Balham Nandos stabbing. The Romany Scout site is finally saved! Removing a wasps nest and getting rid of mice? Belleville to open a NEW school?

Last Updated on : 22nd September 2014

Balham Nandos stabbingDear NappyValleyNetter,

The Romany Scout site has been saved!

This huge achievement is a testament to the hard work of the “Save the Romany” team and future generations of children, who will all benefit from this fantastic community space, owe a great big “thank you” to those who have worked so tirelessly to keep it in our domain.

A little part of me can’t believe they’ve been successful.

Not because I doubted their will to win or the value of the space.

But because so often when we read of community campaigns to “save” something or other it seems inevitable that once the initial furore has died down the objectionable plans carry on regardless.

So everyone at NappyValleyNet would like to say a massive “thank you” to the “STR” team!

I can’t possibly thank you all by name, but there is a lovely post with more details if you click here!

Well done! Well done! Well done!

Here are the *other* issues you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Balham Nandos stabbingDreadful news. A man was stabbed in Balham Nando’s while celebrating his birthday last Monday evening…click here for details 

Outnumbered wants to warn you of a scam call claiming to be from Visa saying they needed to arrange delivery of a new debit card. Please read and be careful!…click here for details

Fionag tells us that Belleville Primary School is starting the process of putting together a bid to open a new school, it is still early days but Belleville are asking for help from the local community……click here for details

Sticking with schools. Last week’s post on the consultation to change the sibling admissions policy for Wandsworth schools has been our most active post in seven days EVER. Over nine thousand views in a week and almost 150 replies! (click here). And on a similar(ish) theme, the council *may* have changed the rules on admissions for renters…click here for details

Mmb asks ‘do your children have enough to eat at school?’ Last year she  was called a number of times by the school, saying that her son “wasn’t feeling well” but it transpired he was just hungry…click here for details

Claphamama needs advice about a messy neighbour!…click here for details

Pumpkin’s LO had a toilet accident at nursery and she was called to come and collect her. She feels silly by how upset this made her feel, has anyone felt the same or is she just over reacting?…click here for details

“Seriously?” is having in a quandary over her au pair situation  and would love advice. She thinks that they should let her go and find someone else…click here for details

The Little Legs Company now has a shiny new owner. Helen wants to say a big HUGE thank you for your support and custom over the past 3 years. The stall will now open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also big special thanks to NappyValleyNet for finding the buyer! Ahh thanks Helen and fizz on you!…click here for details

Mungomuffit is really struggling to think of ideas for a 9 year old boy’s birthday party. Come on NVN’ers, Mungo is a long standing member of our community, let’s HELP! (click here)  Similar theme, Lia needs recommendations for any party venues in or around Wandsworth for toddler’s birthday party? I believe the Romany Scout hut might be free!…click here for details

Tink would love to meet some other mothers in the Balham area…click here for details

Sticking with friends, Stephanie_emk is looking for suggestions for a cafe which also has a toddler-friendly play area near Clapham here for details

Bee – first time mum is looking for highchairs for a baby tall enough to be used at a breakfast counter…click here for details

Hellokittyerw asks that due to a previous c-section, she will most likely choose an elective c-section (on the NHS), does anyone know how often she will see a consultant?…click here for details

Pixi has had a bad lower back ache for the last 3 weeks and nothing seems to work, can anyone recommend a good physio in SW11/SW12?…click here for details

BabyB is desperate for someone to help her organise a mound of electronic photos and videos. She need all of them backed-up, sorted and cleaned up – plus several photo books put together and printed…click here for details

Azilal10 is interested in getting a photo made up into a painting. It’s a landscape so those caricature artists in Leicester Square wouldn’t be any use!…click here for details

Coco_tallulah is biting the bullet and finally learning to drive, can anyone recommend an instructor, preferably automatic?…click here for details

Katerossetti has disposable nappies size two and three and is looking for a a charity to donate them to…click here for details

We’ve got a ton of activities for you this week!

Now, which of the local “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan” will you be going to? Two of our great friends Travel Designers (click here). and Skylark are hosting for this great cause, we’ll see you there…click here for more details

Jehanne is an Australian cellist who moved over to London to teach and perform AND offers cello lessons (click here). Anootka needs recommendations for a reasonably priced crash swimming course over half term (click here).  Supernanny88  would like to know of  any  playgroups in the church/children’s centre around Balham/Wandsworth Common/Clapham South/Tooting Bec please? (click here). Q.H. posts that the Mandarin play group(1-3 years) is ready to start! With or without Chinese background or heritage. All welcome…click here for details

For more things to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week check out our “What’s On” calendar. Like a teething toddler it never sleeps!…click here for more details

Looking for a new role or challenge? Then check out these listings!

Davidgordon are a niche firm looking for a senior qualified solicitor. Would suit part time or full time (click here).  BV1977 is looking for a part-time nanny willing to fit in with an unusual working pattern (click here),  Joolia needs an au pair to start as soon as possible to help look after their daughter, mainly pre and post school…click here for details

Can you help with these travel questions?

Mummypips is looking for a weekend away with a couple of other families, golf and spa ideally  and not too far from London? (click here).  Mumandmore wonders if anyone has any suggestions for hotels (ideally abroad in the sun!) good for two adults and two very young children…click here for details

We’ve a homework planner full of “back-to-school” and nursery questions!

Wandsworth Council have announced that celebrations will be held next week to mark the official unveiling of the new-look Burntwood School (click here). Beatryshe is concerned with the shortage of primary school spaces in Lambeth. For this reason she is campaigning for a new school to open in 2016 (click here).  Mumboo would really appreciate some up-to-date views regarding Alderbrook school (click here).  Clapham Village Nursery and Preschool have an official launch party on Saturday 27th September. I’ve been treated to a tour and it’s AMAZING! (click here).  Broomwood Hall Lower School has an open day on Tuesday 7 October from 9am until 10.30am (click here) and Northcote Lodge on Saturday 11 October  (click here)Adlehs is a bit confused and wants to know the difference between nurseries and nursery schools(click here) SamT is thinking of sending her 2 year old to the Magdalen Day Nursery and would like your opinions and feedback…click here for details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our new property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you (click here)

Our house and garden is bigger than Alistair Darling’s post election party!

Moo moo is desperately hoping that someone can help, their building company have not completed their work, have been paid and now they need to sue! (click here)Falconmum is looking for an electrician with burglar alarm experience to un-install the security system from their current property and then re-install in the new (click here). Ppe needs to clean Victorian hall tiles (click here). Mariegt78 wants to know the best places to shop for bathroom refurb goods? (click here). SamT would love to hear your experiences with loft conversions specifically is it best to put in two smaller rooms instead of a larger one(click here) KatherineHepburn has MICE! Can anyone recommend a good pest control company (click here)  Mary-in-Earlsfield has wasps nest in her roof(click here) Carosandyselmi needs advice or recommendations for a mortgage advisor (click here). and Justalocal needs a removal company and builder recommendations please…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: Face value Kylie tickets for sale, £180 for both, Monday 29 Sep at the O2 (click here),  Red Phil & Teds Sport double buggy for sale (click here) and a Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike for £15 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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