Balaclava daylight robbers hit Waitrose carpark

Last Updated on : 28th November 2022

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Even though I love the convenience of online shopping, I do miss the romance of the old days.

Pre-internet Mr NVN and I would take a day off work and wander around the West End, dipping in and out of shops and finishing up with a long, lazy lunch.

I’m not naive enough to think it was the highlight of his year, but at least he showed up and didn’t whinge too much.

And it certainly throws his shopping efforts this year into sharp focus.

Sat on the sofa in his baggy dressing gown, he scrolled on his phone looking up only to mumble inane questions like “what’s the number of that perfume you wear?”

Eventually he muttered, “job done” and he was “off to the little boys room to check the England USA odds”.

I think Mr NVN may be a lost cause, but if you want to rekindle some of that old magic then our wonderful local holiday gift guide is a great place to start (read more) and I can promise there won’t be a baggy dressing gown anywhere in sight!


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

Worrying news from Balham where balaclava-wearing thieves smashed a car window in the Waitrose car park, in broad daylight, and made off with a valuable bag (read more).

Lambeth parents are going to be banned from dropping their children off in cars at 18 more sites across the borough (read more).

Festive loveliness alert! U. is trying to find a group of boys from the Gayville Street Party to thank them for going above and beyond to keep a promise and make six-year-old ‘Edgar’ the happiest boy in the world. More of this and less of the balaclavas please!! (read more)

And here’s your chance to spread the goodwill. D. is looking for a Christmas Samaritan, possibly an Aussie expat with teen sons, to host a 16-year-old from down under who is currently training in Germany for the national biathlon team. He can’t go home and his family can’t come here – anyone got room at the inn? (read more)

S. has heard rumours that members of The Hurlingham Club will be exempt from proposed further restrictions on Wandsworth Bridge road as reported in D.’s original post (read more). Yeah and probs that ULEZ extension too!

C. shares sad news that the much-loved local restaurant, 33 Abbeville Road, has closed its doors for the last time (read more).

And P. asks if Loungin on Battersea Rise has closed after noticing that it looked dark and lifeless recently? (read more) LOVE their sofas, sitting on one right now!

Thank you for all the helpful advice offered to another L. who posted about the very difficult situation with their sister’s ex who owes their mother money (read more). Wisdom of Solomon needed in these situations!

R.’s post about her mother-in-law cutting their child’s hair without permission has clearly created some choppy waves between some of you – please keep things friction free! (read more)

Our friends at Ayrton have 10 fabulous home security tips to keep you and yours, in addition to your possessions, safe (read more). We love Ayrton and with these recent security scares they talk a lot of sense!

Talking of hair, G. is wondering if Dyson Hairdryers are really as good as they are expensive(read more)

N.’s recently widowed, 80-year-old father lives in Cornwall but is now spending a week a month in London and wants to make the most of his time in the big smoke. N. would love some ideas to keep this super senior busy! (read more)

Wandsworth Council are looking for more people to host Ukrainian Families but M. feels that this shouldn’t be falling to individuals and an official solution, funded by public money is now necessary (read more).

There have been some fabulous suggestions for L. who is off to Seville in April, including a recommendation for a Flamenco night that will get everyone clicking. Gracias amigos! (read more)

If you’re thinking of warmer climes and, let’s face it a holiday is probably cheaper than heating bills right now, then head over to Travel Matters and check out their blog and sunshine offers (read more).

Win a big stack of books for your school! NVN and Chocolit books in Clapham have teamed up to offer one lucky primary school a specially curated bundle of books (read more).

If it’s gifts you want then we’ve got plenty of local presents for local people all wrapped up in our fabulous NappyValleyNet Gift guide(read more) So good I wanted to mention it twice!

M. shares that Putney will be hosting its own ice rink until the 4 December – skates on and make like a Mighty Duck. Possibly a niche reference there but if you know, you know! (read more)

If skating’s not for you then how about strolling through a Victorian church with a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie, surrounded by a forest of sparkling Christmas trees? St. Mary Magdelane’s, Wandsworth, will be holding their 10th Christmas Tree festival on, pleasingly, Saturday 10 December (read more).

Or for a total break from meal prep, C. recommends Healey’s, a new local service offering individually packaged meal kits prepared by personal chefs for busy local families and we were lucky enough to try a sample – read our review here! (read more)

M. has had a tough couple of years health-wise since contracting covid and would like recommendations for a nutritionist specialising in immunity (read more).

E. shares some vital advice from First Aid For Life about how to help someone who you think is self-harming (read more). LOVE FAFL!

We have more House & Garden posts than Christmas lights in a tangle:

There’s been lots of love for ‘On The Wall’ who still have availability to make your house art-tastic before Christmas (read more). S. would like to recommend Forest Tree Care after they did a great job on her garden (read more). W. needs a reliable roofer to replace a flat roof (read more)Rampton Baseley have opened a new sales and lettings office in Earlsfield and are currently offering a reduced fee at that branch (read more). U. is looking for a handyman to be handy ‘Between The Commons’ (read more). D. has so much dust and is looking for a post renovation cleaner to help clear it! (read more) J. is looking for a jeweller to repair a ring (read more). B. and their family of five are looking for a SW17 house rental for 9 – 12 months from January (read more). M. is offering their 2-bedroom flat on Oakmead Road for rent (read more).


A new home for the baubles?

For sale with John Thorogood is a handsome 6-bedroom Victorian townhouse on a sought-after road just off Wandsworth Common (read more)For sale with Portico is a 2-bedroom flat on a popular road just off Clapham High Street with communal gardens, a heated swimming pool and bike storage (read more)For sale with Marsh & Parsons is a 4-bedroom Victorian family house on a quiet road just off Clapham Common, recently refurbished throughout (read more)For sale with Rampton Baseley is a 5-bedroom Victorian house on a sought-after road running off Clapham Common Westside, completely refurbished (read more).

We have more Schools posts than Nativity plays:

L. asked if you would consider private prep schools if you could get a place at Honeywell and plenty of you have answered with mixed results (read more). U. and their daughter have got Wimbledon High firmly in their sights but have just discovered that there’s no school bus. U. would like to know how others travel from ‘Between the Commons’ to Wimbledon (read more). O. is an anxious Dad with a daughter in Year 4 and is worried she’ll struggle to get into their preferred schools so would like tutor recommendations (read more). There are seven wonderful reasons to choose Dolphin School including it’s most recent and excellent inspection (read more). Hyde Tutoring is offering a limited time Black Friday deal of 20% off 10 and 11+ December courses! Deal ends today! Monday 28th November (read more). There has been a great response to C.’s request for feedback on Beatrix Potter vs Swaffield – thank you (read more). Wenlin Chinese School are offering GCSE Chinese listening and speaking classes for children taking their GCSE exams this year (read more). Role Models will be holding a parent webinar on ‘How to raise resilient children’ on Tuesday 29 November (read more).

Situations Vacant

Dolphin School are looking for Nursery teachers (read more)Term Time only cover supervisor role at Southfields Academy (read more)Legal Trainer (civil and criminal litigation) (read more)Leaflet Distributor (read more).

For sale 

GLTC girls’ dressing table and stool set (read more). High Quality Mid-sleeper bed (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team

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