Beckham in Battersea Park. Faith schools under fire. Mayor allegedly flouts parking regs and help find missing heart monitor.

Last Updated on : 10th February 2014

Dear South West London Mum,

Entrance exam results for the majority of independent schools will be mailed out later this week.

Although Friday’s envelopes will mostly come from the private sector the process is not exclusively for fee paying schools; the grammar schools and the Graveney selective stream also award their places after tests, although their timing is different.

It’s an incredibly brutal process.

Children who are still working out how to behave in our complicated world, who’ve spent their entire lives being told they’re unique and special, are treated like little commodities and publicly assessed, graded and sorted based on a few hours of tests and, if they’re lucky, an interview with a stranger.

Every year I am always astonished that we actually put our children through it and every year I am always astonished as to how well they cope.

So if you’ve already had your results, I hope you got what you wanted.

If you’re waiting for results, good luck.

And if Friday’s mail doesn’t bring welcome news, can I leave you with the words of an old headmaster who has been through it many many times before: “its a rotten process but it always seems to work out in the end.”


This is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

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Greyingmum was burgled last week in Lambeth. The robbers used the same approach that others have mentioned on NVN and she suggests having a look in a few second hand stores to check if your stolen goods have resurfaced…click here for details

Ooooh a bit of “do as I say not as I do!” The Wandsworth Mayor was spied parking in a forbidden zone outside a school. Surely 120 quid reduced to 60 if she pays within 30 days?…click here for more details

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Please be careful out there! Nanny Charlotte has her bag stolen from the Althorp Pub…click here for details

Second baby due late May, June or July? There is an NCT Refresher course with the amazing Sandra Bush in Southfields. She was my NCT guru!…click here for details

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M&M is in her second trimester and needs to do a lot of business air travel. Were you in a similar situation? Was it OK, she asks?…click here for details

MRT is thinking of moving closer to Hornsby House. Is there an area where many of the parents tend to live, she asks?…click here for details

ClaphamNCT have a refresher course coming up! If you’re second baby is due in April or May it could be perfect!…click here for details

Vanilla thinks she might need a sleep trainer? But what do they actually do?…click here for details

I REALLY hope we can help with this! MD lost her HEART MONITOR around Pizza Express by Clapham Junction…click here for details

AT is off to Brussels, what should she see in 36 hours?…click here for details

Raines has a long flight coming up. What iPad apps will help the journey fly for a four year old? Just don’t download “Honey I Crashed the Plane” they won’t sleep for weeks!…click here for details

TupeloHoney is planning a summer holiday and needs help!  Do you have any recommendations for a villa to sleep 12-13 in Southern France?…click here for details

TWO beauty events I must mention! Our friends at Francesca Alexander are hosting a free “Face Mapping” event with Dermalogica Skin Experts: goody bags, discounted services, products on the day and refreshments! I’m in! (click here)  Special Valentine’s Day Plans? “All About the Girl” have a “Blow-dry and Simply Shape and Polish” day all day on the 14th!…click here for details

Floris27 wonders if anyone can recommend a good antenatal exercise class? She’s just (disappointingly) discovered that her overpriced gym doesn’t offer anything for pregnant ladies!…click here for details

Children’s Therapies have posted details of their new premises in Putney and are now able to offer occupational therapy and family therapy in addition to speech therapy and child psychology services. Phew, that’s a long list!…click here for details

Balham Mum has a little one who is hyper-mobile and has sensory processing difficulties. She’s struggling to understand what she’s dealing with and would love any thoughts/advice/feedback…click here for details

Mrs_Pavlova needs a cat sitter near Tooting Bec. Who can mind her moggy?…click here for details

FTSW11 is being discriminated against at work? What can she do? A shocking performance review resulted in a bad bonus and she’s worried she’s being managed “out”…click here for details

Mommyg asks if anyone has used Farmaround Organic for fruit /veg box deliveries? Do they deliver cracking carrots and super spuds? Or are they parsimonious with their parsnips and lazy with their leeks?…click here for details

Southfieldsmummy’s 3.5yr old has started hobbling around. I am very concerned! GP doesn’t know what is causing it. …click here for details


Our schools section is busier than a flood barrier on the Thames

KJBF would like advice from anyone who has successfully managed to get a definite place for their little one at Eaton House the Manor nursery school. Some great replies (thank you) and wow (!) it sounds like a real challenge!…click here for details

Firefox’s sister is moving from China into Clapham/Battersea with her 4 year old daughter. Are there any pre-schools that will take her for a 12 month only period?…click here for details


Our House and Garden section is busier than the Jenny Jones fan club!

Bamse wonders if a house they might buy is too close to an underground river (!) for a basement extension? (click here). Anootka wonders if she can simply change her kitchen doors or should she rip out the whole thing? (click here). Cheesesandwich would like suggestions for slimline sliding glass doors (click here) BD84 islooking to buy a house…with potential (click here) CQ wonders if you can recommend an American style fridge (click here) DS 78 needs to find someone to build alcove cupboards (click here)  Lastly Apples4Jam needs a handyman/oddjob man? (click here).


The NappyValleyNet calendar is bursting at the seams!

Fancy Buggyfit at South Park Gardens? (click hereToddler Boost, a free nutrition and physical activity programme for children and their parents or carers. (click hereFruity Tunes are performing songs and activities. (click here) and Smiley Time  have a drop-in session for babies to under fives. (click here)


Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- Treetops has a Bugaboo cup holder for sale. (click here), Tickledpink has a Pop Up Travel cot/sun tent (click here) and EL is selling a pram, car seat, isofix and accessories. (click here)


That’s it, have a wonderful week!


Annabel and the Team


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