre, they provide Pilates matwork classes at two levels: Beginners/Foundations and Improvers. You can also find specialised classes such as Reformer, Remedial, Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates. “As a result of regular Pilates your posture will change and you will move more efficiently,” explains Jo. “You will achieve a strong core, develop longer, leaner muscles and improve your overall sense of well-being. And if you are a sports enthusiast, Pilates will also help improve your game.”

With beginners classes every day, mornings or evenings, you can start now and reap the benefits in time for summer. With a maximum of 12 people per session, the class is a series of movements based on the mat that will encourage strength in your body and afterwards you will feel lighter, stronger and ready for life. Whilst it can at times feel like hard work, there really is no other exercise that lengths and strengthens muscles as deeply.

Reader offer: Buy one get one free with your first Pilates class at reCentre.


SW Yoga

Who they are:
Lucy Paul has 15 years experience teaching yoga. She’s studied directly under some of the most respected yoga instructors in the world, yet has created a practice that is both accessible and varied. Alongside her day-day-day classes for small groups (which can be at your home or at one of her regular class venues), Lucy specialises in yoga to treat back pain (she used yoga to strengthen her back following a horse-riding injury in her teens) and cancer rehabilitation.

frame-1The short haul:
Lucy’s morning routine will awaken your muscles for the day ahead, focus your mind and flood your body with positive energy. Click here to start your practice

The long haul:
Seven years ago, Lucy developed Cardio Yoga, a combination of 45 minutes on Wandsworth Common doing cardio exercises and using the Common’s own fit trail followed by ab work, and 45 minutes back in her venue for a yoga-based stretching class. “I knew lots of people practising yoga who weren’t getting a cardio hit, and runners who weren’t stretching,” explains Lucy. “This class is relevant to so many people as one half compliments the other.”

CardioBut if you really want to dig deep and makes some changes fast, enrol in her 12-day Cardio Blitz, an intensive course that launches at the start of each new term. Every day you have a Cardio Yoga class as well as a healthy eating plan courtesy of clean-living guru James Duigan. “Last time, between 16 people we lost four-and-a-half-stone,” says Lucy. “But it’s not just about weight loss, it’s about personal attainment and satisfaction.” Fortunately you don’t need to wait until the start of next term as in June Lucy is running her seven-day Bikini Blitz. “There’ll be a class every day and a six-day diet to a flatter tummy, plus it’s a great way to pick up your fitness and give yourself a boost.”

Once you’ve done that you’ll find it hard to resist her retreat in Zakynthos, Greece, 11-18 September, where you can enjoy twice daily yoga classes combined with island life.


Reader offer: First class free, quote NappyValleyNet when booking.



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